Valkyrie Looks to Set Sail Again Aug.12

Town Manager Austin Faison says the Winthrop Ferry “Valkyrie” will be up and running on Aug. 12. This announcement comes after the ferry was tied up for several weeks without a working engine.

Faison said in early July, the engine had overheated and needed to be replaced. The problem was that the engine and parts had to come from overseas. Once the engine was installed it also had to go through another Coast Guard inspection.

Prior to that incident, the ferry was having problems running because the captains were certified to carry only six passengers. The situation with the captains has now been fixed.

“We are still assessing the lost revenue and costs,” Faison said, adding that the new engine cost was pegged at $55,000.

He would like to see the operation of the $1 million ferry handed over to another operator, instead of the town running it. There is no other community running a ferry service on its own.

If Winthrop does decide to stop operating the town-owned ferry, it would be required to give the boat back to the state.

In 2010 the town had a ferry service operated by Boston Harbor Cruises. Then under Town Manager James McKenna the town had their own ferry built in Maryland and the town took over the operations.

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