Golf Club Seeks to Renew Lease

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

About 20 members of the 100-year-old Winthrop Golf Club packed the Town Council meeting room Tuesday night to hear about the next lease for the golf course.

The group met with officials the night before going over the Miller Field work that also involves part of the course. The club also submitted its financial information for the next 10 to 20 years.

The Town Council voted to have Town Manager James McKenna negotiate a lease with the club.

Club president Joe Ferrara said the contract with the Town expires in March of 2017. The club will also be celebrating it’s 100th  anniversary. There are 220 members. Ferrara added that the club now pays about $15,000 a year in rent and also pays for water and property tax. He is confident that negotiations will go well. The council also asked if McKenna may be able to wrap the contract up in January.

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