Police Blotter 12-15-2016

Monday, December 5

Vehicle towed for no resident sticker at Governors Park.

Officer off with motor vehicle attached plates. Vin comes back cancelled. G&J has vehicle.

Caller on South Main Street states that there is a Toyota Rav parked in a way that is preventing him from getting out of his driveway. Caller states that he is elderly and this is an ongoing issue with the same vehicle, 93 standing by. Could be student’s vehicle. The vehicle moved.

Report of a possible bird in house on Triton Avenue. ACO is out today and left message on caller’s phone.

Trespass tow for no sticker out of Governors Park by Todisco Towing.

Report of a turkey walking into traffic at Magee’s Corner. ACO off today. Notified headquarters and they notified ACO. Second call of a turkey on Winthrop Street.

Report of hanging wires past the Winthrop Yacht Club, near the launching ramp. Verizon and fire notified to investigate. Clear fire. Wires secured with Verizon responding.

Hit and run on Overlook Drive with parked motor vehicle. Incident report to follow.

91 spoke to both parties on Buchanan Street. They check out. Van helping patient out from Faulkner Hospital. 91 flagged down suspicious motor vehicle with male party who took female in the back of the building.

Caller stated a man was down in front of Nick’s Place. Unresponsive. Medical enroute. Unit 91 stated unknown medical condition, responsive. Patient transported to Whidden.

Van broken down at Revere and Crest Avenue which is blocking traffic. Older make, no plate given. One call from a pro driving by. Unit stated involved party had a battery issue and currently getting a jump start.

Party from Johnson Avenue came in to report that an inflatable Christmas decoration was stolen from his front lawn sometime last night. It was a Santa on a jet plane.

PC arrest for Somerville on Veterans Road. Call from OIC to send units 91, 93 and K9 to Winthrop address. Unit confirmed one in custody and transported to HQ’s.

Tuesday, December 6

Calling party from Governor Park claims that “someone” is blocking and hacking into hr phone which is not allowing her to make outbound international calls to her family. Units advised that they spoke to the calling party and attempted to explain that she will need to contact her local exchange carrier to address her telephone issues.

One call for black ice at Gorman School. DPW informed.

Past disturbance with neighbor on Tewksbury Street happened Monday over parking conditions. Officer spoke to reporting party about the complaints. Officer spoke to the neighbor as well.

Suspicious male on Grandview Avenue with hoodie walked through party’s backyard. Negative search. Spoke to reporting party and stated he got in a vehicle.

Party came to the station to report losing important cards from his wallet as he did errands yesterday around town. The missing items are his SS card, his Charley card, ID card with his picture and his medicare card.

Party came to the station to report that at approximately 6 a.m. today he was almost struck by two trucks that were speeding on Pauline Street. No description or plate numbers to locate vehicles involved.

Assist state police with transport from Sunset Road. Officer transported one to WPD for MSP arrest. Arrestee brought to the station and then picked up at the station by a trooper from the Revere barracks in a marked unit.

Reports of a stolen van from Revere Street. Officer spoke to reporting party. Misunderstanding between company.

Detective from Reading requests a unit to attempt to locate a missing person on Brewster Avenue. Missing person may be operating a vehicle and has been known to frequent the above address, but there is no current information that places him there. Responding unit unable to find that missing person.

Calling party from Shore Drive stated that she was getting out of a parking spot in front of her home and the person’s car behind her was touching her car. The other party’s car rolled down the hill. State Police notified.

Report of fare evasion from subject on Brookfield Road. Party went into the house and never came back. Officer will be going with both parties to Douglas Street to arrange a payment. Parties exchanged information and will try and work out payment tomorrow.

Reporting party on Bellevue Avenue was inquiring about an interaction with her friend who she last saw in Revere this afternoon and was walking to Winthrop, but has not been seen by his family or friends. No interaction with the subject by either Winthrop or Revere. Caller informed and will check the area hospitals as subject was intoxicated when last seen. Please notify the caller if anyone makes contact with the subject tonight.

Property owners on Sunset Road came to the station to repot that their tenant has not paid rent to them for almost one year. Landlord reports they have now served the tenant with an eviction. Since serving the tenant she was started to act boldly and differently. Today she parked her car in their driveway blocking their access and then would not answer the door. Parties wanted this on the record. They were told to notify the police in the event that things escalate.

Wednesday, December 7

After several attempts to contact the registered owner, tow requested for vehicle on Central Street. G&J notified and responded.

Party on Sagamore Avenue reporting waste management truck with thick black smoke and items coming out of the exhaust. Party is concerned it may damage other vehicles behind the truck. Dispatch put out a BOLO to all units.

Caller on Lincoln Street reports a male making threats to harm himself by unknown means. The male is contained at this time. Fire and EMS also responded. Party transported to Beth Israel.

Caller states that parents are parking illegally when picking up their children from the gymnastic school in Winthrop Center. Caller states she wanted this documented because it is becoming a hazard.

Party on Golden Drive states a male party has been yelling and screaming all day. Units will be going and family was instructed to try and tone it down. The peace was restored.

Caller stated that a black Honda female driver is drinking and driving on Pleasant Street. No other information provided then the phone died. BOLO was put out to the Winthrop units with the limited information provided.

Unwanted female guest on Wave Way Avenue. Caller cancelled police and stated that the female party left o her own. Unit were cancelled and are now clear.

Thursday, December 8

Caller on Bellevue Avenue report a black Lab ran out the door and she is unable to get. Units will be on the lookout. Calling party called again looking for an update. She was advised that units have been advised. Updated information that the dog’s name is Charlie. This was sent to all units. The dog has been found on Francis Street. The dog is safe in the home and party will hold onto dog unto morning.

Party on Upland Road reports that a rider of his cab left without paying. The wife paid for the cab fare.

Assisted fire with altered mental status at Cumberland Farms. 93 reports female party is known to them. She is fine.

91 reports a follow-up investigation on Wave Way Avenue.

Follow-up investigation on Crystal Cove Avenue. Left note at the door.

Another follow-up on Shore Drive. 91 was unable to make contact. Left a phone message.

Follow-up on Revere Street. Unable to make contact. Left message in the mailbox.

New England Adjustment Bureau repossessed a Nissan from Wave Way Avenue.

Caller from Birch Road states a commercial vehicle is blocking the roadway. 91 reports the commercial vehicle is parked legally.

Party on Washington Avenue stated a man sitting on the curb. Unknown if medical is needed. 92 reports party was resting from taking a walk. Gentleman was brought home on Elmwood.

Attempt to serve driver suspension papers to subject at Governors Park. No service made. Party not home at this time.

Elder Services requesting a well being check with a possible forced entry on Overlook Drive. Medical aid enroute as well. Female party not at home. Units will clear. Winthrop Police informed employee from Elder Services called and that the female in question was not home. WFD did gain access to the hoe but nobody was there. Mystic Valley Elder Services were instructed to call back if they need more assistance. The female in question did not show up for her doctor’s appointment and they are concerned, but as of now her whereabouts are unknown.

Assisted cities with retrieving belongings from home on Shore Drive and keep the peace. unable to reach party. Parties involved will reschedule.

Caller states that her Christmas decorations on her front lawn were stolen. She does not want a police report at this time, but wanted this on record for documentation purposes.

Party on Somerset Avenue stated that he was cyber bullied. He does not want police to come to his house for a report. The party was instructed to go to the police station to document the situation.

Suspicious motor vehicle parked on Sewall Avenue. Black SUV. Two female youths hanging in the r. Police sent them on their way.

Friday, December 9

Male party passed out in front seat of vehicle on Shirley Street. Clear, party was sleeping in the vehicle.

Motor vehicle stop on Pleasant Street. Citation issued for unlicensed operation. Party with a valid driver’s license will drive vehicle home.

Assist medical on Bates Avenue. 56 year old male transported to MGH.

Well being check on elderly male party on Charles Street. He stated he was being held against his will. Staying in Admiral’s Hill. Chelsea PD was contacted and they are doing a well being check on him.

Parking complaint on Sturgis and Shore Drive. Light color SUV up on the sidewalk. Male party sleeping inside. 94 picked up call and requested medical. One in protective custody and tow requested. G&J has vehicle to tow for public safety.

Nurse at Winthrop Community Health Center stated that a 65 year old female was being erratic and needed to be put on Section 12. Female left the health center, and bolted the doctor’s office. She is violent and dangerous and suicidal. She was transported to BMC.

Three car motor vehicle accident. Car hit two parked cars. Parties notified.

Dog on Buchanan Street is outside barking excessively and has been outside for a long time.

Party on Court and Johnson Avenue stated a small brown dog with a Christmas collar on is wandering around the streets.

Car parked for several days at Shore and Dolphin Avenue has been advised to move it by WPD. It was towed by G&J.

92 year old female’s sister-in-law called and cannot make contact with her at Governor’s Park. Sister-in-law called bak. She made contact with female and no need for well being.

Caller states three is an intoxicated male that fell over three times near Ingleside Park. Unit stated the area was clear.

Saturday, December 10

Calling party on Beal Street stated that an unknown party is knocking on her rear door and it is not her son. One transported to Whidden for an evaluation. Mom and dad were notified.

Assist fire with 21 year old male who fell off roof on Thornton Park.

Off with male party, possible seizure/medial on scene on Revere StreetStreetStreet. Party transported to MGH.

Caller states elderly female walks a couple of steps and then stops. Elderly female told caller she as walking to the Arbor fair. Officer will be giving a courtesy ride to female to the Arbors on Lincoln Street.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments complaining about loud music. Spoke to both parties and it will be handled by the management.

Two year old on Shirley Street locked in the bathroom. Fire enroute. Unit stated that fir was able to get the little girl out of the bathroom.

Man on Beal Street walking around checking in houses and looking into cars. Tall male party, dark colored jacket with hood on. Area was clear.

Party came to the station with five garbage bags of clothes and shoes belonging to defendant in previous call. Party was told by 902 to bring items to the station and they are scheduled to be picked up by the owner’s mother on Thursday, Dec. 5. Items were placed in the garage with the assistance of 931. Party reports there are no valuables in the bags, only clothes.

Caller on Winthrop Street stated there is loud music coming from another apartment. Unit stated they spoke with the party and they will turn the music down. Peace restored.

Caller on Winthrop Street stated that once the units left, they turned up the music again. Unit again spoke to the subject.

Party on Morton Street states a possible drunk male swerving in and out of lanes. Blue Malibu going up to Pleasant Street. Unit stated they searched the surrounding area of Morton and found nothing. Unit stated potential vehicle was pulled over that matched the description of vehicle in question. Party is not intoxicated, was just confused as she was lost and not from around here.

Sunday, December 11

Motor vehicle on Shirley Street towed by Export Towing for vehicle trespass with no permit.

Reporting party from Hawthorn Avenue came into the station with his young son to report that his son’s mother was supposed to pick their son up this morning per their custody agreement, but did not show up. When contacted, she told the reporting party that she was not coming.

Checking on telephone number in the elevators at Viking Regency regarding a previous call from the Arbors. Everything is clear.

Checking the elevators on Walden Street regarding a previous call. Elevators are clear.

Checking the elevators at Fort Heath Apartments regarding a previous call. Clear. Atlantic Elevators had alarms go off last night. Everything is clear.

Checking the elevators at Dalrymple School. All is clear. Checking the elevators at Seal Harbor. Elevators are clear.

When checking, it does not come back to a phone. It is an intercom system that is in the elevator at the Arbors. W92 did verify this over the landline phone. Clear.

Female party called reporting being stuck in the elevator with a call back but no address. Name was recognized as being from an address locally and fire and unit were sent. Eventually number all was made from was verified by 92 as coming from the elevator to the building. Prior to verifying the actual location of the calling origin, W92 and W93 checked many multiple complexes with elevators to insure no one was stuck in an elevator.

Assist fire with suicidal female on Pleasant Street. Party going to the hospital by ambulance. Family members will follow.

Caller on Brookfield Road stated that roommate has returned home. Sent units for a well being check. Medical enroute. The party stated to the units that she was at Whole Foods. One 27b year old female was transported to MGH.

Caller on Russell Street stated that a four year old was wandering the streets alone. Caller also stated that she tried to get in touch with the mom and was not successful. Unit stated they are taking the child back to the mom and they are taking a statement from the caller. Caller and involved party are friends. Four year old hid mom’s phone while mom was in the bathroom. The child left the house and walked over to the calling party’s home. Child has been returned with the mom.

Well-being check on party on Veterans Road. Report of a domestic in Revere. Involved party resides in Winthrop. Unit stated he spoke with people that live in the building that stated she moved out sometime in April and has not been seen since then. Units cleared.

Assist fire with medical on Washington aVenue. Unit stated female party transported to MGH.

Man on Walden Street appears to need assistance. Possibly drunk. 93 assisting. No medical needed. Courtesy dir home.


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