Letters to the Editor

LET”S keep MOVing FORWARD together

Dear Editor:

Upon assuming my new position as your Council President two weeks ago, I realized first hand the great concern by many young families regarding the school budget, potential layoffs and class sizes.

At that that point asked the town manager McKenna to arrange a meeting with the Superintendent of Schools John Macero and a few others. I also asked that he and the superintendent bring to the table some possible options to allow us to bridge the divide, without taking away other vital resources.

After almost two hours with input from Gus Matucci, finance commissioner; Ron Vechia School committee; Jim Letterie Councilor and finance subcommittee, CFO Michael Perez, we were able to hash out an agreement that works for our town. Some of these short term adjustments we made will be reinstated in September once the free cash is certified.

This collaborative and cooperative approach sets an example of how we are one town. Not divided with a “school side” and a “town side”.  We are all “Winthrop”!!  Much work  still needs to be done.  Special thanks to the full Council and the School Committee for their tireless work and support.  Thank you

Russ Sanford

Council President


Bad behavior

Dear Editor:

I don’t usually speak up in the town but I feel obligated to comment on the bad behavior of earlier this week. I have admired the efforts and accomplishments of Dawn Sullivan since she stepped up to serve our town and was very surprised and disappointed to learn of her posting about the selection of the Interim School Superintendent. Haven’t we learned yet not to post or email at 3:00 in the morning when we are in an emotional state?

In another incident, the subsequent drilling a nail in Bob Driscoll’s tire was completely unacceptable behavior. I realize that if this perpetrator thought at all he expected to cause Bob inconvenience and the cost of a tire, but nonetheless he endangered the life, not only of Bob but his family members. If we want the best for our children, and ourselves, start with our own example. Let’s get some perspective here folks!

Barbara T. Flockhart

Winthrop Precinct Four

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