Boncore Commits to Bettering Town as Head of New Council

“We have a lot of work ahead of us and we will do our best to address the town issues in a united front, let’s have 2020 be a year of kindness,” said Town Council President, Phil Boncore, as he stood in front of new committee and council members at the swearing-in ceremony on Monday evening. “It’s time to bury all divisions and move forward as one. Let’s make Winthrop a better place.”

Shown above, Town Council President Phil Boncore, Goldie Boncore, and State Sen. Joe Boncore enjoy a family moment after Phil Boncore was sworn in as Town Council
president Monday night in the Arthur T. Cummings School. Many family and friends and supporters came out to celebrate the inauguration event.

The Arthur T. Cummings cafetorium was filled with family and community members, who came out to support the new council and gear up for the year ahead.

Town Manager Austin Faison shared his love of civic engagement and detailed the important role that it plays in a community.

The newly-elected Town officials for 2020 gather on the stage for a group photo

 “I truly appreciate those who volunteer to make the world a better place,” said Faison, who reminisced about growing up in New Hampshire and canvassing at the young age of seven. “People who take the time to help, are near and dear to my heart.”

Past council members were shown gratitude for their service time and brand new members of the council were recognized and applauded.

 “It’s so easy for people to step aside and let others do the work, but these people, have stepped up and agreed to volunteer their time to make a difference, and we appreciate that,” said State Sen. Joe Boncore.

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