Police Blotter 04-26-2018

Monday, April 16

Caller on Siren Street complained about people in the rooming house throwing trash into the street. Unit spoke to individual throwing out the trash who said he was cleaning out an apartment. A disposal company will be there to move the bin closer to the house.

Individual came into the station to turn in ammunition from a recently deceased family member.

Report of a Rottweiler in the vicinity of Grovers Avenue on the corner of Crest Avenue. 92 off in the area with 91. Units checked the area with nothing showing.

A motor vehicle was parked on Washington Avenue in the middle of the street. Officer speaking to party now and he will move his vehicle into the driveway.

Walk-in at the station states that someone tried to rent a fraudulent apartment.

91 requests dispatch to create a new call from the Winthrop Police headquarters so he may assist the male party from the earlier call to locate his family. 91 reports he will be using the Verizon language line. 91 reports they were able to locate the subject’s family via the language line. Action Ambulance will transport the subject to the Winthrop Arms to reunite with his family.

Caller on Beal Street states there is a black SUV blocking her driveway. K9 had to pull away from a call to assist the 91 with a burglary alarm. K9 responding back to call. He reports tagging the vehicle.

Party walking dog on Bay View Avenue states that a house alarm has been going off for about three hours. K9 breaking away from blocked driveway call to assist 91. K9 states a smoke detector was found in the backyard and the home seems to be vacant. Units report smoke detector with low batteries was the cause of the alarm sound as the house is unoccupied. Detectors were disabled.

Party on Grandview Avenue states that youths in a white car possible doing 94C activity. They are driving away towards Coughlin Park. BOLO was put out to the units.


Tuesday, April 17

Caller on Summit Avenue reports a barking dog in the area. Did not want police to respond; just wanted the call logged.

A white pickup truck parked in front of gas station on the street obstructing the traffic at Revere and Shirley Streets.

Unit attempted to serve notice of revocation to subject on Atlantic Street. Unable to make contact at this time.

Party on Woodside Avenue wants to speak with an officer about a possible past breaking and entering. 91 requested 93 to help investigate. Units clear, incident report to the 91

Xfinity worker reports that while trying to work on a house on Moore Street for a service call, the resident had her dogs attack him. ACO notified.

Report of suspicious motor vehicle at Michael’s Mall. The party was waiting in the parking lot to pick up a relative from work. The operator of the vehicle had no license. Owner was unaware of the law regarding needing a license to operate a motor vehicle. The uncle will be by to operate the vehicle.

Party from Franklin Street came into the station to report an ongoing problem with her roommate and would like to have an officer speak to her. Party was also advised of her rights per 209A. Units spoke to the other party in the dispute. One of the parties seems to be moving soon. Parties were advised to stay clear of each other until that happens. They were also advised of their rights and were told to call again if anything happens. 91 still on scene waiting for initial party to grab their belongings. Initial party staying elsewhere for the night.


Wednesday, April 18

Unit noticed a fence knocked over on Pleasant Street at a construction site and is investigating. Area is secure. Fence may have been secured improperly.

Caller on Kennedy Road states that her upstairs neighbor is making a lot of noise. Unit have nothing showing. No sound or light on in the apartment.

Party at Governors Park states that downstairs neighbor is banging on the ceiling. This is an ongoing issue. Both parties have been informed that it is a management issue, and that management should be contacted. Unit 94 talked to the reporting party and she is a new tenant logging in that this is happening. 94 told the party that they should contact management for future incidents of this nature.

Information faxed to Winthrop headquarters for repossession of vehicle from Shirley Street.

Officer was flagged down by citizen at Moore and Shirley Street. Party was concerned about a dog which was off the leash. Owner put the dog leash back on.

Caller on Shirley Street states there is an unwanted male on the property. Peace was restored and parties left the area.

General parking complaint on Somerset Avenue. Motor vehicles in question were Lifetime Construction. Parties advised not to leave vehicles on the street after midnight.

Another citizen flagged down an officer at Main and Paine Streets. Party found a backpack. Officer will take it to the station.

Caller at Seaview Avenue and Pleasant Street states a trailer parked at the corner making it difficult to get by. The owner has been located and will be moving the vehicle.

Party on Woodside Avenue state while she as waiting on a customer, he was nodding off. She just left work and he is in a silver Ford with the vehicle running and he was still nodding off. Unit unable to locate the vehicle or the individual.

Party on Winthrop Street stated that his wife started to yell at him so he left the house. She would not let him take some personal property. He was advised of his 209A rights and he declined asking we just put this on record.

Report of dogs barking on Summit Avenue.

Party on Banks Street reports that his downstairs neighbor is making a lot of noise slamming doors and throwing things. Units checked on the party at the address and nothing going on.

Walk-in reports her Algerian passport is missing. Unknown when it was last seen. She requests entry to acquire new passport.


Thursday, April 19

Party on Nevada Street reports that a male party assaulted her and ran off. 94 searching the area. Units spoke to all involved parties. 91 will give courtesy ride to one of the male parties. Parties advised of their 209A rights and report to follow.

Charlie 1 states that in vicinity of Pleasant Street, construction company has entire lane blocked off with no safety officer. Fire and EMS were notified. 91 crew states shut down for the day due to safety. They were advised they need a detail to continue working.

Police at Nevada Street again, as they were there earlier for an assault. The male party is texting her threatening her and her boyfriend’s life. They would like a unit. Calling party showed text which were not threatening. It was logged as harassment. Female was advised of her rights.

92 reports ticket issued for obstruction of traffic on Pleasant Street. Detail officer now on the scene. Refer to previous incident above.

Caller states that while she was visiting her patient on Golden Drive, her motor vehicle was hit. She states that she located the vehicle as she sees the red paint from the alleged vehicle that hit her. 92 will try to make contact with the other party. No one answered the door. She was advised to contact her insurance company.

Party came to the station with a notice she received via USPS regarding a possible SO. Party does not know the party mentioned in the notice she received. Party will return if there are any more mailings to her regarding this subject.

Red Nissan and black Mercedes with people coming and going from these vehicles on Grand View Avenue. They are acting suspiciously. Caller wants to remain anonymous. There are no vehicles in the area. The entire area is clear.

Motor vehicle accident on Cutler Street. Contacted owner of vehicle that was struck and parties will exchange paperwork and pick up an accident report tomorrow.

Verbal argument between roommates on Franklin Street. All parties were advised of their rights.


Friday, April 20

The Boston South Korea consulate called and stated he got a call from the South Korea Police department stating a female party out of Winthrop might have been kidnapped. The parents of the female party is at the Korean police station reporting this matter. The parents stated a male party called them and said he kidnapped their daughter. There was no further information. Unit stated they have made contact with the female party and verify that it is her. The female party is going to contact her parents now.

Caller on Pearl Avenue states that a neighbor hit her car last night when pulling into the driveway. He is requesting an officer. Very minor damage to side mirror. Neighbors will work it out themselves through insurance companies.

Vehicle being towed for 72 hour abandonment on Revere Street. G&J has the vehicle.

Woman on Bates Avenue called stating a package was delivered her house. It is addressed to her daughter, but her daughter has not lived in the house for over 20 years and the name is spelled wrong. The woman states that the package seems suspicious and is requesting an officer to check it out. Package was delivered through Fed Ex and they are going to be notified to come and pick up the package.

Woman found a yellow lab walking towards Sunset on Main Street. She states that she cannot get the dog into her car. It is an older dog on the heavier side. ACO has the animal if anyone calls. With the assistance of a postal worker, ACO was able to locate owner of the dog and is returning him to Marshall Street.

Passerby states suspicious activity in and around large vacant building across from park entrance on Lincoln Street. Party states she heard screaming and saw two very distressed dogs around a blue pickup truck. Officers spoke to a witness that stated it was a boyfriend/girlfriend verbal argument. They are also the owners of the blue pickup. They have since left the scene and town.

Off with a parked vehicle with revoked insurance on Veterans Road. G&J noticed and towed the vehicle.

Unit assisted visiting nurse on Willow Avenue for a well- being check on a 95-year-old male. Unit requesting fire for a forced entry. Entry made and officers searched the whole house and it was empty. Visiting nurse has not heard from patient since the April 6. She will be checking hospitals to see if he has been admitted by a family member.

Calling party on Shirley Street states there are two females soliciting. When caller asked if they had a permit they said yes, but would not provide one. Officers checked area with nothing showing.

Citation issued for vehicle on Shirley Street for not being 20 feet from intersection.

Reporting party on Winthrop Street states that four-five youths removed the sewer cover near the marsh. No kids located, but officers located the cover and put the sewer cover back on.

Parking citations issued to vehicles on Beacon Street.


Saturday, April 21

Caller at Governors Park stated loud noises coming from apartment.  Unit reports speaking with both parties and peace was restored.

Balwin, Mich., police are attempting to make contact with male party at Seal Harbor whose father passed away in their city. They stated that time is of the essence. 93 enroute. 93 states there does not appear to be anyone home. This is the second attempt to locate this person. 93 will ask the front desk to ring the party. The front desk believes the subject is still traveling abroad. A message was left at the front desk to have the subject contact the WPD when he arrives home. 93 will attempt to contact the subject’s mother, and he reports that the mother is not home. Control notified the Missouri PD to inform them that notification was attempted twice with the son and once with the son’s mother.

Caller on Tileston Road reports that her tires were slashed. 91 reports the left front tire was slashed. 91 assisted with the tire change.

Resident of Vine Avenue called to complain that Capital Waste has failed to pick up the trash on that street as of noon today.

Report of solicitors in the vicinity of Paine Street. Called back the reporting party and asked if the solicitors were from Direct Energy as they have a permit. She stated she did not know but she has a “no soliciting” sign on her door. 95 reports solicitor has a permit and all necessary paperwork.

Party from Kennedy Road came in to report that his neighbor keeps banging on the walls. He wanted this reported for possible future action.

Caller reports two females and two males, drinking the beach wall on Shore Drive and Dolphin Avenue. State PD has been notified.

Caller on Trident Avenue states that the house across the street is partying too loud. They are on the top floor. Spoke with he resident and they are going to turn things down for the night.

Calling party reports a group of youths at the gazebo at Ingleside Park lighting off some sort of fireworks. Units searched the area with nothing showing.


Sunday, April 22

Party on Tileston Road reports that their neighbor is making a lot of noise late at night. Unit checked the area with no noise from the address.

Caller on Washington Terrace reports that there are about four parties in a mostly torn down house. Police request medical. Party refused medical and all parties check out. They were advised to head home.

Female party on Sunnyside and Pico Avenue reports someone is making threats to her. The incident happened out of Lynn.

Caller on Coral and Shirley Street states she was driving and two small white dogs are off their leash and ran into the street. Unable to locate the dogs but checking a few more streets.

Motor  vehicle accident on Lincoln Street. Truck crashed into building. Both parties declined medical.

Male outside Winthrop Marketplace asking for money. Male party was sent on his way.

Calling party on Tileston Road stated that cars are parked to the corner and she does think apparatus will be able to get down he street. Unit states that no cars are parked illegally, and no cars were obstructing the passage for any emergency vehicles.

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