Police Blotter 12-08-2016

Monday, November 28

An attempt to serve a warrant in Governors Park led to one in custody.

92 reports that he is off with a male on the ground. No need for EMS, assist only. He reports no injuries, the party needed assistance getting into the vehicle.

Officer will attempt to serve a drivers license revocation notice faxed over from RMV. 92 and 93 report they are off to serve notice. They were unable to make service at this time.

Walk-in to report a female who has an harassment prevention order against him is following him around town he wants this logged. So done.

Report of squirrels in kitchen. Pest Control coming out this week. ACO was unavailable. 902 reports involved party had friends assist in removing the squirrels from the kitchen. There were three found.

92 reports attempt to serve immediate threat notice. Unable to make service at this time.

State Danvers reports a road rage incident and the victim reports the operator of the vehicle displayed a handgun. Dispatch put out a BOLO to all units.

State PD reports stopping vehicle which was involved in the BOLO from previous call. 92, 93 and 94 responded. All units clear. State responding to Revere to continue the investigation.

Caller reports a male going from door to door to homes that do not appear to have anyone home. Caller is unable to provide a description other than a male party. All units assisting State PD on previous call. 94 responded and reports speaking with the caller. Area search negative at this time.

Boston PD BOLO for vehicle wanted for MV homicide. The vehicle is not the vehicle involved in the incident, but the subject was identified as the operator of the vehicle. Dispatch put out a BOLO to all units.

Walk-in to report that her rented global Wifi Air Port (wifi connection access device) was lost or stolen sometime today while she was treating in and around Winthrop on public transportation. Approximate cost to replace is $400.

Caller reports that she found a rifle in her closet. She stated she does not own a rifle and she is unaware how it got there. 92 and 93 reports this is an old BB gun. Officers took possession of the item.

Caller from Worcester Hospital believes that her brother is throwing away all of her personal belongings. Dispatch spoke with a nurse on A3 who confirmed her well being.

Caller reports two groups of males (6-7 men in total) in the parking lot. Verbal altercation that appears might escalate to a fight. No visible weapons. Owner of liquor store did not want the males’ business. All parties have left the scene and peace restored.

911 call reports a three year old needs medical aid. Possible allergic reaction. 93 responded with fire and EMS. 93 reports patient refusal. Family will monitor the child.

Tuesday, November 29

Calling party requesting a number for a crisis hot line and would not give her address. Wireless ping in the area of Golden Drive. Unable to locate female calling for crisis number. Unit clear. Party called back. Units checked the area and found nothing. Unable to locate the female calling for the crisis number.

68 year old male unresponsive. He was removed to MGH.

Officer will try to serve subject notice that massDOT has suspended his driver’s license.

Party called to report suspicious activity. White male, hat, beard going door to door. Party checks out, works for solicitor’s office.

Female came in to report several calls and texts to her phone that seem to be threatening her and a family member Will try to verify number and follow-up.

Party reports the screen was removed from her house. Clear, no damage.

Party came to the station to repot that he was punched in the mouth earlier this morning. He was unable to provide more than a cursory description of a tall, thin, white male. Party did not appear injured and refused medical attention. W93 reports he will follow up with the group home of which the calling party is a resident and attempt to obtain further details if possible.

Possible homeless female sleeping in her vehicle in the town hall parking lot caller states it is a blue Dodge Caravan. Female pulled over to talk on her cellphone. Non-bonafide units clear.

Wednesday, November 30

92 reports motor vehicle stop. Citation issued for speeding.

Party reports losing a man’s aluminum wallet containing his driver’s license, credit cards, cash and his license to carry firearms. Party was advised to notify his bank and credit card companies and to follow-up with officer regarding his license to carry.

Officer will try to serve subject an Immediate Threat notice from the Registry that his license is suspended. No one home.

Caller reports numerous vehicles parked illegally on Willow Avenue. Officer spoke to contractors working on a home who will move their vehicles.

Caller stated he would like to speak to an officer regarding a custody issue. Officer spoke to RP and advised according to the agreement. Father has daughter until tomorrow. Unit cleared.

Missing person report. Unit stated 15 year old male was located. She was upset over a family argument. Involved party is with Unit 91 and female being dropped off at home. Unit 91 stated that herself and Unit 93 spoke with the parents. Confirmed that the 15 year old will be staying home tonight and everything at home seems alright. Unit cleared.

Thursday, December 1

Stranded boat on trailer on the street. Cancelled tow as it is not hazardous.

Employer is making threats to female. She was evaluated by medical and signed a refusal.

Caller reports that she received a strange/unsolicited call last night from an unknown caller regarding a “gun for hire” advertisement. Caller states she did not know what the caller was referring to, and would like the matter placed record should other calls from that number continue. Wrong number unknown to party.

Complaints of a turkey roaming around. ACO is already aware of this.

Male party possibly intoxicated. Fell and hit his head near the bus stop in front of the high school. Male party located on the sidewalk. Nothing showing in the area.

Caller states that a very large truck hit a handicap parking sign driving down he’s street and that it is completely bent. The caller fears that another driver may hit it. DPW contacted and message left that pole poses a problem to pedestrians.

Report of two males fighting. Medical requested and they are enroute. Male party will be transported to MGH.

Report of a domestic disturbance. Female states that her boyfriend threw her son out of a moving vehicle. There was a language barrier. The male party left in the vehicle. It was a 209A violation.

Report of an erratic driver driving a white Nissan. Last seen in the vicinity of the school. No other information. Officers pulled over the vehicle and female arrested for assault by a dangerous weapon, driving under the influence. failure to stop for a police officer, unregistered motor vehicle, and expired inspection sticker.

Calling party states that he came home to find his car window and home window smashed. Officer confirmed damage done only to vehicle.


Friday, December 2

Caller’s parents have caretakers 24 hours a day and last night around 2 a.m. she saw a male party in the backyard which abuts the beach. Daughter would like to speak to an officer. The officer spoke to the daughter an received the same information that was put in the narrative. Advised them about lighting system and alarm company. Will call 911 if they see the person again.

Caller reports a number of cars parked on the street causing a potential obstruction of emergency vehicles. No obstructions in the neighborhood with the vehicles. The vehicles are legally parked. Students from the high school are parking on the street.

Headquarters received a fax from company relative to the repossession of motor vehicle. No other information given as to whether any attempt had actually been made to take custody of the vehicle.

 Party came into the station to report multiple instances of continued harassment over the Internet by a former roommate. Party will seek harassment prevention order from the court.

Todisco Towing stated that a gentleman is threatening one of their co-workers. Caller says this elderly dad called because Todisco is towing his Hyundai Sonata for no reason. Peace restored and towing company and the owner were able to work out the problem.

Caller states that there has been a medium/large size dog on the front porch of a house next to Muffin Town for the last hour and he is unleashed. ACO at the residence now. The door is open and going to talk to the neighbors. Contacted a family member. The house was secured and dog brought inside.

Report of a large pothole in the vicinity of Winthrop Arms. Potholes on the street might cause tire damage. DPW came to put a cone on the pothole.

Caller states a neighbor is causing a disturbance due to the church using a leaf blower. Peace was restored.

Drunk male party sitting on the sidewalk. Peace was restored.

Concerned mom about six or seven youths fighting near the golf course side of the high school. Nothing showing.

Dog outside barking for 6 plus hours. No house number on house. ACO was sent to the residence and owner was not home. ACO will do a follow-up. They are aware of the situation. This is an ongoing issue at this location.

Female came in to report that her friend owed her money and she was going over there to collect it. She was advised to go to court on Monday or small claims court and she was also advised not to confront the party. She would not give her name or any other information but did state she would go to court on Monday.

Caller stated that someone left an envelope behind the mailbox. Caller stated that someone took what was inside. Reporting party was referred to postal police regarding the mail that was opened/stolen in his mailbox.

Saturday, December 3

Caller reports two groups of kids looking like they are  about to fight. Units on the scene stated they spoke to both parties involved and it was a disagreement between both groups of youths. Both parties were spoken to and cleared.

Assisted fire department with well being check. Lifeline activation.

911 call stating small brown and white dog. Collar, no tag. Assisted resident on Main Street and dog back with the owner.

Party wanted it noted that her sister has texted her twice today in violation of an order with the court. She wanted this documented for ongoing court matter.

Caller reports losing her iPhone 6 with purple case. A wallet was also attached to the phone with an ID. Party will call Apple to see if they an track it where it will be put in as a larceny report.

Party reports that a constable entered his residence and wanted this on record. It should be noted that another person also came into the station earlier and reported that he was serving an eviction notice at this address for second floor. He entered an unlocked door leading to the second floor not knowing it was a door leading to upstairs apartment. He also wanted this noted. Both parties were advised of this matter being a civil matter.

Female caller stated that her boyfriend and his brother had gotten into an altercation. One of the male partitive left the scene. Mother of the parties requesting units call back. It was a verbal argument. Advised calling party about 209A. Going to Beverly Police for this.

Party wanted it logged in that there was an issue with one of the other condo owners who was yelling out the third floor hall window. It has now stopped but she will call back if this happens again.

Motor vehicle stop on school property. Parties were sent out of the area and also advised about being on school property after hours.

Sunday, December 4

Caller stated a red Ford minivan may have struck a parked car but the caller lost sight of the vehicle in question and has no other information nor the plate number of the suspect who was driving erratic. A BOLO will be put out to the units.

Party came in to report that her motor vehicle was hit a short while ago in front of the Winthrop Marketplace. It sustained some damage to her rear bumper o the driver’s side. The suspect vehicle is a red mini Ford van. A passerby said it was a female driver and this vehicle left onto Revere Street, then turned in on Shirley Street. No further description. She will file a report with her insurance company.

Party stated that she is being harassed by another female. Also stated that the female said she was going to come to her house. She is requesting a police officer.

Caller stated that someone stole his laser Christmas lights from his house. Unit will be clear with a report to follow. Unit will also check the area for suspects due to the incident just happening within the last half hour.

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