Police Blotter 11-16-2017

Monday, Nov.  6

Notification of stolen motor vehicle on Locust Street.

A well-being check asked for party at Governors Park. 43-year-old female voluntary to MGH.

Elderly party on Grovers Avenue reported she is getting phone calls and being harassed by subject she is having a problem with. Unit will go and have a talk with that subject. Unit clear, peace restored.

Suspicious, gold vehicle keeps coming and going on Lowell Road. Caller approached him, and he took off.

Calling party on Lowell Road states that she called earlier but no one arrived. Suspicious party parked out in front of her home.

Reporting party on Shore Drive reports an erratic driver. Black Audi. States car is heading towards Deer Island. Update: Reporting party states the car is now heading towards Washington to Pleasant Streets. BOLO has been put out to the units, as well as State Police for the Shore Drive area. Reporting party lost sight of the vehicle. No other information at this time.

Party on Veterans Road stated that another person owes her money, and she will not give it to her. The reporting party is walking to this party’s home now and asked for police assistance so she can get into the house and get the money.  Unit stated that the other party gave the calling party the money she owed her.

Report of a bunch of kids yelling outside and throwing items into the middle of Shirley Street. K9 stated Terrace Avenue clear and meeting up with W93 that are off with the group of kids on Shirley Street. 93 was off with three kids who stated they were not a part of the other group of kids. 93 stated he spoke with two more kids on Veterans Road, and they stated they were just at a party which was shutting down because the parents came home and every one was clearing out. Every one is gone from the area.


Tuesday, November 7

Party on Pleasant Park Road stated he heard a male party outside breaking into vehicles. No description of the male party. W94 stated they spoke with the reporting party and he stated he heard two men talking outside to check a certain vehicle. Units checked the vehicle the male parties were looking at and it was all secure. Units are going to drive around the block and see if they see anything suspicious. Units stated they checked surrounding streets and nothing showing.

Two car motor vehicle accident on Winthrop Street. Unit assisted both parties in exchanging paperwork.

Motor vehicle stop on Shirley Street. Unit reports it was for an expired registration sticker.

Party on Putnam Place states a moped running outside unattended. It was loud and disturbing the peace. Unit reports he spoke with the owner of the open. It was on private property but the owner will shut the oped off to make the neighbors happy.

Reporting party on Bartlett Road came to the station to report that person or persons unknown used her Xfinity account to order three Apple iPhones with Xfinity Mobile. She has reported this to Comcast and they are investigating.


Wednesday, Nov.  8

Female party in to a store on Shirley Street and was harassing them. She is no longer on the scene as she left the store. Unit spoke to the individual being harassed and informed her of her rights to trespass party if they wish.

Uint spoke to parties at school on Kennedy Road about parking situation. He also spoke to administration and let them know they can’t park in the DPW parking lot.

Caller states he found a  needle at the cemetery at Buchanan Street. Items brought back to the station to be disposed of.

Report of an elderly neighbor not answering phone or door on Undine Avenue. Neighbor has keys and did a walkthrough. Nobody home at this time.

Report that a Nissan Sentra ran over a party’s cane while driving erratically. Party wanted incident documented to get a new cane.

Female stated a 2-year-old hit the button in elevator for 911. You could hear a child yelling in the background. Mother will meet officer in the lobby.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street and Fairview Avenue. Citation issued for violation of 899.

Calling party on Temple Avenue reports a neighbor backed into his car. Would like an officer down there to file a report. Uint reports he spoke with the parties. calling party just wanted the neighbor to move his car a little since it was close.


Thursday, November 9

Party on Winthrop Street states there is a car that has been parked there for three days with Indiana plates that has not moved. Unit stated the vehicle will be on the 72-hour list starting today. Vehicle has a dealer plate.

93 stated he got flagged down by a citizen concerned about an individual down by the water line on Grandview Avenue. 93 clear as individual was all set.

Party on Upland Road stated that a strange vehicle was parked in the direly last night. She stated that this morning there was a bag in her driveway that appeared full. 94 stated that the bag contained jumper cables which must have been left there overnight.

Calling party on Kennedy Road stated there was a raccoon near the playground on the outside of the fence and the children are playing in the school yard. ACO responded with W94 and they advised the school if the raccoon got too close to bring the children inside.

Third party called stating that her daughter that resides on Paine Street called her stating that there was trash inside her car and a  note on it stating to move her car so they could access for the dumpster. There was also a picture of a person with steam coming from their ears. The daughter thinks that her car was broken into and trash was put in there. W93 responded and reports he spoke to the construction company Zero evidence of what the calling party claimed, but company was advised.

Minor motor vehicle accident on Main Street. No injury. 93 reports nothing showing. 93 reports accident was behind the car lot. Papers were exchanged.

Party on Crest Avenue reports a black male approaching people for money. W93 reports suspect unhappy that police approached him. Everything is all set. Party went into the store, got food and all is well.

W93 on motor vehicle stop in front of the high school. 93 states checking the vehicle that struck a piece of equipment at a job site. Zero damage.

Mailman states that a front door is open and it is never left open on Court Road. Also states that there is three days of mail piled up outside. Neighbor told the mailman that the light has been on in the house for a couple of days. 93 reports door is wide open. He searched the interior and nothing showing. Everything looks in order. Area secured off. Carter knows the family and will reach out to them.

A general disturbance on the third-floor laundry room on Pond Street. Reporting party states that the other tenants are pulling her clothes out of the machines and using the machine that she paid for. She also said this is a repeated offense. It is a verbal disturbance at this time. 93 reports he spoke to both parties and they will both reach out to the building management to voice their concerns.

Motor vehicle stop on Shirley Street. 93 states issued verbal warning as driver has California license. He has been advised to get a Massachusetts license.

Motor vehicle issued a $300 citation for parking in a handicap spot on Revere Street.

Party came to the station to report that her sister was being teased by another resident at her group home. When the sister at the group home was contacted, she said that everything was okay now. Unit then spoke to the staff ad he verified that all was well and that they would call us if there are any further issues.

Report of a car blocking driveway on Lincoln Street. Vehicle was tagged.

Alarm company called requesting well being check on female on Pond Street. Units spoke to elderly female. It was accidental.

Caller on Russell Street states that kids are in her yard and running around the neighborhood shooting cap guns at her window. Unit stated they have left prior to their arrival.


Friday, Nov. 10

White male, wearing jeans, dark hoodie, possibly trying to break in a house on Winthrop Street. Party was located. It was a worker doing work on the roof of adjacent building.

Assisted male party on Locust Street trying to retrieve his tools from home. Peace was kept between parties. The tools were retrieved without incident.

Reporting party on Bayou Street states that a male party knocked on her door and identified himself as National grid. Could not show any identification and was looking around her house. Officers spoke with witnesses who saw a National Grid truck in the area. Officers did not locate the party in question but searched the area.

Grandmother is concerned about her granddaughter’s well-being on Beach Road. The boyfriend is on his way there. She has changed the locks on the door and that is why he is on the way. Officers spoke with both parties and neither has any concerns.

Hit and run on Johnson Avenue. Property damage only. Female party in question came back to the scene. Parties exchanged paperwork on their own.

An intoxicated male screaming on Maryland Avenue. Caller reports the party is stumbling around the street yelling and said he may possibly by on Tafts Avenue now. Peace was restored when officers arrived.

Party called to report receiving one of those IRS scam calls from 662-222-1500. Caller reported that a warrant was out for the reporter and local police were coming to arrest him as well as other statements. The party was assured that we were not coming to get him and lock him up tonight.

Parking complaint on Crest Avenue at the handicap spot. A citation was issued.

Caller at Quick Foodmart reports a man stole items from the store and headed down Shirley Street towards the Point. White male party, wearing checkered pajamas. Caller stated that the party tried to pay for some things with a card that was declined. He saw more items in his pockets. W93 states area clear, owner does not want to press charges and would like only to have the shoplifter to stay out of his store.

Party is locked out of her house on Madison Avenue. Apparently the person who locked her out is someone she went out with earlier this evening. The person who locked her out has leet her in, but she is requesting police to come to the residence. W93 reports this was not concerning a first date, but a disagreement as the parties live together. They have worked things out and all is well.

Bus with a male party refusing to cooperate at the Belle Isle Bridge. Male party was removed from the bus by WPD. Peace was restored.

Report of an erratic driver on Court Road. Green Mercedes, white male, gray hoodie. Calling party states he “bumped” her from behind. Officers report the accident was minor and occurred in East Boston. The operator consented to SFST and passed them.


Saturday, Nov. 11

Motor vehicle stop on Lincoln Street. Citation issued for 89/9.

Cab driver reports his fare is passed out in the back of his cab and does not know what to do with him. Officers brought the intoxicated male home to Nevada Street, and the roommate will look after the intoxicated male for the rest of the night.

Directed patrol on Washington Avenue and side streets due to recent parking complaints. Seven parking tickets were issued for numerous violations.

Party on Brookfield Road states an unknown party hit his vehicle with a rock. Spoke with lieutenant when car is available he will send a unit to the house to take a picture and then to his work to take a picture of the car. Neighbor also has a smashed windshield. Officers responded and two other vehicles along with calling party’s vehicle had damage.

Well being check for party on Kennedy Road sitting on a park bench for a while now. Male party is okay. He is just enjoying the weather.

Report of a German Shepherd alone near the playground on Veterans Road.

Motor vehicle accident. Female party driver of white Honda on Walden Street will be transported to the MGH. Officer informed company in which the female party who was transported, works for Suburban Home Health Care Industries.

Party from Governors Park came to the station to report that a package had been stolen from his hallway.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports a person gave him a lost purse. Unit has retrieved the item. He will make an attempt to drop off the item to the rightful owner. Unit stated there was no answer at that address. He will bring the item back to the station. He went back to the address to leave a note for the rightful owner of the purse. A note was left letting the owner know where the item would be for retrieval. Owner of the property game to the station after receiving the note. She retrieved her property and was very grateful to all.

Party report possibly striking an opossum on Revere Street. W92 checked the area and did see one on  the side of the road near Sagamore Avenue. It is not a hazard and can wait until morning to be picked up.

Report of two people making noises, possibly arguing on the street on Woodside Avenue. No disturbance, just people were in front of an establishment but not being loud.

Calling party stated people outside of Black Strap are being loud. Officers responded and stated people were not that loud. Duplicate call.


Sunday, Nov. 12

Calling party on Shirley Street stated that her daughter sent her a text stating she does not have to worry about her anymore. The mother is nervous and asked for a unit to go and check on her door on left side of hallway. Units clear, offers spoke with the party who states she was feeling down. Party was also with her finance. Officers on the scene instructed the couple to call police back if they need anything.

A well-being check on subject on Hawthorn Avenue. Everything was okay.

Complaint of a white work van parked on the corner of road at River and Bowdoin Street. Motor vehicle moved up into parking spot.

Party at Governors Park states that upstairs neighbors have been loud since 7 a.m. Peace was restored. Neighbors will keep it down.

Report of a water line broke on Paine Street. DPW notified.

Party wants to do a report that someone took her keys on Winthrop Street. The subject took keys to go out with friends. She will bring the keys back later.

Across the street from the skate park, there are two children who found a white substance, half-powder, half-crystal. Officer reports that the substance is skateboard wax.

Party came to the station to report putting a deposit on a room rental from the second party. When she attempted to move in the second party demanded more money from the reporting party. The reporting party refused, and the second party refused to refund her deposit. She was advised to seek restitution in civil court.

Multiple reports of a drunk drier on Cottage Park Road. Smashed into another car. Unit reports female party voluntary to MGH. The car will be towed. Two other parked vehicles were involved.

Unit reports another car in front of Cottage Park Road was hit. Driver side, rear-view mirror is cracked. G&J has the vehicle. Unit is going to take a few more pictures.

Party came into the station to report an unknown vehicle damaged his car when it was parked on Temple Avenue near the intersection of Highland Road, damaging the left front side of the vehicle. This occurred sometime in the past two hours.

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