Police Blotter 10-17-2019

Monday, October 7

Report of a deceased raccoon at Pleasant and Buchanan streets. DPW was notified and they will remove it.

93 will deliver correspondence to subject on Shirley Street from the RMV regarding a suspension of driver’s license and right to operate. Notification was left with the mother.

Caller on Main Street states that his back windshield was smashed. It looks like a brick was thrown in his back windshield. Report to follow. 93 will quickly heck the area for cameras in the area and owner will contact his insurance company. Individual on Main Street does have a camera and 93 will swing back down there.

Third party caller states that a female party loiters around owner’s business every day on Woodside Avenue and shouts out phrases such as “I’m here,” and “I’m leaving” and then mutters words. The owner would like police to respond to speak with her about where she lives and maybe do a well being check on her. Officers spoke to owner of the business and female party is known to WPD. She has altered mental issues and 93 informed her they will patrol the area.

Reporting party on Mermaid Avenue stats two DCR trucks at the corner completely blocking the crosswalk. After last night’s account he is concerned for people’s safety. Unit clear State Police are enroute to assess the scene.

Caller on Main Street stats she can hear screaming and yelling. Units state a verbal argument between mother and son. Parties were advised to keep it down.

Tuesday, October 8

Motor vehicle stop at Winthrop and Banks streets. Units are standing by for a party to drive with an active license.. 91 states party will be transporting vehicle to Nick’s Place to be parked. The keys will be held at the station.

Caller on Neptune Avenue states he hears a female downstairs yelling and does not know why. Units spoke to the party and she will keep quiet for the rest of the night.

A complaint of a drone in the area of Sturgis Street was called in. Spoke to parties working near Sturgis and no signs of drone in the area.

Keys were turned in to the station. They were found on Summit Avenue.

Calling party on Neptune Avenue states that his downstairs neighbor keeps screaming and banging. Neighbor states she’s altered mentally. Unit spoke to all parties and female agreed to keep it down for the day. If officers have to return they will have to take a different action. Landlord  has an eviction in process.

Motor vehicle stop at Shirley and Coral Avenue. Citation issued for operating motor vehicle which was unregistered. 92 followed him home to make sure the vehicle is parked on private property. Party will take care of the expired registration.

Caller on South Main Street states there is a vehicle blocking his driveway. Citation issued for blocking driveway.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Hutchinson streets. Verbal warning for operating with no lights.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street. Written waring for speeding.

Another motor vehicle stop at Revere and Sagamore Avenue. Citation issued for driving under suspended license. Licensed operator is taking over operation of the vehicle and driving it home.

Wednesday, October 9

Report of a loud house party at Paine and Wilshire Street. 95 reports it sounds like it is coming from Banks Street. Units in the area and all surrounding streets are quiet.

While officers were leaving the scene of the last call, someone flagged down officers stating the music picked up. Officers are searching the area again. Units state it is coming from the rear of Winthrop Street. Units made contact with resident who will be turning it down for the night.

Caller at Cumberland Farms stated that kids stole his vehicle while he was in the store.He left the keys in the vehicle. No direction of travel. Units reviewed the footage and it did not come up with much. Vehicle took off towards East Boston. 91 is bringing the party to the station to fill out paperwork. Report to follow. BOLO given to surrounding cities and towns for the vehicle.

Two car motor-vehicle accident at Pleasant Street and Sea View Avenue. No injuries. G&J enroute to tow vehicle.

Caller at Governors Drive states she got a phone call stating a woman was punching and slapping her French bulldog and then kicked the dog. Caller is requesting a well-being on the dog. Call was unfounded. Unit talked to homeowner and looked at the dog and she let them check to see if there was another female in the home. Male party jut had an RN and he is not on the mailbox but units asked the homeowner and she stated he resides at that address.

Caller on Revere Street states there is a man pacing back and forth looking into buildings. 93 is also responding. 93 drove the length of Revere Street and Crest Avenue and the surrounding area, nothing showing for that party.

Unit off on follow-up on Revere Street. Units clear, units have information they needed.

Report of disabled motor vehicle at Locust and Cross streets. Fire enroute. There is a truck stuck on the corner. Unit clear, truck has made the turn and it is on its way.

Caller on Taylor Street states there has been a vehicle parked on his street for over a week and he thinks it is abandoned. Unit clear, vehicle is legally parked and this is an ongoing issue with neighbors.

Party states in the public lot next to Crystal Cove, there is a white Range Rover with some derogatory verbiage spray painted on it. It has already been tagged. Vehicle as been vandalized and is legally parked. Vehicle will be moved pending insurance.

Party on Nevada Street came in to report that she lives in a rooming house and one of the other residents, is obsessing with her. He is always watching her and trying to speak with her. She told him to leave her alone and to talk to her and he does not listen. This morning she stated he had his TV up at maximum volume while she was trying to sleep She asked him to turn it down and he started yelling at her. She wants this recorded for future harassment order. She was advised to contact us if there are any other incidents in the future.

Thursday, October 10

Follow-up investigation on Pond Street. Party was not home.

Units off with a male party on Revere Street. Units requested medical aid. Fire and medical enroute. Party was transported to East Boston Court. There was minor injury to officer on the scene. Medically cleared. One in custody for two counts of warrant arrest, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest .

Party called requesting we keep an eye out for her mother on Sargent Street. Her doctor has put in a medical report to the RMV to have her license revoked, but she believes her mother may still attempt to drive until it actually happens.

Unit served warrant to subject on Pond Street.

Friday, October 11

Report of a hit-and-run motor vehicle accident at Honey Dew Donuts. The second vehicle fled. Caller declined medical. Side swiped damage on driver side view mirror, minor damage. No injuries.

Party came into the station to report an 11-year-old harassing and making disparaging comments to her. Officer Connelly knows the youth and is responding to Ingleside Park to speak with him. Unit spoke to the mother who will speak to her son.

Caller states she just saw two teenage boys enter Miller Field from the main entrance who were heading over to the snack area that is still under construction. A soccer game just got out, light are still on. Nothing showing.

Party on stated somewhere on Faun Bar Avenue there is  dark-colored car parked on the sidewalk, no plate given. Vehicle has been tagged.

Saturday, October 12

Unit off with a disabled motor vehicle in a bad spot on Washington Avenue. Unit will await AAA.

ACO called in a motor vehicle accident with no injuries on Main Street. Unit clear, operator without license was cited and a licensed driver arrived on the scene to take over operation of the vehicle. Report to follow.

Calling party states there is a female party sitting on the wall on Shore Drive with a big dog and she looks like she is passed out. Medical en route. 61-year-old female party declined medical. Her husband is going to drive her home.

Party on Harvard Street states that her daughter’s boyfriend is harassing her after she evicted them from her home. This is an ongoing issue. Units report nothing criminal at this time. Party was advised of her rights. She wanted it on record in case she goes for an order.

Female party on Lincoln Street states that her neighbor across the street is screaming for help and for someone to call the police. Units report it was a verbal altercation.

Neighbor on Summit Avenue called in a noise complaint. Unit reports no sound is coming from anywhere on the street.

Caller on Revere Street states that she was involved in a hit and run. She stated a silver sedan struck her vehicle heading towards Cumberland Farms. Unit reports the other plate he called in wasn’t the right vehicle. Unit cleared and report to follow.

Sunday, October 13

Party on Atlantic Street inside and outside causing a disturbance. Called in by a neighbor. Units report he spoke to the parties and they will keep it down. Also spoke to the original caller.

Report that three males in a dark-red sedan followed the caller around Winthrop and almost ran into him. Caller feels unsafe and would like to report this suspicious activity to an officer. Males parties last seen at Cumberland Farms. Unit reports Cumberland Farms is clear, will go speak with the calling party. Unit reports party is safe. They could not give a better description besides a red sedan. Units will check the area.

Report of a construction company putting up siding on Lewis Avenue. Unit cleared, parties were advised about working on Sun day. Parties stated they would cease.

Report that there females, one male stealing packages on Walden Street, walking towards Nick’s. W94 reports finding a package on Beal Street that was addressed to someone on Beal Street. This will be logged in as evidence. W94 made contact with the party who will speak with Amazon and get a copy of the report.

Calling party on Undine and Grandview avenues states a vehicle sideswiped his car and took off. No injuries. Citation will be issued to owner for leaving the scene of property damage. Accident report to follow.

A male and female came to the station to report an ongoing neighbor dispute with both lower and upper level tenants on Somerset Avenue. They were advised of their rights.

Caller on Grandview Avenue states that her husband’s family stole sunglasses and headphones from her on Friday but she just noticed now and would like to report it. Unit reports he is going to be setting up a hearing with the alleged parties. Officer also wanted to note that the female party was attempting to secretly record the officer with her cellphone in her pocket.

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