Let’s Go, Patriots!

Thousands of Winthrop residents will be tuned in to the Super Bowl Sunday night when the New England Patriots take the field against the Atlanta Falcons for the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

We like to compare Winthrop High’s football program to that of the Patriots franchise in that they have won multiple Super Bowls, have been led by outstanding coaches (Bob DeFelice, Tony Fucillo, and Sean Driscoll over the past five decades) and directed by outstanding quarterbacks (Jimmy English John Tiano, John Hayes, Keith Gorman, Rob Noonan, Michael Mason, Will Milano,  Anthony Fucillo, James Fucillo, and Dylan Driscoll to name a few).

And James Fucillo’s interception of a Masconomet crossing pass at the goal line in a 2006 state semifinal playoff game in Lowell (on the way to Winthrop winning the Super Bowl in Tony Fucillo’s last season as coach) reminds us of  Malcolm Butler’s unbelievable interception when the Patriots defeated the Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

Winthrop has always been very supportive of the Patriots. The team – known then as the Boston Patriots in the 1960s – used to practice next door at East Boston Stadium and many of the players would enjoy the food at local restaurants.

The Patriots are seeking their fifth Super Bowl title. Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time while Bill Belichick is among the greatest coaches of all time, right alongside former Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi, for whom the NFL championship trophy is named.

We thank the Kraft family and the New England Patriots for giving us so much enjoyment with their great play on the field. We admire the sportsmanship the team has displayed on the road to so many victories.

Let’s hope by late Sunday night, Brady and the Patriots are Super Bowl champion once more and are accepting the Vince Lombardi Trophy from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.


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