Police Blotter 02-13-2020

Monday, Jan. 27

Fire reports multiple cars parked on both sides of the street, making it difficult to turn.  Police action going on will be clearing. Unit on scene states there is plenty of room for fire to get down.

Caller stating there is a syringe in plain view. Officer secured the syringe. Clear.

Calling party states his neighbor has been harassing him via phone and e-mails for sometime now. Officer spoke to party. It is a neighborhood dispute. Party was advised of rights.

Motor vehicle stopped. Citation issued for driving an unregistered motor vehicle was also advised to register asap.

Tuesday, Jan. 28

Problem between two roommates, ongoing issue.

Male fell off ladder and is home alone. Party checked out by medical and refused. Clear

Motor vehicle stopped for reckless driving – possible under the influence – Units off wi h party.

Report of a black lab or boxer wearing a collar, said to be friendly. Units checked entire area. Nothing showing.

Caller stated he was driving his friend to the hospital and he jumped out – altered mental state. Units checking the area.

Wednesday, Jan. 29

Party came to the station to report that someone opened up a credit card account in his name using his social security number for purchases up to  $400.00. Party was referred to another Agency due to jurisdictional issues.

Calling parties states her mother has received several social security scam calls. Mother did not give any information.

Thursday, Jan. 30

Large husky ran into party’s garage. Officer brought husky back to station until owner came to retrieve the dog.

Caller only wanted to inform station that a person in the area acting as Publisher Clearing House rep.

Caller states vehicle in guest parking lot has been parked with its lights on for over an hour. Units will check it out. Party having conservation with someone who lives in the building.

Smoke coming from motor vehicle on Shirley St. Units will try and see if operator can get own tow. One motor vehicle into the wall at Ace Hardware, hit gas instead of break. Medical. Clear

Corner of Underhill and Shirley Street intoxicated driver.

Scam caller pretends to be callers daughter, trying to get money. Male party did not give any money just wanted to inform officer.

Saturday, Feb. 01

Caller states continuous banging coming from the apartment above her.

Several calls from a police cruiser making announcement over the PA regarding an intruder in the area. Unit checked the area and didn’t observe anything.

Party called stated her daughter would not get up and take her to the hospital but it was not an emergency. She did not want EMS. Spoke with caller, refused medical, got in touch with daughter to take her to the hospital.

Squirrel stuck inside house and caller would like assistance on what to do. Animal Control notified that they already have been to address to inform the homeowner that there is a whole in one of their boards in the wall. They need to hire someone to repair the issue.

Male party yelling at female in a van in parking lot. Verbal altercation between two parties, female was operating the vehicle, everyone is ok. Clear

Male party walked into the police station to report a past larceny/fraudulent activity from his Ebay account. He has notified his credit card company.

Caller states her house was egged. She did not see anyone.

Vehicle hit a pole; driver is out of car on the ground. Operator fine. GJ on scene to tow car.

Female party states females in said apartment are creaming and fighting over a car. Units state checked on the residents, two sisters who were arguing.

Sunday, Feb. 02

Caller states he was stopped by a female party, She stated three teens in hoodies ran up Deane Avenue, possible started the brush fire on Short Beach. Notifying State Police. Area should be patrolled.

A party came into the station to report that his neighbors are disturbing the peace. He stated they are being loud. Officers spoke with all parties involved. Peace has been restored.

Caller states two males wearing all black were standing in the pathway when party was jogging. Unit clear.

Tires and rims were stolen from cps vehicle. Vehicle left on bricks.

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