Middle School Thespians take on ‘Shrek, the Musical’

By Kate Anslinger

The cast and crew of Shrek the Musical.

The cast and crew of Shrek the Musical.

The Winthrop Middle School Drama Club is gearing up for its first performance of the year, “Shrek the Musical” and they are very excited about it.  There are a lot of firsts for the club this year, as it will be the first time that Shrek the Musical is performed at the new school and the first time that the club performs in the new auditorium.

“I’m always nervous and excited to get on stage, but we’ve been working hard and everything will come together,” said Rhianna Powers.

The cast and crew began rehearsals in late September and they’ve been putting in several hours after school filled with dancing, singing, costume design and set development.

“I think this is a show for everyone,” said Heather Buccini. “We have great music and dancing and it’s an enjoyable show for adults and little kids.”

While the cast and crew are excited and nervous at the same time, they will rely on their go-to superstition on opening night of the show. As with all shows done in the past, the cast will gather in the designated “Gypsy Room,” and as they sit in complete silence they will each take a turn touching the lucky robe that has patches from past shows. After the successful performance of Shrek the Musical, the cast will have the honor of sewing on the Shrek patch, adding another major accomplishment to the robe. Shrek the Musical will be playing. Dec. 9 and 10 at 7pm and Dec. 11 at 2pm. Tickets can be purchased for $8 online: www.winthropdrama.com.

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