Police Blotter 08-15-2019

Monday, August 5

A party came into the station to report that her Social Security number had been compromised.

Caller states there is a delivery truck that was speeding down Court Road. He is now parked on the corner of Circuit and Court roads. Unit checked the area and no box truck showing.

Unit assisted fire with wire down blocking street on Washington Avenue. Fire secured the wire and fire remained on the scene. The street is back open.

Caller on Cottage Park Road states there is a male, long hair, possibly homeless who was carrying a woman’s purse. Bartlett, Cottage and Plummer streets, all were searched and police were unable to locate the subject.

Suspicious activity on Cottage Park Road. Party seen walking down the street with a purse, possibly homeless. Party was advised and offered services to help him out. He claims he does not own the purse, he found it.

Party on Walden Street states that someone broke into the building from the laundry room. There is damage to the window and he saw the video. Report to follow.

Report that three young white males hit a parked car at Atlantis Maria and then parked their car. They were now headed toward the dock on foot. Units out on the dock. All units clear, papers were exchanged. No report.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue states that a neighbor is making loud noises with tools, either with a car or yard work. Peace was restored.

Unit off with two parties on Revere Street. Parties check out.

Two parties passed out at the bus stop at Governors Park and Revere Street. Possibly drunk. Parties got on the bus and will be heading home to East Boston.

Tuesday, Aug. 6

Party on Almont Street states that two unwanted parties in the home. No weapons. Possible 94C activity. Party not forthcoming with any names or specific information but will let the officers in or meet them outside. Caller did call back to state that the parties have now since let the home after causing damage to her property. Parties are described as male and female heading towards Revere on foot. Party did offer up two names on this call. Information was passed on to the units. Caller also stated she was assaulted earlier in the night by the male party who is no longer on the scene and left prior to the call. Units checked the area heading toward Revere. 92 will continue to search for the parties as 93 will speak to the calling party. Units did speak to the caller who may have woken up in an altered mental state. Units advised caller to call back if anything happens throughout the night.

Boston operations call transferred to headquarters who asked if this was the Winthrop Police then hung up. Boston operations had no information on the call. Upon a second call back, caller did answer stating she needed police at Governors Park. Then the line went silent. She did end up speaking after a short while and stated that someone was causing a verbal disturbance in the home, as well as her brother breaking some of her belongings in the home and would like both of them removed. CJIS went offline for temporary maintenance during this all and was unable to run involved parties. All parties were advised and will separate for the remainder of the day. It was verbal in nature only and units will clear.

Party from Putnam Street came into police headquarters to report damage to his driver’s side door which may be consistent with somebody attempting to force entry. Caller states that he just came home this morning and noticed the damage to his vehicle which was parked in his driveway.

99 off with male party at Dunkin Donut on Main Street. Party was creating a disturbance. It was jealously over a girlfriend and peace was restored for now.

A well-being check called in by Delta 6. Delta 7 is also off on Jefferson Street.

Party came into the station to report that he works for Uber and was notified by their office that a person or persons unknown used his social security number to open other accounts.

Wednesday, Aug. 7

Report of fireworks in the area of Pleasant and Lowell Road. Nothing showing and units will be clear.

Caller on Veterans Road states a male party was trying to kick in the back door to the building. 909A received a description of a male approximately 5-feet, 8-inches, wearing a dark blue or black hoody. Search came back negative and units will be clear.

Party came to the station to report being contacted by people she claims her estranged husband may owe money to. Party just wants this on the record for now and will be speaking with an attorney. Party was advised regarding her rights for support with the Probate Court.

Follow-up dog incident on Shirley Street. Nobody home. ACO left card for them to contact headquarters.

Passerby stated he saw a white vehicle with a subject in it wearing a white mask driving towards the Point beach. 93 drove around the area and nothing matching that description.

Party reports that on several occasions, his wife has been approached by a party asking for money, causing her to be fearful. This happened again yesterday. She was advised to call if it occurs and was advised of her rights.

Male party on Somerset Avenue states that their father just passed away two days ago. Another family member broke into his home and broke a glass window, went down to the basement, broke into their father’s safe and took valuables. She then took off on foot with a pink bag. Officers spoke to parties on the scene. She did have access to her father’s safe. She did have her own key to it and the combination. She did take some belongings that were her father’s.

Report that a gold Lexus heading down Shirley Street which hit two cars and left the scene. Car was parked in between Trident and Seafood Avenue. Accident report to follow. Male party went back to the scene. 91 responded to the motor vehicles that were struck.

Caller on Bowdoin Street stated that his neighbor tried to hit him with his fist. No weapons. It was verbal only and did not get physical. Party wanted it documented in case they needed to get a harassment order. Units spoke with the neighbors.

Thursday, Aug. 8

Caller states that going down Nahant Avenue there is a manhole cover that does not appear to be secure. Officer secured the manhole cover.

91 reports another manhole cover was loose on Lincoln Street.

Caller states that he was hit by a motor vehicle while on his electric skateboard on Main Street. Vehicle passenger mirror hit him and took off. No medical needed. Officer spoke to the party and he was riding his electric scooter in the bike lane when a passing car mirror struck him in the arm causing no injury. Vehicle possibly may have not known he struck him. Officer will check the area for the vehicle.

Unit off with party on Cottage Park Road. One is in custody for possession of Class A drug.

Caller on Crest Avenue reports that her neighbor in the condo is harassing her. Officer reports this is a civil matter amongst different tenants over a hose. Both parties were advised to stay away from each other and speak with the condo management in regard to their issues.

Report of a male party being followed by a male and female on Undine Avenue. Another car showed up with two more people. It was a verbal argument at this time and no weapons. All parties were spoken to. This was over a pedestrians and speeding down the street.

Friday, Aug. 9

Caller on Shore Drive states a white male in his 50s, possibly drunk yelling and screaming. He was attempting to get into a vehicle. State Police was canceled per W92. Party is in the lobby. It’s clear, male party has returned to his home for the night.

Report that mother’s boyfriend is threatening the daughter on Central Street. He is located outside. 99 responded, as well to back up 93. No weapons. Units are helping the daughter gather some items. Boyfriend will be moved along. Unit spoke to all involved parties. No changes will be made at this time. All parties were advised of their rights. The daughter will be staying with her boyfriend for a few days.

Detail officer was approached by a party who stated a female with tattoos was being aggressive towards children at the park at Lewis Lake. Party was sent out of the area.

Caller on Bay View Avenue states that her son took their dog out for a walk and another dog was off the leash and attacked their dog. The other party is still there. 91 spoke to both parties. No injuries to either dog. Party was advised of the leash law.

Party at Governors Park reports that the tenant upstairs is banging on the ceiling/floor. Officer spoke to the party who was to there. The caller was advised to all back if they return.

Unit off with party who may be in need of medical attention on Washington Avenue. The individual has had a medical procedure done and is walking strange due to that.

Caller on Emerson Road states that his tenant at another location in the town made verbal threats to him. Caller is now at home but would like to speak to a unit to make a report. Officer spoke to caller who is unsure of where the individual who made the treats is at this time. Caller was explained the process of the civil eviction and unit will be clear.

Saturday, August 10

Party stated he is arguing with his tenant at Belle Isle Terrace. Party stated that his tenant tried to run him over with his car. 91 will be giving a courtesy ride to the caller. No attempt to run any individual over with a vehicle was made. Caller attempted to box in the other party which led to him backing up in an effort to leave the premises. Both parties will be heading home for the night.

Report that a group of people and cars by the tennis courts at Governors Park. They are hanging out and caller stated this is an ongoing event. All parties live in the apartment complex and will be heading home.

Report that a large group of people are fighting outside on Nahant Avenue. Unknown weapons. Officers report minor dispute over parking spot.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue states that his neighbors have been blasting music for over an hour now. Unit clear, spoke to the parties and the music was not loud at all.

Notification from Salem PD on party on Taylor Street they are looking to speak to. 92 advised male party to call the Salem PD.

President of Winthrop Soccer league reports he just observed a man dumping his paint cans at the storage soccer container. He yelled at him and told him he was reporting him to the police for illegal dumping. The man took the paint cans and left the area.

Caller states a mini bike is driving up and down the short end of a one-way side of Winthrop Street. 93 off with party and his parents. Bike has loud muffler. They are done for the night.

Party states there is a vehicle at Hannaford Park with music very loud. Youths were spoken to and they were cooperative. No music playing when units arrived. They were advised of the laws.

Report of parties yelling on Veterans Road. Units spoke to male party out of said address. He was home by himself. No loud music or noise. He was advised of his rights. This is an ongoing history of false calls to this address.

Report of a loud house party on Atlantic Street. Officers spoke with parties. They will be bringing it in for the night.

Sunday, August 11

Unit directed patrol while bars closed at French Square. Crowds have been dispersed. Just a couple of workers that will be leaving the area soon.

Caller on Ocean View Street states that her roommate’s boyfriend is in their house and she doesn’t feel safe with him in the home due to violent past. Units clear, ale party was not trespassing. Male and female are parking up and moving out. Caller was not happy that the officer did not kick them out.

91 off doing a follow-up for past hit and run on Main Street. 91 is going off to see if he can find the vehicle that hit the caller’s. 91 reviewed the video footage for the incident. 91 is now enroute to the male party’s address that did the hit and run. 91 stated that the male party was not home. He spoke to the son and the son was advised to tell his father to come into the station when he gets home to file a report.

Report that parties are playing extremely loud music at the baseball field at Fort Banks. They have music in their cars blasting. Units still trying to locate where the music is coming from, possibly Short Beach. Units stated that the music is coming from the Beachmont area.

Report that by the stairs that go to the beach on Sargent Street, a male party has been there since 9 a.m. filming planes landing. Party was filming the planes for a project for school. He is returning out of the country in a few days.

Unit moved one party from Hannaford Park and he was advised of the rules for the park at night.

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