Police Blotter 05-09-2019

Monday, April 29

Officer reports he will be working a police detail in a mutual aid community. Entered into IMC Allotment Hours and Reports.

911 accidental call from Woodside Avenue. Party stated she was okay. Unit went by to check on her well being. 92 spoke with the calling party and it was an accidental call.

Caller on Billows Avenue reports there is a crane on the street and the boom is over his client’s house. Attorney called in for the client. 92 states it was a private construction job. 92 staying on the scene until company finishes for traffic control.

93 investigating party dressed in all camoflouge with equipment at the Gorman Elementary School. Party is bird watching and has along zoom camera.

Party at Crystal Cove Inn states there are tractor trailers blocking traffic. Caller called back to state that the trucks are no longer there.

Caller on Grandview Avenue states there has seen a vehicle parked on the street for a few days now. She has not seen it before, nor is it any of her neighbor’s. 92 states that the vehicle is legally parked and the car does not appear to be abandoned. 92 will notify traffic control that vehicle does not have correct permits.

Party came in to report a credit card was opened using her personal information.

DPW will point out Sharps that need to be made safe at the cemetery. 93 located the needles and will check the area. No more were located.

Directed patrol dispatched by headquarters to construction site on Villa Avenue. 93 states a truck is in the road near the construction site. 93 is having owner move the vehicle. 93 directed patrol wrong way enforcement at Buchanan Street and Pleasant Street. No violators observed.

Firearms License Officer reports on a LTC application out of Putnam Place.

91 was flagged down by a resident stating there may be children left unattended in a pickup truck in the CVS parking lot. No children seen in the vehicle. Vehicle has windows open for a dog.

Units off with vehicle on Fremont and Buchanan Streets. 99 states he has one in custody for operating vehicle after license was revoked, failing to stop for a police officer and a warrant arrest. G&J enrollee to pickup the vehicle.

Neighbor at Governors Park is banging on ceiling of caller and she would like an officer to speak with her. Units report they spoke to the party. Party is hysterical and was advised if units had to come out again, medical aid would be requested for her. Units clear for the time being.

Party left a message on answering machine at headquarters. He left no name, no specific address and no call back number. He stated he was house sitting on Natant Avenue and someone entered the front door.

Woman banging on the ceiling at Governors Park. Message was relayed tho units to speak to calling party. 93 stated she as spoken to in the previous call. Charlie 1 stated units mediated the situation for the night.

Tuesday, April 30

Headquarters received motor vehicle repossession order for vehicle on Summit Avenue.

Caller reports a box truck stuck at Deane and Revere Street. 91 talked to the driver. Truck company has tow on the way. 91 stood by for traffic control until tow arrived.

Caller reports he took a right out of Dunkin’ (Donuts) and struck a piece of metal blowing his tire and damaging his car. Caller was not in need of medical assistance and no one was hurt during the accident. 91 on the scene and G&J enroute.

Follow-up investigation on Shore Drive for past  property damage by a motor vehicle.

Suspicious activity on Pauline Street.  Male was seen following three school kids. Caller made sure the kids left. She is in front of CVS. Male party is across from old middle school. Officer reports that the calling party described male party wearing a Miami Dolphins hat walking up Pauline towards Pleasant. Male party had invited two kids back to his home. Spoke with the individual. He is denying that he did anything that the children stated he did. Sent party on his way. Spoke to all the children and got all the information. Parents came to pick up the children and took them home.

Two parties walking their dogs on Faun Bar Avenue reports that neighbors are harassing them. Party was not making any sense. Officer spoke with party and advised him about staying off private property.

Party came to the station to report the fraudulent use of her personal information to obtain credit.

Caller at Belle Isle Seafood states a male, white, stating “to get food and water,” talking about the eclipse, taking pictures.  He was seen heading towards East Boston. Gave a BOLO to all units and called East Boston as well and gave them information.

Officer got flagged down on Woodside Avenue. Female party upset about her ATM card getting stuck in the machine. Staff were able to help her retrieve the card.

Calling party on Woodside Avenue states a woman is going through cars. She is now walking towards the Pizza Center. No weapons. Officer states he spoke to the female party. Nothing suspicious, just female party waiting for a slice of pizza.

Motor vehicle stop on Short Beach. Revoked insurance. Juveniles in vehicle and they were able to show proof that they did pay insurance. Took an Uber home and parked the vehicle in a safe place. Will call insurance company tomorrow.

Report that a woman is choking child at Cumberland Farms. Car is driving towards Magee’s Corner. Party stated he witnessed a female party driving a BMW get out of her car at Governors Park bus stop and beat up another woman.

Wednesday, May 1

Well-being check on Revere Street. Party has calmed down. Officer is assisting party future out a resolution for the rest of the day. Units have gathered all parties’ information. Peace was restored.

Party reports someone is leaving food. He stated he observed it in the area of Lowell Road, Maple Road and Court Road. ACO notified.

Vehicle towed by G&J Towing out of Bartlett Road. Vehicle was also placed on the 72 hour list.

Calling party states a stop sign is completely down to the ground on Chester Avenue. DPW notified.

Caller stated a white male inside Massa Playground doing 94c activity. 99 states he has the party at Twist and Shake and states that the party is drinking and smoking in the park. unit state they spoke with the party and he stated he did not do any of those things. Units advised him he is not allowed to do that and was sent on his way.

Party on Sunnyside Avenue states there is a white male heading towards the beach with his pants down. Units off with the party. He checks out and the caller is fine with him going home.

Caller on Sturgis Street states here is a possible baby bear on his neighbor’s roof. 91 confirmed it is a very large raccoon.

Manager of Dunkin’ (Donuts) requested a trespass tow for vehicle.

Thursday, May 2

Well-being check being called in by a co-worker for subject on Pleasant Street. The party had an extremely important meeting, which he would never miss and did not show up for work this morning. Caller did attempt to reach the party multiple times ands not been able to reach him. Party lives on boat and has history of falling off the boat in the past and had to be rescued. 92 requested Harbor Master as well to check the water. Party just showed up for work. Co-worker cancelled the call for the well being check.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue reports a male party who used to live there keeps returning and will not stop harassing her.

Motor vehicle accident at Winthrop Marketplace. A vehicle went into the building. Driver signed a medical refusal.

Party on Girdlestone Road came in to report that there is a raccoon infestation. The animals are now climbing on neighboring properties and residences. She was directed to visit the Building/Health Department as she has already been to town hall. ACO was also contacted.

Caller on Charles Street reports she was followed by a male as she was walking home. Male is still in the area. Charlie 1 dispatching 92 from the station. Units reports the female is safe. Units checked the area. Clear.

Friday, May 3

Reporting party on Waldemar Avenue states she heard a loud bang overnight and did not now what it was. When she woke up this morning, there was concrete in her backyard and bricks in her driveway and does not know how they got there. She states there is no damage but is concerned about suspicious activity. Report to follow, may be a harassment issue.

Follow-up investigation on Forrest Street. 92 states advised party of consequences if he does not stop harassing party.

Caller states he has not hear from his mother in three days on Overlook Drive. 93 got in contact with mother and she will call her son when he gets a chance.

Party on Forrest Street states that he gave a female party a few DVDs, CDs and concert tickets but they were returned to him through two units an hours ago. When caller went through the belongings, a Dido CD was missing. He was requesting assistance from the same units. 92 spoke with the party earlier in the day. Party was advised that all his belongings were given back to him.

Calling party on Forrest Street reports that two officers were at this home earlier today. He was informed that the two officers that he interacted with earlier were gone for the day and he would get an email on Monday. His concerns are with a postal employee and he was informed that nothing could be done until Monday. He will call back on Monday to discuss the matter.

Party states a female party assaulted her daughter at Ingleside Park. Female is with two other parties running towards the Middle School. Female party is running on Wheelock now.

Caller on Cliff Avenue states that there are several cars parked in front of her residence and the occupants unloaded gear to go to the bottom of the 40 steps to dig for clams. Caller states this has been an ongoing issue and they leave a mess i front of her house. Environmental Police stated that the beds are closed and that no clams should be removed from that area. Officer spoke with the four males that they were “crabbing” not “clamming” and they were advised that no shellfish were to leave the beach. They were very cooperative and left the area.

Saturday, May 4

Report that parties are being loud at Blackstrap’s on Woodside Avenue. All is quiet in the area. Bar is busy but contained.

Caller on Nahant Avenue states there is a box covered in blue tarp and has been there for a couple of days. 92 states the item is a pet carrier covered with tarp.

Caller at CVS stated that the awning is damaged from a truck drive picking up the compactor. Caller would like to file a report. 93 spoke to manager, a truck that collects compactor may have damaged the back awning overnight. Manager is attempting to contact the truck company.

Units off on Upland Road with possible fire. Units state no active fire, possibly dryer fire. Units still on scene with fire department. Fire extinguished prior to arrival of police and fire.

Party states there is an ongoing issue with the downstairs neighbor on Overlook Drive. Caller states that her downstairs neighbor is trying to throw her walker away and calls her late at night. 92 states ongoing issue between two elderly residents. Dispute seems to be escalating.

Caller states he received a scam letter dated April 24 from party in Spain regarding an alleged deceased relative that doesn’t exist. Letter offered to split the proceeds of the decedent’s estate with the calling party and would help him collect the money. Party requested the matter be placed on record for any further notices.

Party on Villa Avenue states that she is there taking care of her mother and her sister showed up and is threatening her and getting into her face. A dispute between family members over a recent death. Peace was restored.

Party on Franklin Street states that her friend allowed her access to her apartment while landlord was showing it and she is away. It was verbal in nature. This is a civil matter. Landlord tried to show apartment while tenant was out of town. Tenant is nervous for their belongings. Landlord will show the apartment at a later date when the tenant is in town. Peace was restored.

Report that two male children are climbing the gazebo on Pico Avenue. 92 spoke with the children and they are getting down off of the gazebo.

Motor vehicle accident at Main and Pleasant Street. Operator of vehicle is enroute to Whidden. The other operator was also transported to the Whidden.

Sunday, May 5

Caller at Shirley and Nevada streets states there is a man banging his head on a pole and screaming, “I don’t know where I am and want to die right now.” Second caller stated there was a male party fighting with a pole. He believes he is drunk. Also a language barrier exists. Units requesting medical aid. Party voluntarily headed to the Whidden. 91 states the male party lives in a  group home in Chelsea. 91 will make contact with the home to update them on the situation.

Elderly female stated she heard a bang on Short Street. Female stated she was hearing nosies, possibly from the boiler. Units turned the boiler off and party stated she could still hear it. Units advised her to stay at her daughter’s house and if she continues to hear the noise go to the hospital.

Report that female is illegally dumping on beach at Sewall and Natant Avenue. 91 states that no trash was found.

93 off with two female at Revere and Central streets. Two female parties heading home. Units clear.

Caller on Tafts Avenue reports a person in a running motor vehicle is slumped over the wheel and the windows are fogged up. Units spoke to the party. Car is not running. Party was parked in the driveway and will be going inside.

Party requests an officer stand by on Charles Street to keep the peace while he retrieves personal property. A civil matter at this time.

One under arrest for prior incident of assault and battery on family household members on Ocean Avenue.

93 attempted to serve paperwork to subject on Ocean Avenue. It was served in hand. Firearms license suspension.

Caller on George Street reports that someone seems to doing work inside house with a hammer and a saw. Caller reports it is loud and he cannot sleep because of it. Unit reports he spoke to someone doing work in his shed. It was not too loud. He will end it for the night.

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