Jim Marr, The Rotary Club, And the Alexander Trophy

We enjoyed watching the Heisman Trophy Awards Ceremony (Louisville QB Lamar Jackson was the recipient) and to us, the Heisman Trophy is one of the greatest awards in all of sports. You say Heisman, and every true sports fan knows it is presented to the most outstanding college football player in the country.

And that brings us to longtime Rotary Club member Jim Marr, a prominent real estate agent, who called the Sun-Transcript to let us know that the Irving Alexander Trophy will be given to a Winthrop High School football player at a luncheon on January 18 at the Winthrop Arms.

The Alexander Trophy is given to the WHS football player who has contributed the most to the program during his four-year career. It’s a prestigious award with a proud history. We thank Jim Marr and his fellow Rotarians for keeping this great tradition alive even as the Rotary Club of Winthrop has merged into the Belle Isle Rotary Club.

Thank you for the invitation, Jim, and we look forward to being at the luncheon with you and your fellow Rotarians, WHS head coach Sean Driscoll, and the senior football player(s) who will receive this coveted award.

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