Elliot Whittier Hosts Annual Car Seat Safety Check

Last Saturday, residents had an opportunity to enhance their child’s safety, as Elliot Whittier Insurance hosted its eighth annual car seat safety check. Officer Rob Carter and Officer Judy Racow, both certified Passenger Safety Technicians, were on sight to inspect car seats and passenger setup.

“Seven out of 10 car seats are installed incorrectly,” said Christine O’Keefe, Elliot Whittier Business Development Manager and planner for the event.

O’Keefe also shared that she has witnessed just how beneficial this annual safety check is.

“One mom called me after last year’s event to tell me that she got into an accident and was told that her child would’ve sustained injuries if the car seat hadn’t been installed properly,” said O’Keefe. “If she hadn’t come to see us prior to the accident, her child would’ve been injured. That’s why we host this event every year.”

Passenger Safety Technicians are required to take a 40-hour class every two years to maintain their certification. They are trained on car seat installation and manufacture guidelines.

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