Teacher Highlight: Rachel Desrochers is Focused on Math

By Kate Anslinger

It seems like people have a love/hate relationship with math. Some aren’t too keen on calculations and problem solving, and others live for it. Seventh-grade math teacher, Rachel Desrochers, is one of those who thrive in the presence of numbers, which is why she set out to teach the subject.

The Westford native first thought that she wanted to be an elementary school teacher, but because she was so fascinated by math, she decided she wanted to make it her focus and share her love of the subject with flourishing students.

Desrochers graduated from Framingham State University with a degree in math, and landed her first teaching job at Winthrop Middle School.

Having experienced being in math classes that were mostly male dominated, Desrochers feels strongly that women are becoming more prevalent in the field thanks to programs like STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math).

“Women are definitely becoming more prominent in the STEM field,” said Desrochers. “I love that Winthrop offers a STEM course, as well as coding for the seventh graders. There are so many opportunities for women in STEM so it’s great that schools are promoting it.”

Desrochers loves Winthrop.

“I love the small community, the brand new school, my fellow teachers, and the ability to walk everywhere,” said Desrochers, who grew up visiting the classrooms that her mother taught in.

“My mom was a big inspiration in my decision to teach,” she shared.

Desrochers is true to her passion for numbers and if she wasn’t teaching, she would love to be a statistician for a sports team, specifically the Red Sox.

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