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Dear Editor:

I want to let the citizens of Winthrop know that after much thought and consideration I have decided not to run for Town Council President in November.    I felt the need to write to the editor to inform the citizens of my decision not to run due to the many calls I’ve received from individuals offering their support.   This was not any easy decision for me to make because I have loved being involved and helping move Winthrop forward.   Over the past 25 years I have held various positions in town such as; Town Meeting Member, School Committee, President of the Chamber of Commerce for 4 years, 2 years on the Charter Commission, and the past 10 years representing Prescient 5 as their Town Councilor (plus supported the youth of our town as a basketball coach and Director of St. John’s CYO program).   But now is the right time for me to step away and focus on my business and spend more time with my family.    I’m proud of what has been accomplished over the past many years; such as:  transforming to the current form of government, building new schools, implementing many various infrastructure projects, and for the first time in 30 years developing a comprehensive master plan for the Center which will eventually evolve to other areas of the town.    I am most excited about the opening of a potentially new Community Center on the current footprint of the former Middle/High School, which I plan to stay involved with to completion.

I have been honored to work with so many people who love this town as much as I do, such as the council men and women who have been my peers for the last 10 years and the various committees who spend endless number of hours working for the betterment of Winthrop.    These folks are hardworking and dedicated individuals who give much to our community.

I want the citizens of Winthrop to know that I will fulfill the requirements of the President’s position through the end of the year and help with the transition whoever sits in the seat next.   I know Winthrop will be looking for a new Town Manager and Superintendent of Schools and I will work diligently as outlined in the Town Charter to begin the search process and make appropriate recommendations and decisions.

I am not going away and will be available as we work throughout the remainder of this year making Winthrop the great place to live for all of us.   Winthrop hit a bump in the road recently, but our form of government worked and we were able to complete the tasks before us by coming together.   The Council does their best to listen to everyone and to make the best decision for the town.  If you are interested in the future of the town, people are always needed to run for office or volunteer on one of the many committees.

I want to thank everyone who supported and voted for me over the years, it has been my honor to serve the people of Winthrop.


Thank You

Russ Sanford

Town Council President

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