Police Blotter 02-16-2017

Monday, February 6

Report of a stolen vehicle on Pebble Avenue. Miscommunication, vehicle was not stolen, but towed by State Police. Sister of the owner was notified to contact a detective to get information as to why the vehicle was towed.

Assisted a 18-wheeler getting back onto truck route from Lincoln Street. Officer was able to help the truck get back on route.

Calling party on Shore Drive stated that he wants to make sure that a female party is not in his father’s apartment while he is in the hospital. He states that the female party has been using his father’s cell phone. He also states that his father is in the ICU and is unable to speak. He is unsure of the relationship between the female and his father. Female party is in the apartment and officer spoke to her. Officer will be giving a courtesy ride to female party. They have the keys to the home and will be keeping them for secure at the police station. Daughter of the father came to the station to pick up her father’s keys that were used earlier to secure the premises. Receipt was signed and daughter spoke with her father who reiterated that this female was not supposed to be in the apartment. The daughter came back to the station with a suitcase containing some clothes and medications with the name of the woman who was asked to leave earlier. The suitcase was marked and put into the garage area in the event the party returns and is in need of the medications.

Caller from Faun Bar Avenue states that she has been receiving phone calls from the IRS and she believes she is being scammed. Officer advised party on how to block all scam numbers. No money was transferred, so no crime.

Calling party would like  a well being check on his 66 year old mother on Floyd Street who is not answering her phone or calling him back which is unlike her. This is an ongoing issue with family. Officer spoke to female party.

Possible fight between high school students with approximately 20 kids at the Public Works on Kennedy Road. Spoke with individuals and they were playing soccer and stated there was not a fight going on at this time.

Report of kids outside Cumberland Farms, possibly the same group from previous incident. Kids were not located at this time.

Reporting party on Ocean Avenue states that there is a woman going door to door with a clipboard and she is trying to sell something. Woman works with Direct Energy and has checked in with Winthrop and has a permit.

Reporting party called in stating there is a duck on a roof of a car having difficulty flying. She then called back stating it is a dog and is with its owner.

Assisted fire with accident on Crest Avenue. 20 year old had a seizure and hit a tree. One female transported to MGH. Her mother was contacted via phone. Four other passengers stated no injuries.

Tuesday, February 7

Motor vehicle towed from Governors Park for trespass.

Party on Wave Way Avenue reporting a motor vehicle parked on street with expired parking sticker. Vehicle was tagged last night.

Party came to the station to report incidents of bullying and larceny at the Middle School of which their child has been a victim. SRO was contacted and parents were put in touch with her.

Reporting party on Pauline Street would like a wellness check on her 65 year old father. She has not heard from him in over there weeks. No answer, one piece of mail in the box. Spoke to reporting party again and states he may have been evicted and now living in the basement. Door is locked. Will try to speak to another tenant to see if he has a key.

Report of three cars by the ball field on Payson Street blocking the road. No vehicles are blocking the street at this time.

Escorted a juvenile home in Governors Park who was removed from the basketball court. Juvenile has been returned home.

Wednesday, February 8

Caller on Beacon Street reports that two parties broke into her home. One broke into the first floor and the other party broke into the second floor bathroom. The caller tried to keep the 2nd floor bathroom door shut from the outside until the officers arrived. Searched the area and no parties found. Units will search the area again. No signs of forced entry. Story was not making any sense. 92 requesting a F1.

Vehicle slid and hit a fence from sliding on a sheet of ice at Hillside and Crystal Cove Avenue. Demolished the fence.

Winthrop Engine 2 reports a motor vehicle struck into a pole at Pauline and Winthrop Street. Damage to town property.

Caller from Faun Bar Avenue said she witnessed a car that was driving down the hill and hit some parked cards. Female slid down the hill in her car and struck multiple vehicles. She is in the middle of the street with hazards on. She is not injured. Requested G&J to tow.

ACO assisting other agency with animal cruelty came on Douglas Street.

Asst. Principal called the SRO to repot that a student told his teacher he was followed this morning. Juvenile described a white male wearing red, white and blue jacket yelling loudly on Pauline Street. No threats to the juvenile. Parents were notified. Description matches that of possible local resident with disability known to the department.

Two syringes on mulch closer to the sidewalk on Woodside Avenue. Items were picked up.

Per our well being check last night, spoke to daughter again today and her concerns about her dad either living in the basement or if he had been evicted. Called the Assessor’s office and retrieved that information. The owner lives in Winthrop. We left him a message. Officer spoke to the property manager who is going to contact the maintenance who will then contact the office so he can complete the well being check.

Unit is with maintenance conducting a well being check on Pauline Street. No one was home. Possibly moving there as there are boxes. Unit left a note on the door for party to contact his daughter. Message was left for the daughter. We then spoke to the daughter and informed her of the situation.

Party stated she is in the back parking lot of Governors Park and a black female yelled at her. The other female thought that reporting party was trying to hit her vehicle. Both parties are home now. Female party who started the altercation is known and has done this before. Services rendered.

Reporting party stated she received a call from the “Winthrop Police” asking for a donation for specific officers. She just wanted to let us know of this possible scam.

Report of kids breaking tree limbs off of trees that were just planted on Highland and Floyd Street. Unit stated he spoke with the four youths.

Female’s father walked in to request we check on his daughter whom he has not been able to get in contact with on Shore Drive. Officers could not locate the female. Female’s brother came into the ratio and is filling out a missing person’s report. Entered into NCIC. Subject was located, was not speaking with parents.

Thursday, February 9

Reporting party on Locust Street reports a car blocking his residence and he can not get out. Nothing showing. Vehicle moved.

Lost dog on Thornton Park. No collar or tags.

Car blocking a residence on Read Street. Officer spoke to the reporting party and said the vehicle is on public property. He needs to contact a tow company.

Man causing a disturbance for car being towed on Read Street. Owner of that vehicle being towed lives adjacent to that driveway. Unit will be speaking to that party. Able to speak to the other party and let him know what’s going on with the car being towed. The peace was restored.

Officer spoke to subject about dumping snow on to the road on Veterans Road.

Party is hired to move snow off the sidewalk on Harvard Street and that a subject is placing snow back on it. Officer spoke to both parties and both mutually agreed to clear off the area. Peace restored.

Caller stated he thinks his missing sister is in Everett. Everett PD went to the apartment. Spoke with the resident and confirmed that the person they were looking for moved out a couple weeks ago with no known address.

Report of a DPW truck dumping snow onto property on Court Road. Officer spoke to subject as well as the DPW. DPW will be sending someone by to clean up.

Motor vehicle accident on Shirley Street. No injuries.

Unknown caller reports that a ale was going to harm himself. We got the number for the male making threats and have been calling to try and locate male party, but have had no luck. It goes to voice mail every time. No other information provided and unable to verify the actual location at this time. Third party caller was told to call back if more information is received.

Red pickup truck parked on Bowdoin Street with hazards on. Plows are unable to get their way around. Vehicle has been there for 45 minutes. Subject was clearing driveway and he will be moving vehicle.

Party on Trident Avenue stated a male party driving a pickup truck was dumping snow on his property and on the street.

Fight in progress at Blackstrap Restaurant. Units 93 and 91 are on the scene. Blackstrap has been closed for the night. We have had multiple issues at this location throughout the week. Owner came down as well as the manager in charge who refuse to ID himself.

Motor vehicle accident into a pole on Read Street. No injuries. Vehicle will need to be towed. Tow is enroute. Tow has possession of the vehicle.

Friday, February 10

Party on Sagamore Avenue stated that across the street, someone is snow blowing outside. We went by, nothing showing.

Caller on Floyd Street stated that two people have been snowplowing since 1 a.m. 93 reports snowblowers shut down, switching to manual. Peace restored.

Caller on Golden Drive states loud noise coming from another apartment. He states he knocked on the door several times and no answer. 93 requests Housing and Fire/Medical. 93 gained entry. Patient on the floor. Alert and conscious. A 57 year old male fell out of bed. He was transported to MGH to be checked out.

Passer-by stated a resident on Pleasant Street is tossing snow into the road. 91 spoke with the resident. Issue has been taken care of.

An off-duty firefighter called in and asked if we could send a unit to check the vicinity of Hutchinson Street for a well-being check. He stated that the male appears to be drunk and shaking hands with everyone and seems to have an altered mental status. 40 year old male. Checked the area to no avail.

Possible water break on Revere Street.

Reporting party on Sewall Avenue reports that a compact orange vehicle is parked in front of house with two males in it possibly 94C activity. No 94C activity. Just vaping.

Caller on Pleasant Street states that a Ford Escape is parked in her mother’s HP spot. Party did to get plate. Her mother is returning in 20 minutes and needs her spot. Vehicle has been tagged.

Motor vehicle stop on Bartlett Road. G&J enroute. Unit requested J&G to be cancelled as he found the owner of the vehicle in a local business. Tow company cancelled. Unit stated that the vehicle has been tagged. Owner is moving the vehicle.

Reporting party on Pebble Avenue stated that she has not heard fro her sister in over a week. She has also shut her phone off. She requested a well-being check on her sister. Unit stated the door is locked and no one is answering the door. Also, her walkway has been cleared of snow as well as no build up of mail in the mailbox. Reporting party was called back with this information and she will do a well-being check where her sister works. If she needs us again, she will call us back at a later time.

Party came to the station to report receiving annoying/harassing phone calls from a former co-worker. Party states this is a continuation of previous harassing/annoying phone calls reported to this department.

Caller was transported to the hospital sometime this morning. The firefighter told him that they had to move his vehicle because it was obstructing traffic and that it would be at the fire station. The caller was inquiring on the location of his vehicle. He was told that it was at the Beach Fire House.

Female came in to report that she as living on Pleasant Street and got sick. She is claiming mold i the home and wants to go back home but her landlord does to have proper certificate for leasing rooms where she lives. The party was informed that she needed to speak to her landlord or a lawyer regarding her lease arrangements.

Family services called to check in on resident on Undine Avenue. Unit stated that the child is fed and taken care of. Unit also stated he did speak with DCF. Dispatch called reporting party and gave them the update.

Party stated there is a passenger that is being threatening to the bus driver on Main Street. Unit sated the passenger has been sent on his way.

Car into the median on Main Street. Unit requested G&J who are enroute. Cab requested for driver of vehicle. G&J Towing has possession of the vehicle.

Saturday, February 11

Individual reportedly standing on the sept of the high school. Unit 92 stated the individual was lost. He is going to assist with directions.

Mother came in to report that her 14 year old daughter bought Vapor products.

Space saver reported in parking spot on Winthrop. Unit stated the subject was spoken to and space savers have been moved.

Caller driving by the Arthur T. Cummings School heard alarm sounding. Units stated the door was malfunctioning and making a noise but, building secure.

Calling party on Atlantic Street states that his driveway is blocked by a gray motor vehicle. 93 reports a citation was issued. Owner found and is moving the vehicle.

Sunday, February 12

Calling party on Overlook Drive states  a yellow light flashing and bell ringing. Units report a “medical alarm” that will need to be reset by fire. Fire will send an engine to reset.

Female on Myrtle Avenue requested that she needed the police but gave no further information and then hung up. Units report a family dispute. All parties advised of their rights and peace was restored.

Two car motor vehicle accident on Shirley Street. Parties exchanged paperwork. No major damage, no tows.

Officer 94 stated that there were two parked vehicles in front of Bayview over by owners due to not being able to get emergency vehicles through.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue states that her daughter is being harassed by another person over social media. Her messages were all read and found no credible threats. Advised her of her rights.

Party states that the people that live upstairs from her are rewiring her cables. She came home to her TV shut off. She was advise to contact the cable company and electricity about the situation. Winthrop Police that they have been there many times and nothing was happening. Also stated that it is not a police matter and she will have to contact management of where she lives.

Caller at Governors Park states loud suit all day coming from the first floor apartment. The music is too loud. The music has been turned off.

Reporting party on Shirley Street states there is a black SUV parked with its hazard lights on at a pump. It has been there for a couple of hours with no one inside. Reporting party called back stating there was someone passed out in the car. Medical is also being dispatched. Person is not passed out, alert and waiting for someone due to a flat tire.

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