Elks Club Gets a Warning

After a situation at the Elks Club on July 4, the Licensing Commission has handed down a warning in the interest of public safety. Lt. Steve Rogers, who is also a member of the Licensing Commission, reported that on the evening of July 4 ,the Winthrop Police received a call at 10:36 p.m. from a victim of an assault at the club on Washington Street. The victim only knew the assailant as “Kurt.”

“The officers weren’t really getting any assistance from the bartender or whoever was managing that night,” Rogers said. “There wasn’t a lot forthcoming from the Elks. Eventually they did get the name and the suspect was summonsed to East Boston Court.”

Rogers explained that Police Chief Delehanty is concerned and in the future the information regarding a crime has to be supplied by the bartender or who’s in charge when there’s a problem.

The other issue Rogers wanted to address was noise complaints, which don’t have to be a big issue. “Delehanty would like a schedule of activities so they know what’s going on. This way dispatch can advise the public that there is an event going on,” Rogers said. “We got a noise complaint July 25 and the chief was unaware an event was going on. He would like a list of events like he gets from other clubs.”

Rogers also notes other violations in 2016 when pepper spray was once used by a patron. In 2008 there was a spillover of two different parties that turned violent.

Kathy Haskell, House Committee Chair of the Elks, said they want to make sure they comply.

Chris Daly, Exalted Ruler of the Winthrop Elks, said the club really can’t hold more than 180 people.

“We have a problem of the Elks not responding ahead of time,” said Commissioner Joe Clark. “It is important to work with the police department. This is for public safety – there’s a lot of rules to follow and you have to follow them.”

Haskell said the schedule would be dropped off.

Daly said the police called and she did have the last name.

“We want to protect you as well, you have to work with the police department,” Clark said. “It is my understanding you were not proactive in calling the police. That the call came an hour later from the victim.”

“It’s up to the bartender to call 911 to say there’s a fight and we need some help here,” said Commission Chair Marc Chapdelaine. “It’s not to be handled in house.”

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