On the Campaign Trail: Matarazzo Seeks Seat on Housing Authority Bd.

My name is Marie Matarazzo and I am a lifelong resident of Winthrop and a tenant at Winthrop Housing. I am the daughter of the late Angelo and Anna Matarazzo of 70 Shirley St.

By profession I am a licensed Practical Nurse and I am also a licensed Real Estate Salesperson and was an Agent with Keller Williams in Reading for two years. I have had a number of volunteer jobs.

People ask me “why do you want to be on the Housing Board,” because I live there, I tell them. I have been a tenant for ten years and I care about the people and the property. What’s more important than the people and the land they live on?

I would like to be on the Board. The DHCD wants a tenant on the Board and so it is up to you the voters to put a tenant on the Board.

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