Letter to the Editor

Vandalization at Winthrop Cemetery

Dear Editor,

In 1930 my grandparents, Charles and Sarah Murphy, moved into a home in Winthrop on Waldemar Avenue. They lived there until their deaths in 1957 and 1964. My parents, Helen Murphy and Lawrence Kincaid married from that home in 1936. Unfortunately, my father passed away in 1942 when I was five years old. My mother lived in the Waldemar Ave home until her death in 2008 At the age of 96.

On Sunday May 26, my daughter Kathleen and I visited the Winthrop cemetery to plant flowers on the grave of these four family members.

On June 4, I was sent a picture of the grave site by a dear Winthrop friend. The plantings had been vandalized.

This letter is written in sadness, not in forgiveness or understanding. I do not understand why someone would commit such an act and some things in this world are unforgivable.

Irene Kincaid King

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