French Square Flowers, Flora To Be Transplated To Hillside Areas

By Frank Costantino

Previously arranged with DPW Director Steve Calla, Assistant Town Manager David Rodrigues, Executive Director Betsy Shane of the Chamber of Commerce, retired DPW worker Paul O’Donnell, and Frank Costantino, Beautification Committee Founder, the numerous, but now gone-by flower plantings at French Square will be relocated to the hillside areas at Walden and Pauline streets, and in front of the EB Newton/Winthrop Cultural Center. With the approval of Rick Boyd, current Sponsorship Program donor, and sponsors of Sabrina’s Garden, a first phase of repurposing the many perennial plants on the berm, along the walkway, and at iron fencing will be dug up, separated, and brought to the Walden street parking area for replanting. With fresh soil, Steve Calla and his workers have already prepped the areas that Frank and Paul had earlier marked off.

To achieve this sizeable transplanting, Mr. Costantino, Ms. Shane and the Town assistants are asking for residents to help in the “yard work” necessary to sort the various plants, carefully dig them up, separate them by color and type, and bring them for planting at Walden Street. These include varieties of Hostas, Daylillys, Grasses, Butterfly Bush, and other decorative plants. Gardeners with some experience in transplanting would be most welcome. And hardy souls that would just like to dig in and help out with this worthy effort are encouraged to come lend their hands and tools. Tools may be in short supply, so be sure to bring your own hand or digging tools that you’d like to use. Some garden folks might wish to bring some extra tools for whoever can show up. If gardeners have bone meal as a root booster, bring some along. If there is a photographer that wants to capture the action, that’d be great too.

The French Square Big Dig and Transplant will be happening on this Saturday, Oct. 19, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.; or earlier if we get it all done. Please let either Frank or Betsy know if you can help out.

On a mission to move the thriving plant material in the park before French Square gets uprooted during the 2020 new utility project in the center, Costantino is committed to conserving these plant features. Next spring will see the new flowers from these plants transform the juncture at Walden and Pauline streets. The Beautification Committee was officially formed in 1984, and then soon created French Square as the Town’s outdoor “Living Room”. We hope that in the cooperative community spirit that brought French Square into being will also be the prevailing spirit for resituating these living plants to enhance other areas of the Center.

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