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Coronavirus Proves Necessity for Border Wall

The striking panic over the Coronavirus proves the need to immediately secure our borders. This single germ from across the globe displays how fragile the safety of the American public, our elderly and our children are. This threat appears so severe that our leaders have responded with suspensions of our civil rights, reducing our social movement, and suspending economic activity. In the short term, this is going to have a staggering personal and economic impact on every American, and the impact will ripple throughout our economic fibers over the long term. This is crippling to all people and business, including our small businesses, and those most financially vulnerable in the lower income groups, our elderly and our children. 

Our borders are porous. Daily hundreds and thousands of people amass at our borders awaiting the opportunity to enter illegally. These people from all over the globe are medically untested and undocumented. Their presence puts us all at risk for the next new pandemic, and it diverts the resources necessary for the health, safety and economic survival of our citizens. After the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and the Coronavirus, we cannot ignore this imminent threat to our life, safety and economic survival. Call our elected leaders and tell them to keep us safe by closing our borders immediately – Congresswoman Katharine Clark at 617-354-0292, Congressman Ed Markey at 617-565-8519 and Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 617-565-3170.


Paul Caruccio

concerned citizen

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