Police Blotter 10-04-2018

Monday, Sept. 24

Officer called in disabled motor vehicle parked in Winthrop Landing with a couple of flat tires. Officer will be putting it on the 72-hour list.

Officer reports an unregistered and suspended motor vehicle plates out of Maine on Shirley Street. Out of Mass. plates canceled and plates returned. Both will be attached. G&J called to tow the vehicle.

92 off in the area of Washington Avenue attempting to get motor vehicles off the sidewalk.

Two-car motor vehicle accident on Franklin Street. There are injuries and fire and medical en route. Male passenger in pick-up was transported to the hospital.

Officer attempting to locate party with warrants on Washington Avenue. Party’s father was spoken to and he let officers look around. The party was not home.

Party came in to report that his brother took his father’s motor vehicle and he has outstanding warrants. Units attempted to serve the warrants earlier and the subject was not at home. Party was advised and reported his father did not wish to pursue any charges. He is operating a Nissan Rogue.

Superintendent called stating female party in front of Town Hall with possible mental issues. Officer reports two female parties silently protesting.


Tuesday, Sept. 25

Walk-in from Shirley Street to report that his bank account and credit cards were hacked into.

Party from Cottage Park Road came in to the station concerned about a tree in front of her house and she’s concerned it’s a hazard to the residents. Officer repots the tree is split in half and resting on her home. DPW requested to respond. The tree fell with an officer standing by. DPW on the scene and will be cleaning it up.

Caller on Pleasant Street states that there is a white vehicle parked on the sidewalk. A parking citation was issued.

Party from Wadsworth Avenue came to the station to report that while she was at work at Logan Airport she was contacted by a male party identifying himself as an IRS agent. The reporting party was scammed out of $4,000. She was advised to contact MSP Logan where the reporting party was working at the time.

Another attempt to serve warrant to subject on Washington Avenue. One under arrest.

Caller on Lincoln Street is an elderly woman that called 911 stating she was told to call this number to get in touch with her daughter for a ride. She was informed this was 911 and she stated she needed to contact her daughter. Party is fine and meant to call 411.

Principal from the Cummings School called to report an apparent miscommunication regarding picking up the child. Described as a fifth-grader. 92 dispatched to the residence as mother is at the school. Child left the school and usually walks home.

Units off at residence on Sunnyside Avenue of child that did not return home from school. Mother is at the school and units are checking the home. Mother left the door opened and units are entering. Child is not home and units will continue the search. 13-year-old found at a friend’s house on Buchanan Street. Officers spoke to the child’s mother and she is allowing her daughter to stay at friend’s home.

Party came to the station to repot a case of identity theft.

Teacher located in the Middle School behind the main officer is with a child who got out of school at 2:45 and was supposed to be picked up at 4:30 p.m. Teacher said she was in contact with the parents earlier. Enroute to school and officer was flagged down by a woman looking to find the Middle School. It was the child’s mother, she followed the officer to school and picked up her child.

Units picked up guns being surrendered on Girdlestone Road. There is a relative there with valid ID to take possession of them.


Wednesday, Sept. 26

Caller on Bay View Avenue reports being harassed by his ex-girlfriend via Facebook. He would like it logged for future court action.

Caller on Girdlestone Road reports that there are cars parked on the side where street sweeping is happening. Sierra 2 responded and the complaint was taken care of.

91 reports to ACO of an injured seagull at Franklin and Payson Street. ACO enroute to the Animal Rescue League with the seagull.

Party on Shirley Street states there is another injured seagull on site. ACO responded and has the seagull and he is enroute to the Animal Rescue League with the seagull.

Caller on Washington Avenue reports there are five work trucks parked on the sidewalk. Caller states she is unable to see pulling out of her driveway. She also state this is an ongoing issue and 92 also states that he has spoken to the construction company before. 92 states that the trucks are moving. He left a message with the foreman concerning this issue. This is the second time he’s spoken to the crew. If there is a third time, citations will be issued.

Two vehicles towed for trespass tow from Veterans Road.

MBTA bus near the fire station on Shirley Street is struck because of a parked motor vehicle. 92 reports the bus is no longer on the scene and he will check area for any parking violations.

Caller on Prospect Avenue stated that she has not heard from her 12-year-old son all day. He was supposed to call her today and he hasn’t. The son is at the grandmother’s house. Unit stated that the child is sleeping. He is in bed for the night. Spoke to the grandmother and everything is fine. This is an ongoing issue between the grandmother and mom.


Thursday, Sept. 27

Report of loud banging noise at Governors Park. Unit state that this is an ongoing issue. Units poke to the occupants and they state it was a door off the hinge that fell.

Walk-in from Veterans Road to report two motorcycles missing from his parking spot. Both vehicles were trespassed. Party was advised to contact the building management.

A well-being check on an elderly female party on Overlook Drive who has not gotten back to her son today. 93 states that everything is fine and the mother states that she is having trouble remembering her son’s phone number. 93 states that the two parties have contacted each other.

Male party on Pauline Street who seems lost and confused. Caller party has no further information. Units searched the area with nothing showing. Units were unable to locate the party.

Female party on Willow Avenue reports a vehicle has been parked on the street for several days. There is heavy damage to the vehicle. 91 put note on the vehicle and it will be placed on the 72-hour list.

A small pug in front of Winthrop Yacht Club. Club worker is with him right now. ACO has the dog and located the owner on Shirley Street. The dog was returned to his owner.

Male party from Waldemar Avenue called about an ongoing child custody rights between him and his ex-wife. Caller just wanted it on record that a motion to deny him visitation rights was denied.

Caller at Governors Park states that the people who live above her are harassing and following her. Officer reports the caller believes the upstairs neighbors are monitoring her movement while she is in her apartment. Caller was advised that if she continues to believe this to contact the Detective Unit, but there is nothing that can be done at this time. Possible mental health issues. Services were rendered.

Motor vehicle accident on Main Street with no injuries. One tow requested. G&J responded.

Hit and run motor vehicle accident in front of the station.

Vandalism to property at Governors Park. Management is on the scene. Officer spoke to the building management who stated it was paint left on the door knob. Resident is not on the scene. Management was advised to have the resident call us if she wishes to have a report done.

Officer going by to Governors Park to speak to the resident in regards to earlier call for vandalism. Report to follow.

93 was flagged down on Charles Street by a citizen stating there was an air hammer tool on the ground. DPW was contacted and they picked it up. It is possible it belongs to DCR by DPW has it now.

Units assisting a party on Cutler Street in retrieving some items and to keep the peace. 91 transported two females.  Officer spoke to the resident of the apartment and he understands the situation, and has no problems with officers going in while females retrieve some items.  Female retrieved her items and units will stand by while her Uber arrives. Female also wanted to take her son with her. Officers advised her to go to court in the morning to sort that matter out.

Caller on Putnam Street stated that the music in the bar is loud and people are outside being loud as well, causing a disturbance. Units received a second call about it. Units responded to the area. Caller was unsure of what restaurant the music was coming from. Units talked to the owner to turn the music down and he did. No one was outside.


Friday, Sept. 28

Caller on Atlantic Street states he is on the first floor and his neighbor upstairs are being loud causing a disturbance. Units advised the parties to keep it down.

Passerby stated that she saw a bald male passed out on the stairs. Received a call for a male party screaming outside on Shirley Street. The police were on the scene with the male party. Units stated they observed a drunk male party and his friend is now bringing him home.

Party came to the station to report harassment through Facebook from an ex-girlfriend that he has not spoken to in five years. He was provided a victim/witness statement to fill out. He will also copy any relevant Facebook posts to obtain a possible harassment order.

Minor motor vehicle accident on Winthrop Street. Papers were exchanged. It was very minor.

Caller reports youths playing basketball at the courts at Massa Playground and being very loud. Units report there are no people in the courts or the surrounding area.

Two cars reported parked on the wrong side of Cliff Avenue. Unable to locate the owners of the vehicles. Both vehicles have  been issued parking tickets.

Caller at Governors Park reports a water leak from the apartment above. He is concerned about the health of the elderly woman. WFD also responding. Units clear, WFD remain on the scene.

WFD requests police for possible forced entry at Governors Park. WFD was able to gain entry into the home and no one was home. Officers and fire department did find the leak. Unit locked both doors and apartment is secured. Maintenance was contacted. Uint stated that the fire department did leave a note for the resident so that he is aware of the situation.


Saturday, Sept. 29

Caller on Cottage Park Road states that someone broke into his vehicle and stole all four of his tires.

Caller on Court Road states that every week the landscaping company that services her neighbors, park too close to her driveway. W91 responded and spoke with the caller and the landscaping company who parked legal but with the trailer ramp down, which appeared closer than they were. The landscaper obliged and closed the ramp.

Party on Bartlett Parkway just came out of his house and someone has loosened the lug nuts on his tires and there are milk crates there as well. It appears that the lug nuts were taken off the vehicle. Milk crate were left behind. Appears to be similar incident as earlier. Units checking for camera footage on the street.

Units assisting Boston PD with search warrant for subject on Court Road. Boston PD has one in custody.

Calling party reports that she may be left her wallet in the car at the self car wash bay at the Mobil Station. W93 retrieved the wallet from the clerk inside the Mobil Mart and owner notified and will pick up from the station.

Party from Hermon Street came in to report that the grandmother of the female who has an RO against him, drove by him a couple of times, staring and mouthing words unintelligently. He wanted this logged in case he is accused of anything.

Brinks Home Security reports panel glass break at resident on Wheelock Street. Key holder is responding. Units did a walk through with the homeowner and everything appears to be in order.

Caller on Golden Drive stated that a drunk male party is sitting outside and she believes he may need some type of assistance. Male party is sitting on the bench. Police requesting medical for an evaluation. The party was brought back into his home and he refused medical.

Caller on Pond Street reports that there are a group of kids on the top level of the garage and they don’t belong there. Units cleared three cars of kids and none of them lived in the apartments. They were trespassed.

Caller from Governors Park states that she arrived home from a trip and cannot get into her apartment. She suspects someone tried to break in. Door and lock are chipped. She will wait for police in the lobby. Per Alpha 3, door was damaged due to a possible water leak the night before. A note was left in the apartment for the reporting party by the WFD. She was asked to contact the manager at Governors Park.

Report of very loud music coming from backyard on Circuit Road. It was a small gathering and the party shut down the music and were wrapping it up for the night.

Report of loud music in the vicinity of Shirley Street. Music is being turned down and closing the front doors. The function ends at 11 p.m.. The cleanup crew will be around until midnight.


Sunday, Sept. 30

Station received a call from party in Georgia stating that his mother-in-law stays at the Arbors. He received a call this mooring and the Arbors asked him if he knew where his mother-in-law was because she was out of the building. He did speak to her last night. After looking up the calls at the Arbors, it was noted there was a medical for her. The son-in-law was told that she was transported to the MGH. He still wanted an officer to go by the Arbors and speak with someone because he finds that is unreasonable that the Arbors called him to ask if he knew her whereabouts. Her other children have been notified and they are all on the same page now.

Caller on Main Street stated that she was involved in a road rage incident. She stated that the guy took pictures of her vehicle, but now has left the scene. Nothing criminal at this time. Caller was advised of her rights and was told to call back if he starts following her.

Party came to the station to report that while he was working ta Atlantis Marina the morning he was threatened with bodily harm after asking a resident of the condominium complex not to park in the marina parking lot.

Two car motor vehicle accident with no injuries on Shirley Street. Very minor accident, no damage to either vehicle. No papers were exchanged. Both parties sent on their way.

Report that a male pulled a knife on another male who took off and he is now walking down Hermon Street. Altercation took place at Hermon and Main Street. It was a third-party caller. Units off with the male at Main and Hermon. One under arrest for assault with a dangerous weapon and threat to commit a crime.

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