Kaylan Melville looks towards Boston Marathon with optimism and drive to succeed

Melville to run with Charity team, New England Patriots Foundation

For Kaylan Melville, running was something that she literally stumbled upon. While she and two friends were walking home from middle school, they got lost and somehow found themselves face to face with a cross-country team meeting. The three ended up joining the team, and Melville went on to remain a three season track runner through high school.

Like many other runners, Melville has used running as a source of stress relief and a way to cope with life’s challenges.

“It sounds crazy but running has always been a form of communication for me and a way that I have stayed connected to the people closest to me. As a younger athlete, my father was chronically ill and battled with debilitating arthritis for years, ultimately passing away from the disease in 2011. His support of my running endeavors has been a motivator for me through my life, both on and off the track.”

Melville remembers her father, wheelchair-bound, attending all of her track meets, offering her undeniable support.

“He truly lived life to the fullest despite his circumstances. His passion for my success as a runner is what pushes me to try and continue to outdo myself and his legacy serves as a reminder to never take the gift of mobility for granted.”

After high school, Melville took a hiatus from running, but she always found herself going back to it, whether it was for fitness or the occasional local road race. Tethered to her dreams of running the Boston Marathon, Melville made the big jump to marathon running in 2016, when she joined forces with her mom and cousin and ran the Chicago Marathon. She was instantly hooked on the energy the Chicago streets held, and her dream of running Boston intensified, so she took the next step and applied to run on a charity team for the 2020 Boston Marathon. Soon after she set out on her mission to join a charity, she was selected to run with The New England Patriots Foundation (NEPF) team, which celebrates Volunteerism throughout New England. 

The NEPF highlights volunteers from the six New England states and the money raised by the Marathon Team goes directly to the organization and is distributed to volunteers throughout the region.

As Melville endures her rigorous training schedule, her excitement for her very own Boylston Moment, propels her forward.

“The energy on Boylston on Marathon Monday is something I think about every day as I train. I’ve been fortunate to train with Charity Teams led by Susan Hurley weekly. On Saturdays we meet at the Under Armor on Boylston and do our weekly long run, aid stations are setup along the course to support us in our goal of completing Boston. Each week I become more motivated by the individuals running alongside me, each of us coming together with a different story of why we’re running. It’s motivating and inspiring.”

If you would like to donate to Melville’s fundraiser for the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation Marathon Team, please visit: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/kaylan-melville/Patriots1

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