T-Day, Miller Field, 7 Days What Could be Better?

By Kate Anslinger

With just seven days to go, everything looks great!

The Vikings will play the Revere Patriots in Winthrop.

“I think the community is going to have a field they are proud of and the kids are excited,” said Miller Field Committee co-chair Vinny Crossman.

The Miller Field Committee has coordinated with town inspectors over the last few weeks, and the certificate of occupancy will be issued at the end of this week, Crossman said.

Miller Field is on track and on budget for Winthrop High’s home game on Thanksgiving Day. The turf is complete and made of an organic product. Raking the material into the turf will continue over the next week and after the field is taken over by the school department, the 250 linear feet of track surface will be complete,  however, the track will not be striped until spring.

The eight-foot chain link fence around the property will be completed this week, along with the four-foot fence that wraps around the field. The footings for the decorative iron fence will go in this week and the fence itself will be completed next week. The paving around the field is complete and landscaping will begin in the spring.

The scoreboard, sound system, and lift will be powered by a generator during the game, and there will be an electrician on site in case any issues arise. The Handicap Accessibility Committee will meet this week to measure slopes on ramps and they may suggest that others be added, which can certainly be attained by game day, Crossman said.

It’s been three years since Winthrop has had a game on the field, but this $9.8 million project has created a new home and much needed drainage relief in the area.

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