Police Blotter 12-27-2018

Monday, Dec. 17

Report of male party in lobby of Governors Park. He is sleeping. 93 and 94 spoke with male party who fell asleep waiting for his friend. He will be on his way.

Caller at Bellevue and Johnson Avenue, stated she was walking her dog and witnessed a motor vehicle hit another vehicle.

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue stated that trucks are blocking the sidewalks making it difficult to walk. Officer had one truck move off the sidewalk.

Officer went to Tewksbury Street to see if party is there and have him contact a State Police trooper. Officer spoke with party’s mother and she told officer he no longer lives there and believes he is living out of his vehicle. He does not answer calls from her or his friends. Officer left a piece of paper with the Trooper’s information just in case she is able to get in touch with him.

Caller states he was driving by and did not get the plate but this vehicle is parked way too close to the street. Caller states it is right before the playground at the end of Cutler Street. Vehicle is legally parked.

Citation issued for crosswalk violation to subject at Putnam and Jefferson Street.


Tuesday, Dec. 18

Caller on Summit Avenue states that the apartment above her is making a lot of noise. Units clear, no noise coming from the apartment and no way to get in contact with the party inside.

911 hang up on Sargent Street. Accidental by son. Units checked the home and everything checks out.

Party at Shirley Street and Trident Avenue states there is a large pickup truck parked on the sidewalk and parked past a no parking sign. Unit clear, made contact with the party and he was informed not to park his vehicle there.

Probation Officer out of Cambridge stated she would like a unit to go by Governors Park and check out individual. He is on a GPA bracelet and curfew, and they are unable to track him at this time. He is supposed to be home until 6 p.m. and they are unable to contact him by phone. If he is there have him call his probation officer or a warrant will be issued. Officer spoke to the male party and he will be contacting his probation officer.

Report of two parties stuck in an elevator at Kennedy Road. Parties were able to get out through the basement level. Fire was on the scene.

Party came into the station to report that a third unauthorized party has been using her EZ pass account with her credit card information.

Party on Quincy Avenue came to the station to report a larceny from his residence. The larceny is believed to have taken place on Dec. 1 during a move from his old apartment to his new apartment. His wife’s engagement ring was taken from a jewelry box. The reporting party suspects that the movers who were alone in the apartment for five to 10 minutes stole the ring.

Caller on Crest Avenue states an erratic driver parked in front of the liquor store. Caller states she is worried he is possible intoxicated. Unit checked the area but nothing showing.

Tow driver reports a trespass tow from Governors Park for being in the fire lane.

Tow driver reports a towing of a motor vehicle from Governors Park for an expired inspection sticker.

Another tow from Governors Park for motor vehicle repo.


Wednesday, Dec. 19

Motor vehicle blocked a driveway at Shirley and Nevada Street. Owner of the vehicle came by and moved the vehicle. Party was spoken to about parking in front of driveways and issued a ticket. Unit is working not he removal of a green scooter/motorcycle with no plates chained to the street sign. G&J has the scooter. Scooter was chained to a stop sign o the corner of Shirley and Nevada streets.

Call by an individual on Pleasant Street who saw kayak floating in the ocean. The owner of the kayak lives on his boat at the marina which is still in the mooring. The kayak has been floating around in the harbor. Having the harbormaster to respond to the boat that is attached to the mooring. Harbormaster checked boat and no one on board. Spoke with the caller. The kayak was originally drifting near Belle Isle but ended up at the marina unattended. Missing party was fond on the edge of Bayswater in East Boston. He was looking for his kayak.

Shirley Street resident reports that an unknown party had left a CD labeled “Christmas Music” in their mailbox and when they attempted to play the CD, it appeared to contain a computer virus that disabled their computer and may have compromised their personal data.

Walk-in to the station to report that individual has gotten two notes left on her vehicle in the past three months. Her vehicle is parked legally. The notes have been left anonymously.

Caller on Woodside Avenue states he had two suspicious male customers using fake identities. Will be investigating situation more. Cleared with report to follow.

Coral Avenue resident came into the tasting to report that he suspects a former roommate may have stolen clothes and other items from another roommate and he believes those items are at a storage unit in Everett. It was explained to the reporter that the roommate alleging that her items were missing will have to be the one to filing a report and further, that we would be unable to obtain a warrant to search the storage unit without facts establishing probable cause not a mere suspicion.

Caller will be at the corner of Cutler and Shirley Streets. States he had an expensive lock on the street sign on the cross street and it now gone. Would like to speak to an officer. Caller had a scooter locked up on a public street sign. Police towed it to G&J this morning. Caller was given this information.

Party on Beach Street and Shore Drive states there were two males stating they were from the gas company looking for a gas leak in the neighborhood. This pair was going house to house. Units checked the area and spoke to people, but could not locate the vehicle or male parties in question at this time. They will continue to check the area but are clear for calls if needed.

Caller on Shirley Street states that her husband is bipolar and left the house stating Q5 statements. He usually hangs near the Winthrop  Yacht Club. Caller then called back to say that her husband had returned back to the house. Police are on the scene requesting medical aid. 35-year-old male transported to the Whidden Hospital voluntarily.


Thursday, Dec. 20

Trespass tow by Todisco Towing from Governors Park.

Caller on Wadsworth Street state there is a dead possum in the street. DPW notified.

Assisted Delta 6 and medical with student who has an injured shoulder on Main Street. An 18-year-old vocational student injured from working outside. Transferred to BMC.

Caller from Pauline Street states a vehicle is parked over the limit in front of his store. Vehicle is in the 1 hour limit spot. Officer will go back in an hour to check if it still there. When officer went back the vehicle had moved.

Party from Veterans Road says a male party who has caused problems in the past at said address broke the handle off to the apartment building door and it is preventing them from getting inside. Two parties were interviewed on the matter and the officer will be going to talk with the individual who was suspected of breaking the door handle.

Female party called the police station to report that she received a call from the IRS stating she owed money and needed to withdraw money from the bank. The party on the other end of the phone stated that if she did not get the money a sheriff would come to her house in 25 minutes and take her into custody. The caller was advised that this was a SCAM and not to give money to anyone.

Caller on Cottage Park Road states her handicapped parking spot is getting blocked by an oil truck. Officer in the area is stating there there is nothing showing.

A male party came into the station to report that he received a phone call from a person stating that his grandson had been arrested down the Cape and he needed $5,000 to post the bond. The caller said that he wanted him to purchase five $1,000 Home Depot gift cards. The reporting party was advised that this was a SCAM and not to get any gift cars for the calling party.

Report of a male searching through cars pulling door handles. Units searched the area of Main Street on both sides of the bridge and nothing showing matching the description of the male or the vehicle.

Caller is a truck driver’s box and states that his driver went down Marshall Street because of the Main Street block and he is now stuck on the street unable to make any turns. Detail officer going to assist. Units will assist in moving a few parked cars so the truck can get through. Vehicles were moved and the truck was on its way.

93 off with parked motor vehicle at Hannaford Park. Units advised to take their activities elsewhere.

Party came to the station to report that he lost his black wallet somewhere between JWs and the police department. He is unable to get home. Party is confined to a wheelchair. Winthrop Taxi contacted but was unable to assist. Party was provided with $7  so he could take the bus.


Friday, Dec. 21

Caller is a taxi driver and stated he just dropped off a male party on Myrtle Avenue and the male party did not pay his fare. He just walked into his house. Unit stated the fare was settled.

93 requests vehicle on Circuit Road be added to the 72-hour list.  Multiple parking violations on the vehicle.

Caller on Almont Street found a brown-and-white dog. No collar. Caller has the dog at home. ACO believes the dog came from Summit Avenue so he will be heading in that direction to possibly find its home. Animal was brought back to its owner on Summit Avenue.

At approximately 6 p.m. Friday, Winthrop Police responded to CVS, 3 Woodside Ave., for a report of a pedestrian that was struck by a motor vehicle in the parking lot.

Upon arrival, officers came upon a 61-year-old Winthrop man who had suffered a serious leg injury and was lying on the ground next to a white, 15-passenger van.

Officers immediately rendered aid to the victim. Officers tended to the man until Winthrop Fire personnel and emergency medical technicians from Action Ambulance arrived on scene.

The man was taken by ambulance to Massachusetts General Hospital with injuries that are not believed to be life-threatening.

The preliminary investigation indicates that the man was accidentally struck by his own vehicle upon exiting the van. The cause of the incident remains under investigation.

No further information is being released at this time.


Saturday, Dec. 22

At approximately 10 a.m. on Department of Recreation and Conservation property, two dogs came in contact with a metal panel on the ground used to cover electrical wires and components and were electrocuted.

The two dog owners called Winthrop Police. The Winthrop Animal Control Officer arrived on scene across from 33 Shore Drive,  and checked on the dogs. Both of them were ok and were not transported and went home with their owners.

State Police were notified and took over the scene. They are investigating the cause. One of the dogs was a German Shepherd and the other was a Boxer.

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