Police Blotter 05-16-2019

Monday, May 6

Calling party on Shirley Street stated that his cat got out early this morning. All black cat, white paws. No answer from ACO.

Motor vehicle stop at Walden and Short Street. Citation issued for speeding.

Motor vehicle stop at Main and Bowdoin streets. Citation issued for red light violation.

Report that in the vicinity of Mermaid and Shore Drive there is a German Shepherd loose. Caller reports that the dog lives on Mermaid. Dog was located and returned to its owner. 91 advised owner to keep the dog on his property.

Caller on Argyle Street states a vehicle is parked illegally next to the power station. Vehicle is legally parked on private property.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street. Outstanding warrants including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, resisting arrest. Citation issued for one way violation.

Disturbance between two males at Magee’s Corner. One in white van blocking exit to parking lot. It was a verbal between the two parties. All parties will be on their way and units will clear.

Motor vehicle accident at Magee’s Corner. Silver Ford hit a tree and left the scene. No damage and units clear.

Calling party on Centre Street states that there is a trailer parked on the street and a few kids are jumping on it. 92 off in the area and nothing is showing.

91 off to Deer Island parking lot with two individuals. 91 en route to assist. 92 advised both individuals of the laws and will have someone pick them up from that location.

Tuesday, May 7

Two car motor vehicle accident at Revere Street and Crest Avenue. Paperwork was exchanged.

Lost dog wandering around Otis and Tafts Avenue. Medium black dog. BOLO given out to all  units. ACO is not on duty.

Party stated there is a brown and black dog with it right back leg shaven and limping at Coughlin Park. Unable to locate the dog but will keep an eye open in the area.

Follow-up investigation on Shirley Street. Spoke to party. Unit cleared.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Citation issued for unregistered vehicle and the vehicle was towed by G&J.

Caller on Highland Avenue states a landscaping truck is impeding the street. He states that cars are trying to get down to Pond Street and are unable to. Clear, the landscaping company is doe for the day and has left the area.

Party on Washington Avenue start there is a man yelling at people, complaining that his neighbor is parking his car in front of the house. No weapons. Caller now states that he is yelling at her neighbor. Staes he just went into his home. Units clear, spoke to both parties. Peace was restored.

Action called to state that there is a vehicle parked across the driveway of the bay doors on Madison Avenue. G&J enroute. Vehicle has been towed.

Wednesday, May 8

Tow driver reports completing an order to repossess vehicle from the area of Ocean Avenue.

Unit assisted state police with subject on Summit Avenue. Unit spoke to two residents and the person units are looking for does not live there anymore.

Caller states he heard gun shots coming from the area of Extended Stay on Shirley Street. He went there and there was no one at the front desk. Caller did not see anything suspicious. No vehicle fled the area. Unit spoke to the caller and he wasn’t sure what he heard but he was sleeping and thought he was dreaming. He heard the gun shots possibly two blocks down. Units checked the area and found nothing. Units clear.

Party from above call called again stating that he still hears the possible gun shots or fireworks in the area, but he does not see anyone. Units stated the clerk at Extended Stay didn’t hear any noise like gun shots as well as the other people staying at the hotel. Units spoke to the caller again and had him close his windows. Unit checked the area and nothing was showing.

911 call hang-up from Hermon Street. Called back number and she did not mean to call. Units spoke to the caller and she stated her boyfriend showed up and then took off. Units are attempting to locate him outside. Units clear, unable to locate the male party.

Party came in to the station to report that she reported her scooter stolen in Lynn on Oct. 10. Today she discovered it is being offered for sale somewhere in Winthrop on “Offer Up.” She tried to make an offer but has not received any response. Report to follow.

Property manager on Beach Road called to do a well-being check on tenant. Manager can’t get a hold of the party for three weeks. Mail has been backing up. Manager has the key and will meet officer. Vehicle is in the driveway. Spoke to the party and the place looks like it is in transition. Will speak to the property manager. Nobody in distress. Property manager did not enter the premises.

Woman on Floyd Street is standing by with a pit bull that was roaming the streets. Citation was issued to dog owner and he was returned home to Cliff Avenue.

Party called to state that she lost her Mass driver’s license yesterday.

Report that animals are staying in the area of Pleasant Street sometimes running in the street. Called in by mail carrier. ACO responded. ACO spoke to the mailman and he showed him where the animals were. They are no longer in the area. ACO will remain in the area for a few minutes to see if they return.

Report that a black Ford Bronco is leaking gasoline. WFD also responding. Vehicle is unoccupied. Vehicle was taken off the public way and in a private lot. WFD cleaned up the leak.

Caller reports that he was running by Yirrell Beach earlier when a pitiful jumped at him and scratched his back. He reused medical but would like to speak to an officer about his options and possibly make a report. Officer spoke with the reporting party and will refer the matter to ACO. Unable to locate the animal or the owner in the area.

Two car motor vehicle accident on Main Street. No injuries. U-Haul truck fled the scene towards Revere. 92 reports the accident apparently occurred at Magee’s Corner. One tow requested. G&J responded. U-Haul was located and the driver identified.

Thursday, May 9

Male party refusing to leave on Summit Avenue. Old friend, unknown weapons. He is on her porch and she does not want him there. Male party left the area. If the male does return to the property, he will be arrested.

Tow driver reports going vehicle for trespass from Veterans Road.

Attempted to serve criminal summons to subject on Beal Street. Unable to make contact.

Motor vehicle stop on Crest Avenue. Unlicensed operator. 91 standing by for licensed owner to pick up the car. Licensed operator picked up the car. Operator was cited for texting while operating a vehicle and also being unlicensed. Subject will be summoned.

Caller on Franklin Street would like a unit to pick up her father’s bb gun that she found. This is the second call as the first was closed out by mistake. Items picked up from the residence.

Party came to the station to report suspicious happenings in her unit that may be affecting her health. Party is investigating. Caller believes the issues may be originating from another unit within the same building.

Officer reports that in the vicinity of the rotary at French Square there are six to eight bricks missing. DPW notified.

A male party came into the station to report that his girlfriend’s vehicle was stolen. The reporting party stated that his girlfriend is on a flight and could not come herself to report it. He stated that the vehicle was las seen parked on Sargent Street and has not been driven since around 12:30 p.m. today. The reporting party was asked to fill out a report and he abruptly left the station.

Follow-up investigation on Sargent Street. 91 reports party seemed to be home but no one is answering the door.

Friday, May 10

Party came to the station to report that his debit card had been stolen and he is missing funds in the amount of $900. A report to follow.

Report that a truck is blocking caller’ driveway on Main Street and they refuse to move and are giving her a difficult time. Truck moved up so resident can get out of her driveway.

Caller on Sturgis Street states a seagull with a broken wing. ACO has the animal.

Watch center called in ab out a drone headed in the NE direction towards Winthrop. This was spotted by a pilot.

Report that a green Subaru is illegally parked at Somerset Avenue and Cottage Park Road. This is making it difficult to make the turn. Clear, nothing showing at this time. Everything is parked legally.

Caller states there are issues with parking and picking up children at Arthur T. Cummings School. Units clear, everything seems okay and no illegally parked vehicles.

Party on River Road states a black Suburban van parked in front residence and has been there for weeks. Vehicle will be put on the 72-hour list.

Motor vehicle stop on Enfield Road. Possibly a lost driver in a semi truck. Unit spoke to the driver who confirmed he is making a delivery.

By the corner of Lincoln Street, there is navy blue backpack by itself and has been there for over an hour. Units clear, appears to be an old lunch box with old food discarded in it. Lunch box has been disposed of.

Report of five cars playing loud music in the parking lot on Main Street. Spoke to all parties and they will be leaving the area.

Saturday, May 11

Report that a group of people are being loud in front of Blackstrap Restaurant. Unit clear, area is quiet and business is closed for the night.

Caller would like to speak to an officer regarding an employee at the D&T Market that was verbally aggressive towards him and his 3-year-old. Officers spoke to all parties involved and they were advised.

Party who is now a defendant on a 209 called requesting an escort to pick up his belongings. Order was checked for a one time pickup. Plaintiff was contacted and there was no answer. Message was left. As of one hour after call, there was no call back from the plaintiff. Defendant was advised.

Party brought in a wallet that his son found in the are of Pauline and Walden streets. Voicemail was left for the owner to retrieve it.

Two car motor vehicle accident at Shirley and Moore Streets. No injuries. Party has a 5-year-old child in the vehicle and would like medical for an evaluation. Ambulance was coming in with mutual aid. WFD gave the all clear. Vehicles were okay to drive. Report to follow.

Party called to express safety concerns of the children at Ingleside Park playing street hockey and not wearing helmets and or other safety equipment. He would appreciate it if an officer during their tours would stop and speak with the kids and educate them to prevent the risk of injuries due to unforeseen circumstances.

Caller on Palmyra Street states a sewer/manhole cover is backing up. Officer reports there is more of a hole around it that needs to be filled in. There is a manhole further up the street that looks like it is leaking but not excessively. Charlie 1 will be reaching out to DPW. DPW arrived and they will be dispatching someone to come out now.

Report that a German Shepherd is loose on Neptune Avenue. Officers have their eyes on the dog. Dog united with owner on Mermaid Avenue.

Customer at the 7-Eleven states a disorderly customer. Party will be picked up by Winthrop Taxi and transported to Boston.

Suspicious activity reported at Grandview Avenue. There is a van with a group of people in it. Caller called back to state that the van left and starting driving towards Shirley Street. 91 checked the area to Deer Island and nothing showing.

Sunday, May 12

Officer with a small group at Yirrell Beach. Parties check out.

Another report of people being too loud at Blackstrap. 93 was in the area and the parties were dispersed.

A well-being check on individual in a parked vehicle on Shirley Street. Party checks out. Vehicle was just purchased on May 11. She has seven days to get the registration in the mail.  She will be heading home for the night.

At the cemetery there is about 20-30 people having party screaming and yelling. Units report nothing showing. Units now reporting that they were able to contact the caller who stated that the parties were leaving the cemetery. Units headed there now. Units report group of mothers decorating a tree for mother’s day. They will be leaving shortly.

Caller states there is a fight between two men and two woman at Main and Pleasant streets. No weapons known. Caller states that they known to the police. One male party has a pony tail. Spoke to all parties and peace was restored.

Calling party states that there is a female in the vicinity of Hillside and Prospect Avenue asking for money. She is wearing a teal jacket and a light colored winter hat.

Caller reports that he observed the cover to the water shutoff on Argyle Street was broken and standing on end creating a hazard to the public. Officer placed a cone over it. It was referred to DPW.

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