Letter to the Editor

New Silver Line Service Offers Better Winthrop Seaport South Station Connection

Dear Editor:

This past weekend, the MBTA launched it’s long awaited Silver Line (SL3) service between South Station, Seaport, Logan Airport/Blue Line and Chelsea. While most of the media buzz has been about the benefits this brings to Chelsea commuters- which are indeed enormous- there has been little discussion about how this new transit service also improves commutes and connections for people in Winthrop. No, we don’t get a direct ride from the Center to the Seaport or South Station, but we do get to cut out the multiple, onerous transfers that were previously required in order to get to either destination via transit (or the long walk from Aquarium station). Instead of going from the Blue line to either the Green or the Orange to the Red to reach South Station- and then to the Silver Line if you’re trying to get to Seaport- people coming from Winthrop can now simply hop on the Blue Line (yes, you still have to take the bus, drive or walk/bike that pesky last mile gap to Orient Heights) and connect at Airport Station for a direct 10-20 minute ride on a bus that travels mostly in its own dedicated lane to reach the Seaport and finally South Station. If you are someone who commutes to the Seaport or South Station area each day, this is definitely something to try! And if Mystic Mall or the Rockport/Gloucestor Commuter Rail line is your destination, you can get there too simply by taking the bus in the outbound direction. For all the parents out there, this is also a great way and very affordable way to get to the Children’s Museum! For more info, https://mbta.com/projects/silver-line-3-chelsea-sl3.

Julia Wallerce

Chair, Winthrop

Transportation Advisory Committee Precinct 2

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