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Due to a large amount of damage complaints on the recycling totes that were supplied by Capital Waste approximately three years ago, Capital Waste has convinced the manufacturer to do a complete recall of recycle bin bodies.

This is a one for one recall. All existing bins will be marked by an “X” during the week and the bins will start getting swapped out the week of February 6. The reason for the “X” is that every bin needs to be accounted for, this is not an opportunity for a person to receive an extra bin as only the tote bodies are being granted the recall. Therefore existing bins will be emptied and removed during the week of February 6 on the scheduled trash day and brought to a staging area at the Public Landing where the covers, lifting bar, and wheels will be removed and re-installed on the new body and then returned to the homeowner.

This process may take a few days at which time homeowners will be void of a bin until the new one is returned. Please contact the DPW with any concerns or questions at (617) 846-1341.



The MA Sports League Camp offers a variety of sports including bubble soccer, flag football, wiffle ball, dodge ball, kickball and ultimate frisbee!

Every day is a new day of fun and challenges for the children. Each morning at the camp children will participate in a variety of activities and will be placed in groups according to age. Time is allotted for water and snack breaks (please bring your own).

The camp will run Tuesday through Friday, February 21-24 at the Pauline Street gymnasium/old middle school from 9am -12pm. Cost is $120 per child. Register online at: Space is limited.


Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Commissioner Leo Roy announced the theme of 2017’s fifth grade Arbor Day Poster Contest: “Trees are Terrific…from Berkshires to Bay!” Fifth grade classes from both public and private schools across the Commonwealth are encouraged to participate in the annual Arbor Day Poster Contest by having the students create posters highlighting this year’s theme, and then hosting a school poster contest. The winning poster from each school can then be submitted to the agency for review.

First place prizes for the DCR Arbor Day Poster Contest include a tree planting ceremony at the winner’s school, a certificate for art and science supplies, and more. Second Place, Third Place, and Honorable Mention winners will also receive art and science supplies.

“The Arbor Day Poster Contest is a fun way for students to use their creativity and put their knowledge about trees to use,” said Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester. “I encourage all students to consider participating.”

This year’s theme, “Trees are Terrific…from Berkshires to Bay!” is designed to highlight the importance of trees within Massachusetts’ communities and diverse landscapes throughout the state. Additionally, the Arbor Day Poster Contest combines both art and science in an effort to instill the vital role trees have on the public’s daily lives. 

Posters must be submitted by March 15, 2017, and the contest is open to all students currently enrolled in the fifth grade. An Arbor Day Poster Contest Guide is available on the DCR website or can be obtained by contacting Mollie Freilicher, 413-577-2966 or [email protected]

Relay for Life Open Skate

The Relay for Life Open Skate will take place on Sunday, February 12 from 1 -4 pm at the Larsen Rink.  Proceeds from the event will benefit the the East Boston Relay for Life.  This is an open skate and all ages are encouraged to come!  There will be raffles and information regarding the East Boston Relay for Life.

The East Boston Relay for Life event will take place on June 9, 2017 at the East Boston Stadium.  Relay For Life is a family-oriented event, where participants walk a track relay style for 24 hours.  Participant’s camp around the track, and when they are not taking their turn they take part in other fun activities.  Former and current cancer patients, their families, and the public are invited to take part in this exciting team relay event.  The team consists of individuals representing corporations, clubs, organizations, families, friends, caregivers and survivors. It is a group of people Fighting Back against cancer, as we hope to raise money so one day we can find a cure!

Annual Census 2017 Arriving Now

The Town of Winthrop should be receiving the Annual 2017 Census this week in the mail. The census package also includes a dog license application for those dog owners who need to license their dog, as well as an optional Health Assessment Form.

Residents are strongly encouraged to save time by registering your dog online.

About the Annual Census – the Town Clerk’s office is required by State Statute to verify and update the name, address, age and occupation of all residents three years of age and up in preparation for the Annual Street List.  Compliance with this State requirement provides proof of residence to protect voting rights, veterans’ bonus, housing for the elderly and related benefits as well as providing information for the selection of jurors.

Why fill out the Census? A full and accurate count of all residents is very important for many reasons including the basis for allocation of State and Federal Funds. The Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Technicians also use the Street List as an aid in the daily performance of their duties as well as other municipal departments. The census form does not register you as a voter.  If you are a registered voter, failure to answer this annual census may result in the voter’s name being removed from the voting list.

General Instructions

If there are changes to the form:

Please list all family or household members whose legal address is the same.

If a new member has been added to the family or household please enter that information in on a blank line.

If a family or household member has moved or died please indicate with an M for Moved or D for Deceased

Put a line through the name of any resident no longer residing at the address and list their new address below their name.

If your mailing address is incorrect please print the correct address on the form.

Please sign and return the form.

If you have an unlicensed dog please fill out the dog form, enclose payment and the necessary information to license your dog, or go online at

If there are no changes to the form:

Please verify all the information on the census form.

If there are no changes or new information please sign and return the Census form.

If you have an unlicensed dog please fill out the dog form, enclose payment and the necessary information to license your dog, or go online at



 Bay State Skating School has Learn-To-Skate classes offered in 12 Greater Boston rinks: Brookline, Cambridge, Cleveland Circle, Medford, Newton/Brighton, Quincy, Somerville, South Boston, Waltham, West Roxbury and Weymouth.  Our emphasis is on having fun while learning to skate.

 Bay State Skating School has become a Boston institution, teaching ice skating classes for children ages 4 ½ to 18, for over forty-eight years.  Skaters learn recreational, hockey or figure skating skills at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  The winter months are great months for ice-skating.

 We have attached a sheet of days and times of lessons in the various rinks, in case you would like to send a photographer and/or a feature writer to capture the fun and excitement as beginners take their first glide and see other skaters’ master new skills.  Start a fun routine in 2017!

 Bay State Skating School is a non-profit organization. Call 781-890-8480 or go to our web site


Excitement is in the air as the New England Patriots head to Super Bowl LI on February 5. As Massachusetts residents look to travel to Houston, the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation is warning about ticket and travel scams.

“Events that have high ticket demand and low availability drive the ticket re-sale market,” warns Consumer Affairs Undersecretary John Chapman. “Unfortunately, fans hoping to buy tickets to one of the most coveted games of the year often fall victim to scams, losing not only their chance to view the game, but also losing thousands of dollars.”

Advice to Consumers

  • Attempt first to buy tickets straight from the venue or an authorized vendor. If that is not an option, consumers should only buy from third party resellers that have an authenticity guarantee.
  • Avoid purchasing tickets or travel packages from sites such as Craigslist or eBay.
  • Check reviews from multiple sources and Read the Service or User Agreements.
  • Read the policies regarding cancellations and returns for all ticket, hotel, and travel purchases.
  • Use a credit card to pay for tickets or travel purchases. Credit cards provide some protections should you need to dispute the charge. This is made more difficult with checks, money orders, wire transfers, or cash.
  • Consumers renting property from an online site should confirm the property site and destination, and that the rental is legitimately available.
  • If game tickets are advertised as a part of a travel package, the consumer must be shown either the actual tickets or a written confirmation of how the tickets will be delivered.
  • Federal “Truth in Ticketing” rules also provide for a full refund of the entire package price if your deal was supposed to include a game ticket and you did not receive one.
  • Consumers may cancel a tour package without penalty if the operator increases the price by more than 10 percent of the originally quoted

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