Police Blotter 11-21-2019

Monday, Nov. 4

Motor vehicle rollover, state police, fire, EMS assisted. Shore Drive at Grover was shut down.

Party reports a pared vehicle in the area without moving for over three days and was advised by the Parking Dept. to notify the Police. Vehicle is active to an individual from a different part of town.

Calling party sated she could see the landscaper at the cemetery on the camera she has set up at her house throwing leaves on her sister’s property on Bowdoin Street.

Female missing with Alzheimer’s last seen at the library on foot, possible Irish knit sweater on, could be walking back to her house. Female returned to her daughter safely.

Caller received suspicious call from someone stating that her granddaughter was in trouble and she needed to send money. She checked with her daughter and her granddaughter was fine. She was advised that this is a scam.

Caller states two women physically fighting. One wearing black plants black sweater, other black pants and agreen sweater. Units cleared verbal argument.

Tuesday, Nov. 5

Caller states there is a SUV he doesn’t know parked at the corner, which looks suspicious. Unit clear.

Caller reports that a dog is barking. Ongoing issue…units arrived and rang bell on the first and second floor, no answer, will reach out to the animal control officer to see if he can reach out to the homeowner to try to resolve situation.

Well-being check, person states there is an elderly party parked out front of store, looks like she’s living out of her vehicle. Unit clear. Female party checks out. Female party will clean her vehicle.

Person requesting an officer to keep the peace with her neighbor who put up a fence on persons property. Neighbor will not open door to speak. Civil matter regarding a fence.

Caller reporting a vehicle was driving erratically and tail gating him. Person and vehicle have both left town and separated. Caller just wanted to incident logged.

Caller states there are four cones blocking and preventing vehicles to park there. Police advised tree-cutting company coming in the morning.

Caller reporting male party checking door handles in the area. Male party is in a dark hooded sweatshirt. Units advise no party fits the description in the area.

Wednesday, Nov. 6

Male party sleeping outside. Unit is dropping off the male party to his girlfriend’s house.

Verbal argument between neighbors in the parking lot. Caller stated the neighbor is preventing her and her husband from getting inside the building or into her vehicle. Police requesting medical.

Party came in to report his motor vehicle was struck while parked and unattended in front of his residence. He reported damage to his driver side and rear driver side taillights.

Elderly white male having difficulty while pushing a baby carriage filled with trash. Black suite jacket, white sleeves. Units were unable to locate male party.

Detail Officer reports a resident on Shirley Street complained to him regarding the work crew’s operational procedures and wanted the job shut down. He was advised to contact the Public Works Dept.

Thursday, Nov. 7

Male party called stating there was a disturbance coming out of residence on Shirley Street. He would not elaborate as to what the disturbance was and hung up. Units state there was an argument involving a male party. Peace restored.

Caller reports a large branch hanging from a tree that is about to fall, in between the golf course and cemetery. Caller was uncertain what street he is on, he thought possibly River. Reports found nothing.

Caller reports he does not want his daughter in the house. She came and got some belongings and left but threw some things around while she was there, she then left. Police advise to call if she returns.

Friday, Nov. 8

Police stated male party came into the station to turn himself in for a crime committed in Salem. Salem has PC to arrest. They were notified and picked up male party at the station.

Resident came in to speak with sergeant about ongoing stress related to her living situation at the condo complex she lives in.

Calling party states when she left for work this morning, there was a dark blue SUV parked out front running with a male party inside. Her daughter called her 10 minutes later and stated that the SUV is out front running with no one inside. No plate given. Motor vehicle is legally parked.

Caller states a female party is yelling up and down the street. She is at Ingleside Park, may be banging on doors. Female may be under the influence. Units state the party is well known to them.

Caller stated she was having trouble with stove. She stated she did not smell gas. Caller stated she did not need the fire department and did not smell gas.

Caller stated his burglar alarm is sounding and his garage door which leads to the basement was open. The caller did not check the basement and met the officer upon arrival. Officer completed search of the garage as well as the basement. Does not seem to have been accessed and may have been a result of the wind.

Caller called the 911 line asking if his vehicle was towed. Caller stated he hadn’t paid his car payment in over four months. Advised party to call his bank he financed with. Vehicle was repossessed.

Caller reporting a possible water main break at Golf Course pro shop near high school. Officer reporting to check area.

Resident came in to report seeing a youth playing outside. She became concerned that the youth needed assistance while driving away from the area. K9 responded and the area was clear.

Calling party stated that no one should be at her home either on the 1st floor or the basement. She suspects that someone in her family may be there. She does have a tenant on the second floor. Units checked the address. Lights are out and the door is locked.

Vehicle occupied by parties sleeping in the back. Units spoke to parties in the van who are on a road trip and stopped to sleep. Vehicle was advised and sent on their way.

Party reported stating they could hear people arguing. They also stated they could hear things being thrown on the floor. Units report family was sleeping and no domestic occurring in the apartment. Small child may have thrown some things around and caused the noise.

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