Police Blotter 04-27-2017

Monday, April 17

Caller on North Avenue states that she wants her brother removed. One is in custody for domestic assault and battery.

Party on Undine Avenue states that her neighbor threw a lit cigarette onto her trampoline and burned a hole in it. This was a small disagreement between neighbors. Peace has been restored and parties were advised of their rights.

A party stating that a dog was running around flagged officer down. Officer found no dog.

911 hang-up on Revere Street. Called back and received no answer. Caller stated to the officer that a female party had fallen asleep on her property and then awoke and went in the direction of Dunkin Donuts. Officer is off with female party and is requesting assistance with the female party. Officer transporting female party to station for arrest.

Two-car motor vehicle accident on Shirley Street with injuries. Fire and medical enroute.  Party refused medical and is walking home.

Party on Pleasant Street stated that a vehicle’s alarm has been going off for about 3/4 hours. Vehicle left prior to police arrival.

Caller on Sewall Avenue stated a couple of kids are hanging in a black Ford sedan vehicle doing 94C activity. Vehicle left prior to police arrival.

Male party going door to door on Wave Way Avenue was soliciting for utilities. Reporting party states that the male in question was being too aggressive. Male party was sent on his way.

Two male parties came to the station with a small go they located on Shirley Street near Tewksbury Street. We checked with a local address regarding a similar dog, but the dog did not belong to them. Dispatch has received no reports of missing dogs. ACO will respond to take dog from the caretakers. ACO reports finding the owner of the dog on Moore Street.

Caller at Cellucci Park states there is a fight about to start with a group of teenagers. Caller states that her son is being harassed by the teenagers. The youths were dispersed.

Juvenile was picked up and Probation contacted. When trying to release juvenile to family, they would not accept. Probation ordered juvenile be held and he was transported to lockup. He was being held on domestic assault and battery.

Calling party states loud noise coming from Blackstrap’s. Unit stated all clear nothing showing.

Unit is transporting previous juvenile to Roslindale. He was dropped off.


Tuesday, April 18

Party on Shirley Street stated a white Honda Accord occupied by two males sitting in the car for about 20 minute. Unit stated the vehicle pulled away upon their arrival.

Party came to the station to report that her son is receiving threats via texts. W93 and W944 will speak to the party.

Caller stated a gray Chrysler mini van is parked on Main and Marshall Street. He says there is a man who appears to be “sleeping” in the back of the van. The individual was spoken to.

Report of a lost male cat. Orange tabby, party Maine Coon. Name is Mr. Moo. He has a chip. In the vicinity of Moore Street.

Another report of noise coming from Blackstrap’s. Unit stated nothing showing. He will go to speak with the reporting party.


Wednesday, April 19

Parking complaint on Beacon Street. Jeep will be towed by G&J. Citation issued and plates taken off by officer.

94 off assisting other agency on Trident Avenue.

Assisted with a fire and smoke in building on Pond Street. Clear, mulch fire,under control by WFD.

Motor vehicle hit and run. Cumberland Farms reporting they possibly have it on camera. Security footage is not clear. Later model black Mercedes. 93 will check area for vehicle.

Summons served on Trident Avenue.

Robbery reported on Somerset Avenue. White male, light black jacket, unknown if weapons. No direction of travel. Male party tried to grab money from register. Party behind CVS fitting description checks out. One under arrest 94 transporting female to her home and W93 transporting male to Winthrop Headquarters for larceny in building.

Calling party is trying to serve a no trespass for Winthrop Housing on Sunset Road and the mane came after her. She would like a unit. No weapons involved. Party was served trespass order and when leaving, made threatening gestures toward the individual who served him. Units attempted to track the party down. 92 made contact with the party on Read Street and when spoken to, he was told about his actions from earlier.

Calling party (homeowner) on Shirley Street states that someone broke into an apartment and “trashed” the place. Requesting an officer to take a report. This seems to be an ongoing problem with roommates she is renting out space to. There was an apartment party with messed up bed sheets,shades and a broken lock on one of the doors. The suspect she assumes it is, may return to household. If so, she has been told to contact the police. Lastly she was advised it is a civil matter between landlord and tenant.

Calling party from Winthrop Housing. Suspect white male, on Sunset Road, is “out of control.” Subject has left the area on foot and he was advised not to return to the area.

Male party running in traffic near  Belle Isle Seafood and the mobile gas station. Party is a thin, Hispanic male. Reporting party saw a red Subaru hit a person and too off with the car. It is now parked on Pleasant Street. Caller has victim with him at mobile and will show police where that car that hit him is. Medical aid has been dispatched as well. Victim was hit in Boston’s jurisdiction and they are responding.


Thursday, April 20

Assisted other agency on Vine Avenue. One under arrest for warrant.

Constable executing bench warrant to subject on Revere Street. Will call us if they need us.

Attempted to serve warrant on Trident Avenue. Paper work properly served to that party and his mother.

Party on Shirley Street wants female removed from his home. They are not arguing but she is drunk at this time. Party said no medical was needed. It was a landlord/tenant disturbance. Landlord advised not to enter premise anymore and start the proper process.

988 on follow-up on Orlando Avenue. Male party came to the door wanting no part of talking. Officer returned to his cruiser.

Reporting party on Shirley Street reports that he was informed by one of his tenants that a second tenant made some comments she would start a bomb fire in the kitchen. She also removed the smoke detectors to the residence. She is the third floor tenant.

Party came to the station to report that he has been receiving calls from a parishioner who attends his church. He wants this on record as the female is abusive over the phone. The abusive caller was told the seriousness of the matter should it continue.

Group of five kids fighting on Main Street. Unknown if there are weapons. This happened in front of the high school. Off-duty WPD noticed a vehicle matching description heading to ever from Winthrop on Revere Street. Also saw that same vehicle earlier involved in possible situation with a black Nissan. All parties left prior to police arrival.

UPS truck knocked a wire down on Marshall Street. Wire has been secured by WFD.

Party states that St. John’s Church hosts an AA meeting and it has ended. People are hanging outside being loud and party would like to have them moved. Units clear, nothing showing.

Reporting party on Douglas Street states there is a male party screaming and swearing. Party states it is making it difficult to sleep and making her feel unsafe. Did not want to leave any other information. Unit requested medical for an evaluation. Female party is going to be sectioned. The male party will be taken in for the warrants.


Friday, April 21

Caller on Shirley Street states that she is having an issue with her tenant. Caller would like an officer to keep the peace. She said that the tenant broke a door. The tenant left prior to officer’s arrival. This is a civil matter, no crime was committed.

Party on Read Street states that a vehicle has been parked there since yesterday, possibly involved in a motor vehicle accident. It was just left there. Officer said the car is a hazard and needs to be towed. G&J picked up the vehicle.

Party on Tewksbury Street came to the station to report damage to her property when tenants moved out.

Caller on Shore Drive states that there are parties there taking plastic bags out of a vacant home and putting them in the back of a dump truck. Caller says that it seems suspicious. Officer spoke to the mother of the son who owns the truck company. He is with the homeowner. Everything is clear.

Party on Upland Road states he works for a cab company and a customer did not pay his fare. He is in a city cab and will flag down the officer. Neighbor helped pay the fare. They will resort it out amongst themselves.

Caller requests a well-being check on a female on Overlook Drive who recently was discharged from the hospital. Calling party will stand by. Calling party states female missed several calls from her and no answer at the door. The female just returned from food shopping and all is well.

Two youths found a bag full of prescription Xanax and are standing by at Arthur T. Cummings School for it to be picked up. The bag has been picked up and will be disposed of.

Transfer from Essex Regional. Call dropped during transfer. All Essex Regional was aware of is that the calling party needed a police escort on Summit Avenue. Attempted to call back the party twice and the phone went to voice mail. Officer spoke to male who lives there and said there was a man outside on his cell phone saying he was going to call the police. Male party described as white blonde and Irish looking. Units have no one in the area.

Report of a needle in front of market on Shirley Street.


Saturday, April 22

Party on Golden Drive reports a male party is in her home and she does not know who he is. Party now stated there is an unknown male party in her building. Unit stated they searched the building and nothing showing.

Party came to the station to report that her pocketbook had been stolen from her vehicle while she was in Cumberland Farms.

A parked motor vehicle was struck by Bob’s Furniture truck on Wilshire Street.

Party from Bellevue Avenue reports fraudulent charges on his Wings Financial Credit Union account in the amount of $400, which occurred in New Haven, CT. The charges already reported to the bank. He is requesting a journal to allow New Haven PD to begin an investigation.

Caller stated that her daughter called her and stated that she is getting harassing calls and that some kids are going to beat her up. She wants a well being check. It is on Bellevue Avenue but no apartment number given. Mother is calling from Everett and there is no answer on the daughter’s cell phone. No answer at the residence. Mother states she is on her way to East Boston, which may further lead to a confrontation. Attempted multiple calls to the daughter and there has been no answer.

Reporting party from earlier call stated that she got a call from a private number saying they’re pulling up to the house to harm her daughter. Reporting party was concerned for her daughter’s safety and does not know where she is and her daughter won’t pick up the phone. Daughter stated she is in East Boston and was not in any danger. She does not need any police assistance. Also stated that her mother is “crazy” and is only calling police because she refuses to pick up her phone for her.

Caller on Tewksbury Street reports that his neighbors are being loud. He’s tried to tell them to keep it down but they did not comply. Units clear bachelorette party in progress of leaving. The party has left and noise gone.

Maroon Kia struck a sign near the Belle Isle Bridge. Caller reports the operator may be passed out behind the wheel. WFD and EMS responded. Tow has been requested and are enroute. G&J has possession of the vehicle. DPW has been contacted about the sign and will be coming to address it.

Caller reports a car blaring his music behind the car wash. Officer spoke to the operator and he turned down the music.

Reporting party stated there is a big fight going on down stairs inside the Pleasant Park YC. Unknown if any weapons. Unit stated about 30 people and they have it under control at this time. The peace has been restored. They are just waiting for everyone to leave the club.


Sunday, April 23

Reporting party stated there are people outside the Blackstrap being loud. Unit stated no disturbance. Some patrons leaving for the night.

Motor vehicle parked in front of fir hydrant on Winthrop Street. Notice G&J and they are enroute.

Party on George Street states that her and her husband both went to the hospital last night and while there, her apartment door was left open. She wants to speak to an officer for a report.

A male caller stated that he is the brother-in-law of the parties involved in a previous call. They were both medical responses to which police were not dispatched or involved in. This was relayed to the calling party. The caller demanded to know what was being done. He was told that we would not discuss any police information with anyone over the phone and that he did not have any legal standing based on his relationship with the parties involved. He then became irritated and stated he was going to hire a lawyer. Caller was again told that he could start by coming to the station in person and filing a complaint with the chief’s office anytime Monday through Friday.

Party from Pearl Avenue came in to report a case of fraud.

Report of dog barking for a few hours on Sea Foam Avenue. 93 report the dog has been relocated inside. Peace has been restored.

Calling party on Shirley Street says a black BMW hit him and when he tried to exchange paperwork, they took off. They showed a firearm while chasing the car. There were four black males and one showed a handgun before he lost them heading toward Beachmont. Caller also said that the car had a paper plate that made it hard to make out the number. 93 spoke to the involved party and requested both an incident and accident number and a report will follow. Calling party also stated that the vehicle that fled should have right front passenger damage. State Police has vehicle matching that description stopped on Commercial Street in Lynn. State Police confirmed that the operator admits that he struck the other party involved. They will be gathering all involved parties’ information in the vehicle. They have yet to find a weapon. State Police has provided all parties’ information and one taken into custody with active warrants.

Party states there are two dogs in the Miller Field area and one looks to be a Doberman and the other a black fluffy dog. ACO is not on at this time.

Winthrop Police Department receives grant

The Winthrop police department was recently awarded a $5,000 grant to combat underage drinking.  The Executive Office of Public Safety and Security’s Highway Safety Division (EOPSS/HSD) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is providing $490,960 in funding to 72 Massachusetts communities on a competitive basis with awards ranging from $2,000 to $15,000.

“There are many tools to combat underage drinking, and this grant provides much needed funding to target the problem,” said Winthrop Grant Officer Sean Delehanty.  “Whether you are underage, plan to sell to a minor, or buy alcohol for a minor, we will be on the lookout.”

Funds support compliance checks for minors in bars, restaurants and retail locations; reverse stings and “Cops in Shops” programs; “shoulder tap” solicitations; surveillance patrols; and party patrols.  Through a combination of these techniques, departments analyze and crack down on minors who seek to circumvent the law and people and businesses that enable them. Over the past three years, activities under this grant have resulted in 917 youth citations and 377 arrests. Citations were also issued to 574 adults, and 249 adult arrests were made across the Commonwealth.

“Teens and parents need to be reminded that underage drinking is deadly serious,” said Officer Delehanty. “Parents need to know that hosting a party where alcohol is served to minors is both illegal and extremely dangerous for the minors, for others in the community, and for the parents themselves, given the legal liabilities they face.”

Although much progress has been made in the last two decades, alcohol-related crashes are all too common among young people.  According to NHTSA, in 2013, 29 percent of young drivers 15 to 20 years old who were killed in crashes had blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) of .01 or higher.  Of those young drivers who had tested positive for alcohol, 82 percent of them had BACs of .08 or higher. NHTSA estimates that minimum drinking-age laws (21 years old) have saved 29,834 lives nationwide since 1975.

Any loss or injury on our roadways is one too many.  The Winthrop Police Department, in partnership with EOPSS, recognizes that traffic crashes are preventable, and is committed to using this grant to reduce the number of motor vehicle-related fatalities and injuries in Winthrop.

The Winthrop Police Department will use the grant funds to conduct a variety of underage alcohol enforcement operations in 2017. These operations may include underage stings/compliance checks, party patrols, and surveillance patrols. An overview of each type of operation is described below:

Underage stings/compliance checks- Underage young adults, under the direction of and working with the Winthrop police and trained by Winthrop Citizens Against Substance Abuse (CASA), will come into local businesses during the year to try to buy alcoholic beverages.  Businesses where sales to underage buyers occur will be referred to the local licensing authority for administrative action. Additionally, a criminal complaint may be filed at East Boston District Court for staff caught selling alcohol to underage buyers. Reports on compliance check operations become public data under State law, meaning that the identity of businesses checked and the outcome of each check can be obtained and published by the news media.

Enforcement activities will be implemented by Winthrop Police to prevent and safely disperse underage drinking parties to reduce underage alcohol use and problems. Potential criminal offenses that may be identified during party patrols may include, but are not limited to: protective custody, minor in possession, open container, driving under the influence, and/or procuring alcohol for a minor. For criminal offenses, a criminal complaint may be filed at East Boston District Court or Chelsea Juvenile Court.

Winthrop Police will monitor locations throughout the community to gather information on potential underage drinking violations. These locations may include local sporting events, town conservation land, parking areas, and other areas identified as “hot spots”. Potential criminal offenses that may be identified during party patrols may include, but are not limited to: protective custody, minor in possession, open container, driving under the influence, and/or procuring alcohol for a minor. For criminal offenses, a criminal complaint may be filed at East Boston District Court or Chelsea Juvenile Court.

The Winthrop Police Department believes that by conducting a variety of activities that target both the access and use of alcohol by underage individuals, it will help to avoid the problems associated with underage drinking. It is less expensive and easier to prevent youth access to alcohol than to investigate the motor vehicle crashes, fights, and other crime that underage drinking promotes. Communities that have reduced the availability of alcohol to underage drinkers have experienced fewer crashes and fewer crimes. Preventing underage drinking is everyone’s responsibility.

The Winthrop Police Department Underage Alcohol Enforcement Operations are funded in part from grant funds from the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security’s Highway Safety Division (EOPSS/HSD) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also in partnership with Winthrop Citizens Against Substance Abuse (CASA).


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