Police Blotter 11-23-2017

Monday, Nov. 13

Burglar alarm sounding at side door on Bay View Avenue. Reporting party talked to a party that gave the incorrect passcode. Officer checked the home and all is secure. All doors are locked and no answer at the door.

Caller reports a male with a black backpack pointing a stick at the airplanes pretending to shoot them down near the bridge on Main Street. W92 and W93 checked the area and nothing showing.

Suspicious activity on Revere Street and officer off with a male party.

Caller on Cottage Park Road asked for a well being check for a party there. The reporting party received a silent call from the party and when called back multiple times with no answer. The party was okay; will call doctor now.

Party came to the station to report harassing phone calls from an ex-boyfriend. No current 209A in effect. No contact provision was issued as a term of his release. All documentation to be forwarded to District Court for follow-up.

Motor vehicle stop on Winthrop Street. Expired registration and G&J enroute. They have the vehicle.

MGH called and would like a well being check on patient who resides on Golden Drive. If contact is made, the reporting party would like a call back. Unit spoke with the party and everything is okay. He stated his cell phone was dead and he had to charge it.

Party called to report her landlord is threatening to evict her and physically move her personal belongings out without pursuing the necessary summary process eviction in EBDC. Caller was advised of her rights and was directed to speak with the clerk’s office at East Boston District Court. Caller also was advised to contact the police if the landlord does attempt to circumvent the legal eviction process.

Trespass tow at Governors Park.

Caller at Hawthorn and Shore Drive who wanted to remain anonymous, stated that there were multiple vehicles double-parked all along the street and traffic could not get by. Unit reports the vehicle received a ticket for the parking violation.

Tried to serve a summons to subject on Pleasant Street. Unit spoke with someone at the house and the party is not home but will be home in the morning.


Tuesday, Nov. 14

Calling party at MyrtleAvenue and Shore Drive stated a vehicle with dealer plates from Providence does not have a resident sticker and is complaining because she has one and they are taking up a resident’s parking spot. Vehicle is legally parked and resident sticker could not be enforced due to the time of day.

Two-car motor-vehicle accident at Cumberland Farms. No injuries. Parties exchanged papers and left.

Todisco Towing reports towing vehicle from Governors Park for expired sticker.

Assisted other agency in arresting subject on Sturgis Street for non-immigrant overstay warrant.

Female in her 20s seems to have altered mental status on Quincy Avenue. We found the female party and a courtesy ride was given to her to her home at Ft. Heath Apartments.

Assisted fire/EMS on Golden Drive. 50 year old male to MGH.

Motor vehicle stop at Sagamore and Revere Street. Citation issued for relight violation.

Report of parties yelling inside a house on Summit Avenue. Party was yelling at his computer.

Motor vehicle stop on Washington avenue. Verbal warning given for defective equipment.

Suspicious activity on Winthrop Street. Party hears mens’ voices, in basement, in which the house is supposed to be empty. It was a Sprint worker doing upgrades.

Burglar alarm on Banks Street. They have made attempts to contact the subscriber, no luck. Alarm company had no specific location. Units off to house and the house appears to be secure.

Escorting three out of Deer Island to the bridge. Trucks cleared from the bridge.

Off with S6 attempting to serve summons on Pleasant Street. Summons served in hand.


Wednesday, Nov. 15

Motor vehicle parked for several weeks on Cottage Avenue. Unable to make contact with owner on Hillside. Spoke with neighbor who believes it is the son’s car who lives on Cottage. No need to put on 72 hour list. Will follow up.

Reporting party on Putnam Place states a pink bike has been outside his house for three weeks. We secured the bike. It is a child’s pink Magna six-speed.

Report of a black Range Rover blocking Cliff Avenue. Owner located in a restaurant and she moved the vehicle.

Alarm company states motion in hallway in house on Quincy Avenue. No contact with key holder. 93 reports front door hallway door open. Appears a package was delivered. House was secured.

Alarm company states area 3 interior at top of basement stairs in home on Washington avenue. No contact with key holder. Alarm company called back stating they spoke with key holder. It was an accidental trip.

Motor vehicle stop at Main and Read Street. Citation issued for 899 violation.


Thursday, Nov. 16

Motor vehicle stop on Shirley Street. Citation issued for stop sign violation.

Unit standing by with disabled motor vehicle on Shirley Street. They are standing by while someone helps them change a tire. Unit reports the woman is all set and on the way back to Lynn.

Walk-in tow driver reports repossessing motor vehicle on River Road.

Vehicle has been parked in front of house on Fremont Street for over a week. Vehicle comes back active to a neighbor. 92 will speak to resident to inform him he cannot leave commercial vehicle on the street overnight.

Calling party states she is on Main Street on the bridge and a white truck hit her car and kept driving. She called park and said the driver who hit her returned. An accident report will follow.

Grey Ford pickup has been driving at Temple andHighland Avenue and looking down driveways. “Waterproofing” is marked on the side of the truck. 92 reports the vehicle has been passing out leaflets for snow removal.

Party on Revere Street states a blue SUV crossed the double yellow line and almost struck another vehicle. Caller states the vehicle entered Winthrop via the parkway in Revere. No other information at this time. BOLO given to all units.

Caller on Johnson Avenue states she is receiving harassing phone calls and threats. Charlie 1 states to cancel as the all will be handled by the station. The trace was completed to the number given and the number not in service, active or registered to anyone. Spoof number. A message was left to the calling party advising her to put a block on the number.

Motor vehicle stop on Main sTreet. Verbal given for no lights.

Vehicle is blocking driveway and sidewalk on Cliff Avenue. Unit reports vehicle left the driveway when he arrived.

Two people sitting in a car looking at subject’s house on Pleasant Street. Has been there about 20 minutes. 93 transporting female to the station to wait for a ride.


Friday, Nov. 17

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Citation issued for headlight violation.

Officer issued parking citation for vehicle with an altered parking sticker on Veterans Road.

Off with motor vehicle on Pleasant Street. Citation issued for speeding.

Well-being check from hospital to party at Governors Park. Party is okay and with his brother who is taking care of him.

Report of a dog barking on Shore Drive. ACO spoke with the calling party and she states she does not hear the dog barking any longer.

Walk-in from Shore Drive to report an ongoing harassment. Ex-girlfriend had ordered phones and an iPad under his name. This was caught in time and stopped by him. He does not want to press any charges, just wants it on record.

Walk-in to report that people on Ocean View Street are squatting in a house. States she is a neighbor and the house was sold. Claims that people broke in and are living in it. Nothing showing at the moment. Home is all secured and locked up. Officers spoke with the neighbor who will call if he sees anything or anyone suspicious. The homeowner was contacted and he says that they are in the process of selling the house and that his son is staying on the third floor there. The 1st and 2nd floors are vacant.

Report of a pickup with Vermont plates parked by the church square on Shirley Street. It has been there for over a week. 92 report vehicle is moving. Party travels to this residence daily to do work on the house. He usually leaves around 7 p.m.

Party came to the station with a landlord/tenant issue. Language line was contacted to translate. Party reports that he paid a woman $900 rent for a month and now the woman wants more money and now has locked him out. Party was advised through the language line to go to EBDC on Monday. Party reports he will stay with a friend over the weekend.

Caller on Almont Street stating a large truck with a tow hitch with attached trailer blocking traffic and causing a visibility issue. Wants police to investigate. Unit made contact with the subject and he is going to move the vehicle so fire apparatus can use the roadway.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street. G&J sent and one under arrest for unlicensed operation of motor vehicle.

Two men fighting in the street on Grovers Avenue. One male wearing all black is now leaving on foot. Silver minivan with other male party drove away. Unit stated it was a road rage incident. The other involved party already fled the scene. Party institute to call police if the other party returns.


Saturday, Nov. 18

Party called regarding her husband whom she wanted to inquire if we have him here as he went to a local establishment and then did not return home last night. W92 checked in the area of the business to check for his vehicle and it was not in the area. Calling party will call back if she needs anything further.

Well-being check for subject on Pleasant Street. 60-year old male walking into traffic. He was walking towards Main Street. Checked the area and nothing showing at this time.

Multiple vehicle parked illegally at Bowdoin and River Road. Parking situation resolved. Landscaping truck was working at a house.

Male and female knocking on door saying there is a gas leak in the area of Main Street. Both parties were wearing plain clothes. Unit explained to the reporting party that the people were with National Grid and had to check her home. Her home was checked and no gas.

Woman in white Audi reports a motor vehicle accident without injuries at the Crest Avenue parking lot. Unit was unable to locate the parties. Checked multiple parking lots. Nothing showing.

Unit states he is trying to make contact with party that lives on Highland Avenue. Unit states there was no answer at the residence.

Paul Revere Transit bus is reporting an unruly passenger. No further information. Party is an elderly female. Bus driver does not want this female on the bus. 93 will drive female to Jim’s Auto Body. Female party declined the ride from the officer. The officer walked the party across the street to Governors Drive where she will take a bus to Orient Heights to get the blue line.

911 call called in by State on the open line from Shirley Street. Units report they have located the caller. The caller states that the call was made due to a cat being struck by a vehicle. Deceased cat was picked up by ACO.

Unit stated there was a car in the road stopped on Highland Avenue. Unit reports that the man was checking his batteries. Vehicle moved per unit.

Unit trying to locate and speak with a resident on Highland Avenue. Unit located the subject and exchanged citation paperwork.

Caller on Amelia Avenue reports that kids threw a pumpkin from her steps and hit her car. Damage was done to the vehicle. Units report no damage to the vehicle. Calling party requested units look around for the juveniles. Units report no juveniles in the area.

Motor vehicle stop at Shirley Street and Bayview Avenue. Verbal warning for expired registration. Unit advised driver to renew it tonight online.

Report of a group of kids behind Nick’s Place. Unit confirmed the individuals are employees of Nick’s.

Suspicious activity on Pleasant Street. Calling party stated three Hispanic males. Walking on foot, possible drug transaction. Unit stated nothing showing in the area.


Sunday, November 19

Motor vehicle registration check on Winthrop Street. G&J on the scene taking possession of the vehicle for revoked plates.

Suspicious party on Shirley Street. Unit spoke with the party. No WMS, unit clear.

Manager on Putnam Street stated they have a drunk male party that they had to take his keys away and he is trying to get them back to drive. He is giving them a hard time. A courtesy ride was given to the inebriated subject. He got to his house safely and the car keys are waiting for him at the station.

Vehicle registration check on Veterans Road. G&J enroute. Unit stated that the vehicle has two late tires previous to the tow. G&J has the vehicle and a report is to follow.

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