Election Day Brings New Faces to the Council

The inclement weather didn’t stop voters from getting out to the polls to cast their votes on Tuesday, Nov. 5th, as voices were heard and candidates were nominated. The ballot question saw a yes vote passed, which means that the majority of voters were in favor of adopting the zoning bylaw to prohibit all types of adult-use marijuana establishments in the town. There were 1,499 votes for yes and 1,180 votes for no, and five out of the six precincts were in favor of banning marijuana establishments.

Running unopposed, Philip Boncore scored 1,943 votes for Town Council President. Boncore has been Councilor-At-Large since the Council began. With 259 votes, Barbara Flockhart will take over the role of Precinct 4 Councilor. As the top vote-getter with 2,243 votes, Tracey Honan was newly elected as Councilor-At-Large. Also on the Councilor-At-Large seat is Rob DeMarco, re-elected with 1,956 votes. Richard Ferrino was elected as the Precinct 1 councilor with 418 votes.

UNIFIED: Newly elected Town Council members, Precinct 6 Councilor Stephen Ruggiero, Precinct 2 Councilor Jim Letterie, Precinct 1 Councilor Richard Ferrino, Precinct 4 Councilor Barbara Flockhart, incoming Council President Phil Boncore, and outgoing Council President
Ron Vecchia gathered at the Unity Party held by Boncore on Tuesday night, Nov. 5, at the Winthrop Golf Club.

The Precinct 2 seat was the most competitive in this year’s election, with John Munson, Kurt Millar and Jim Letterie, vying for the position. Letterie took the lead with 307 votes making this his 15th year serving on the council, with Munson coming in second with 194 votes and Millar with 120 votes. Steve Ruggiero holds the Precinct 6 seat with 305 votes.

The three four-year Library Trustees are Denise LoConte (1,507), Ronald Bergman (1,231), and Nancy Giuffre (1199), with  Laura Barrett winning the two-year seat with 2038 votes.

The two four-year seats for the Winthrop Housing Authority are Richard Honan (2,045) and Frank Ferrara (1,318). Top votes for the three four-year seats on the school committee are Gus Martucci (1,915), Valentino Capobianco (1,885), and Suzanne Swope (1,730).

With a voter turnout of about 23 percent, the day was deemed a success by those who saw the entire election unfold.

“We had a successful election without incident, that is largely due to our preparation, our training and our team,” said Town Clerk, Carla Vitale. “I am grateful for all who ran to help our community and I am looking forward to working with all the winners in the coming year.”

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