Police Blotter 02-02-2017

Monday, January 23

Walk-in for a scam report.

Motor vehicle stop on Walden and Short Street. A warning issued.

Female party on Orlando Avenue locked her keys inside the home. Landlord advised her to call the police. Subject needed police assistance because of a “no contact order” from the landlord. He was able to open the door.

Front door activation on Quincy Avenue. Alarms sounding and does not appear to be forced entry. Units report they did a walk through of the home and all appears secure. Wind may have blown the door open. Another tenant arrived on the scene and is going to contact the landlord of the home. Building secured.

Male party stated that his clothes were stolen out of the dryer at Center Laundromat. He has been advised to return tomorrow to speak with the staff. He had left his belongings there four hours ago.

Tuesday, January 24

911 abandoned call on Veterans Road. No answer on the callback. Called back and left a message. 92 reports resident’s girlfriend may be inside. Requesting fire. Canceled fire because we gained access and spoke with the female. It may be an issue with the phone.

Original call of the vehicle being found or discovered missing by the owner at Seal Harbor was not in the computer. Our system may been down or CJIS may have been down. Vehicle was repossessed.

Female caller reports there are car parked on the corner of the intersection near the Odyssey Grill on Main Street. She stated she almost hit one of them because they are blocking the roadway. Only one call for this incident. Vehicles have moved.

Party reports a motor vehicle has been at the municipal lot on Highland Avenue for over a month, now possibly abandoned. It is against the fence. Car is legally parked. Will put on the 72 hours list.

Male party suicidal on Hermon Street. Party voluntarily being transported to Whidden.

Female party called 911 out of Brookline stating a resident out of Winthrop has been threatening to kill her. The caller did not wish to give us her last name. The name she gave for the party threatening her did not match any records in Winthrop. Voter registration was checked, in house, as well as CJIS. The name doe snot match any resident in the town. We then contacted Brookline PD. They stated she was a regular and makes several 911 calls to Brookline PD. Brookline said they would send a cruiser to her home to speak with her and that they would handle it from there. Calling party states that she has no contact information for the female party threatening her.

Walk-in from Winthrop and Jefferson Street to report a Lexus vehicle parked in the no parking zone.

Todisco Towing towed vehicle from Governors Park for no sticker and no pass.

Calling party from Cliff Avenue states a Hispanic male asked the calling party to listen to the party on his phone to tell the party where he was so the party could pick up this individual. Party then attempted to enter the calling party’s vehicle. She is concerned for her safety. 93 reports area search negative.

Caller on Cutler Street state that the car is parked up on the sidewalk and state that he had a hard time getting in his driveway. He also states that it is very difficult to walk on the sidewalk. 91 reports nothing found.

Female on Bowdoin Street came in to report that a woman in a black vehicle came to her work today at Harvard. She threatened her and she was advised to contact Harvard Police or Cambridge Police. She has no idea who this woman is and no further information is available at this time.

Motor vehicle stop on Pleasant Street. Citation issued. 92 advised that after the citation was issued, the involved party exited the vehicle. Officers advised the involved party to return to his vehicle multiple times, which he refused to do. Traffic violation took place around the area of Washington Street. The vehicle finally pulled over at Pleasant.

Wednesday, January 25

Calling party on Hutchinson Street stated a black motor vehicle parked without parking sticker. Vehicle has been there since Saturday. Calling party complained that residents can not park in front of their house. 92 reports the vehicle is allowed street parking after 5:30 a.m.

Caller on Douglas Street stated a female with black hair will not stop knocking at their side door. Officer requests EMS for a female with an altered mental status. WFD and Action responded. Female taken to Whidden under Section 12.

Reporting party stated a wire fell on front lawn on Somerset Avenue. Fire requested to investigate the wire. Cable wire, clear.

Reporting party drove past elderly male on ladder holding wires at Quick Foodmart on Shirley Street. Looks like he might need help. Party was not located.

caller at Pleasant and Buchanan Street reports manhole cover off creating a hazard. DPW notified.

Massachusetts Elder Services Health Care worker came to the station to report he is working on a missing case of someone missing from the East Boston Health Center. The missing elderly female patient was taken out for a day pass by her daughter and was never taken back. The Center is concerned as the daughter who took her mother did not take any of her medication.

911 hangup on Lincoln Street. On callback, two parties were upset that we called them. Talked to both parties, both are fine.

Female on Main Street came in to report she heard a beeping sound from a trash barrel at the Belle Isle bridge. She did see what appeared to be a plastic bag inside and did hear some beeping. W93 reports hearing the alarm sound coming from the barrel on the East Boston side. East Boston police notified and will respond. Unit reports it was some merchandise alarm that was cut off from the item and left inside a plastic bag. Winthrop and Boston cleared the scene successfully.

Trooper reported a death on Pleasant Street. Unit stated no one by that name lives at this address. We called the trooper back and gave him the updated information.

Thursday, January 26

Report of a female serving in the area of Revere and Central Street. Received a call from a passerby stating they can see the female outside of Winthrop High School. Informed units of the location. Unit stated she will be transported back to her home.

Motor vehicle with car doors open and not running with no one inside at Pond and Cliff Avenue. Unit stated he closed the doors to the vehicle. He is unsure if anything is missing. He is going to do an area search to make sure there are not any other vehicles left with the doors open. Unit stated he searched the area, no other vehicles show any breaking and entering activity.

Party at Governors Park stated that her motor vehicle was struck overnight. Heavy front end damage and nobody left any information.

Walk-in from Douglas Street to report that her neighbor keeps coming over an dis uninvited. All live in Winthrop Housing. Person is always intoxicated during these encounters. There looks to be a pattern that she is concerned about and wanted this recorded. She was advised to call the police right away. She was also told she could speak to the court for a stay away over. It was recommended that she speak with the director of Housing about this matter as well.

Reporting party standing by with a little black/brown dog on Court Road. Clear, owner picked up her dog.

Party on Palmyra Street concerned about her friend’s well being. She stated she has been drinking. Subject located and she is fine.

Follow-up investigation on Main Street. 99 requested medical to the main entrance of the high school to check on a juvenile. Parents will be there. Medical informed and enroute. 99 reports WFD on the scene and signed a refusal. Child is back with the parents.

Helped female with lockout on Bowdoin Street.

Caller on Shirley Street stated bus was going by DePalma’s with LED emergency bus on “call police.” Paul Revere Bus was contacted and the emergency signal was hit by accident.

Male party on Revere Street came in to report being scammed out of $500.

Assist medical on Winthrop Street with possible overdose. Party transported to Whidden.

Motor vehicle stop at Winthrop Cemetery. Two occupants. Parties were asked to leave the area.

Friday, January 27

Calling party reporting a U-haul vehicle with a car trailer carrying a vehicle on it is parked in the public parking lot on Winthrop Street. Apparently it was parked in the lot overnight and is still there. Party is concerned that it is a commercial vehicle. Winthrop 91 reports that he is aware of the vehicle that and that those parties are moving out of Winthrop. He will check in on that vehicle at the end of the day.

Fire on scene on Oceanview Street requesting for a 53 year old female with altered mental status. 91 advises that this will be a physician written Section 12. Party removed via ambulance to the Whidden.

Homeless man sitting on the ground at Palmyra and Pleasant Street. He is holding a sign and also has a dog and is screaming. Reporting party did not want to leave her name. No units available. Party removed to his home. Peace restored.

Calling party on Pleasant Street states that she is being threatened by a neighbor who thinks that she called the police on her. Both parties involved were advised of their rights.

Calling party reporting extremely minor motor vehicle accident with one party refusing to exchange information because one party is unable to produce his license. This happened at the Cumberland Farms. The party does have an active license. Both parties exchanged information with the officer present. No need for an accident number due to the minor damage.

Caller on Bayview Avenue states a German Shepherd running around the street and came after her. Caller states the dog is not on a leash. ACO off in the area.

Police assisted fire on Tewksbury Street. Unit 94 reports fire is clear and he is back in service.

Suspicious person looking into cars on Cutler Street. Unit 94 reports no one in the area that fits description given.

Male and female from Governors Park came in to report that a hit and run to their vehicle was reported yesterday morning to Off. Carter. After reviewing the security cameras, they claim it showed their car was hit by a Winthrop resident. They were advised to contact their insurance company and speak to Off. Carter on his next shift to update his report. A message was left for Off. Carter about the situation.

93 reports a group was having an argument at the public landing. Units report verbal argument between friends. Advised them all to to their own way.

Report of a group being loud at the basketball courts. Unit stated that a father and son were playing ball.

Saturday, January 28

Caller reports an erratic driver on Washington and River Road. Unit stated they searched the area including the point with nothing showing.

Caller on Morton Street stated that a dog has been barking for over 20 minutes in the back yard. Unit stated he spoke with resident/owner of the dog. He will bring the dog in for the night.

Female party said she found a Golden Retriever in case anyone is looking for it.

Caller on Shirley Street stated that her upstairs neighbor is being loud and she asked multiple times if he could be quiet and he hasn’t. Unit spoke to resident and advised him to keep the noise down. This is an ongoing issue between landlord and tenant.

Caller on Trident Avenue reports that her neighbor right be in distress. Loud banging coming from first floor. Uint requested fire to perform an investigation on the furnace in the basement. Fire enroute. Fire deems it is safe and stated it was the boiler making noise.

Party on Banks Street reports that sometime last night his car window was broken. Officer will make observation and photograph.

Car is blocking walkway on Veterans and Locust Street. It has been there since last snow storm. Unit stated that the vehicle has been tagged for partially covering the walkway. It has also been added to the 72 hour list.

Hit and run at the Pillar House. No injuries, no tow. Reporting party stated the vehicle that fled was last seen at the Cummings School by a passerby. Fled vehicle was a silver, possibly a Honda. Unknown plate. Patient refused medical aid.

Call requesting a well being on Harbor View Avenue for his parents. He has been unable to reach them for over a week. Both have had recent medical issues. Unit stated he spoke with the father and everything is well. Phone is shut off. Son was called back to let him know that his parents were fine.

Call from a party on Oceanview Avenue that he feels unsafe due to an EDP female that he shares his home with. Female possibly has access to a knife located in her room. Caller also informs he has multiple swords in the home. Unit stated reporting party had questions regarding an issue that happened the other night. Unit advised the male party his 209A rights.

Party on Franklin Street reports a lost check book with three or four checks in it. Unknown area in which he lost it. Checks have his name on it. His bank has been notified.

Party on Irwin Street stated he found his friend in the closet and he is gray in color and not breathing. Medical enroute. Unit stated CPAC has been notified. ME has possession of the male party.

Officer will be responding to the Housing Authority for an investigation in a marked cruiser.

Auxiliary police requested backup on Morton Street for a vandalized vehicle. Spoke with the owner of the vehicle. She stated she reported this today in the morning.

Caller on Mermaid Avenue is the daughter. She states that her mother’s boyfriend is being verbally abusive towards her and in the past has physically assaulted her and her mother. She said she wants him arrested/removed from the house. Units report party being dispersed. Peace restored.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue states they came back from a family outing and noticed that all her medication was taken. Half eaten pizza box on her bed and the room a mess. Report to be filed.

Sunday, January 29

Black Nissan hit a utility pole at Sargent and Pleasant Street. Parties are outside of the vehicle, no injuries. Car has a little smoke coming from it. G&J notified and is on the scene. Vehicle towed. Road open.

Calling party reported a sunken boat behind the Elks. Harbormaster notified and is responding.

Well being check on Somerset Avenue. Fire spoke to the party, all clear.

Caller on Lincoln Street reports an elderly male wearing a green jacket running in the middle of the street waving his arms. No one in the area fitting the description.

Reporting party on Golden Drive believes that her car was vandalized with four flat tires. All four tires were slashed. Will check the area to see if any others were affected.

Two parties would like an escort to the home where they were renting a room on Fremont Street to grab personal items. Clear, parties were unable to retrieve items. They were scheduled for tomorrow.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere and Summit Avenue. Driver operating with a permit. Waiting to get picked up by mother. Parent is on the scene to take possession of vehicle. Driver issued a summons.

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