Police Blotter 03-26-2020

Monday, March 9

Injured raccoon limping behind the EB Newton School. ALC1 Revere on scene has raccoon. Clear.

RN care manager called and stated that a visiting nurse was at said parties home and stated patient has low blood pressure and should go to the ER. Patient declined. Fire/Medical on route. Male party is fine he was eating lunch. Units clear.

White male with a dark jacket running up and down Walden Street. Party given courtesy ride home by Unit.

Son called, he lives with his terminally ill father. He hasn’t been able to reach him and line is busy. He wants a well being check. Officer spoke to father’s visiting nurse. He is fine. Clear

Todiso Towing reports a trespass tow of the vehicle from the rear of Governor’s Drive.

Unresponsive party at the 90-degree restaurant. Fire/EMS arrive to find party awake, conscious but confused. 65-year-old male was transported to the Whidden Hospital via Action EMS.

Calling party reports Massa Playground with 30 youths destroying the Kiddie Play House. Units clear, nothing was vandalized. Spoke to parents and kids. Nothing is amiss.

Caller states there is a male party in a gray sedan. The vehicle is shut off. Just wants to make sure the party is ok. Clear, was a good intent call. The male party had pulled over to look at his cell phone.

Tuesday, March 10

72-year-old male injured from a fall, abrasion to head. Unit requesting medical aid. Male party refused to go to hospital. He was escorted back to his home. Clear

Walk in to report that tickets were purchased on Stub Hub with his credit card information. He did not order these tickets. Stub Hug reported that the buyer for the tickets is also from Winthrop and gave the information for police to follow up.

Caller states his vehicle was hit, 2012 black Honda Civic. Damage to the front left of the vehicle.

Caller states that someone smashed her kitchen windows. She thinks this may have stemmed from an altercation that happened the other day. Caller also stated she cut her foot when she went outside. Medical was dispatched.

Party walked in with a dog they found in the area of Morton and Pleasant Park.  Animal control returned dog to owner.

Caller states a man has 2 pit bulls off the leash at the soccer field by the cemetery. White male approximately 60 years old.

Caller states a female party came to his home and was banging on his door at 10 p.m. She left and returned and did the same thing at 10 a.m. He informed landlord who is looking to put a trespass order on her. He will call police if she shows up again.

Wednesday, March 11

Daughter would like well being check on her mother; she spoke to her 2 days ago. Unit states no answer at the door. Also there is a lot of mail piling up at the door. Medical aid requested. They made contact with party and her well-being is fine.

Party is from Mass Dot trying to let a female know her husband was injured at work. They tried to call but n o answer. He is at the residence but doorbell is not working. Unit reports notification has been made.

Thursday, March 12

Walk in report of a male outside harassing customers near the Post Office. Units report that the male may have left in a taxi. Units clear they have checked the entire area. Male has left.

Citation issued to drive for window tint at 17%.

Friday, March 13

Employee from CVS received a bad $50 bill yesterday. Would like it reported. Unit will follow up.

Nick’s Place also received a fake $50.00 bill last week.

Unit notes that a tractor-trailer came into the town the wrong way. Unable to make the turn onto Pleasant St. Unit is taking the truck out of town to get the truck back on route.

Caller reports children in the playground with one child assaulting another. Units spoke to all the children; they stated they were just playing tag, they were advised to calm down. Clear

Caller states neighbors door is ripped off the hinges and on the ground, house seems empty. Caller finds it suspicious. Both storm door and main door in the back of the house. Units making entry into the home. Residents travel to Florida for the winter. Multiple neighbors stating the door may have been loose and taken off the hinges by the wind.

Saturday, March 14

Called in by Deer Island Security stating there is a vehicle in the front entrance parking lot that is refusing to leave. State Police has been notified and is en route. Vehicle left prior to officer arrival.

Silver vehicle no parking sticker parked the wrong direction. Parking citation issued for left wheel on the curb and a failure to display a parking permit.

Party came to station to report a dispute he had with tenant.

Calling party states a small dark vehicle speeds down her street every Saturday. She wanted incident noted.

Caller states a male party wearing a jacket with backpack was walking around her home looking into the windows. Units checked area as well nothing showing at this time.

Sunday, March 15

Caller states 2 trucks are hammering and working on vacant home. Have young children. Units report they spoke to parties, advised them it is Sunday, they will be wrapping it up for the day.

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