Police Blotter 10-20-2016

Tuesday, October 11

Employee from the Winthrop Health Center reports that a male party made some suicidal remarks over the phone. Officers spoke to the subject and all appears fine.

Male caller on Loring Road stated that his car got broken into overnight.

Constable dropped off a list of addresses for utility shutoff.

Business on Shirley Street complained about people parked all day in the one hour parking spots. Officer will time and tag vehicles.

A woman from Sagamore Avenue called very distraught regarding the treatment and condition of dogs she observed while out walking. A call to ACO reveled that he is already aware of the situation and has been involved along with a sergeant from MSPCA. ACO will follow-up today to check on the situation. A call back to the original caller was made to let her know and to put her mind at ease.

Caller reports being involved in a motor vehicle crash on Crest Avenue. This involves his company truck that was parked.

Party reports a motor vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed through the neighborhood of Brookfield Road. Officer will BOLO. He reports locating the vehicle by the high school.

Female claims she was being followed. The caller did follow her to obtain a number plate due to her driving. Party advised to obey the traffic laws.

Caller on Grandview Avenue reports seeing smoke in the area of Billows Street. Fire notified. Fire reports it is a chimenea in a backyard. No service necessary.

Caller on Shirley Street claims that his landlord was advised not to contact him per the court. The landlord knocked on his door. The caller wants this logged for pending court case. So done.

Party at Governors Park reports that her ring his missing from her top drawer. She states that her daughter is home and there was no breaking and entering. She is sure she put it there.

Call from the Arbors that a patient had fallen. Fire notified.

Party on Shirley Street reports being harassed by a neighbor.  Officer will speak to all parties. All parties were advised of their rights.

Party came into the station requesting assistance with her daughter who is in Florida at this time. She states she may suicidal comments to her over the phone and is worried for her safety. Sheriff’s officer from Boynton Beach was contacted and they will check on her well being. Sheriff’s office reports they are with the daughter now and getting her the help she needs.

Caller on Bartlett Parkway requesting EMS for her son who may be ill.

A dispute at the pumps at Cumberland Farms. 92 and 94 reports a dispute over a jump start for one of the vehicles. 94 will clear. 92 will stand by until the car is gone.

Caller on Forrest Street states loud music disturbance coming from her neighbor. Units report they spoke to the subjects and all will go inside and keep the noise level down.

Wednesday, October 12

93 conducted a motor vehicle stop at Main and Pleasant Park Road. Registry comes back expired/non-registered. G&J notified. A citation was issued and plates confiscated. Vehicle towed to private property.

Checking again for motor vehicle in the high/middle school area,officer reports it is to there and not near the house it is registered. This is in response to an e-mail that this car is near Franklin Street lot. Vehicle is not stolen and has never been run by any other department and the owner does not work for the high school or middle school.

Officer reports stopping motor vehicle on Cross Street for “stop sign” violation. Verbal warning.

Caller at Executive Apartments reports that there are a group of young adults arguing in the parking area. Units are responding to investigate.

Female caller on Orlando Avenue reports that her landlord was threatening her Case Worker that was visiting the property. Unit sent to investigate. Before he could arrive, an E911 call and a 1212 call came in. One from the State Case Worker and one from the basement tenant. W93 and W98 will also respond as the tenant stated that the landlord has a weapon. Tenant and her daughter are being transported to the East Boston Court for a harassment order.

Caller on Veterans Road reports that an individual is having respiratory problems. WFD notified.

Party on Loring Road reports that sometime overnight someone entered his unlocked vehicle and took some loose change within the vehicle.

Party from Wadsworth Avenue came to the station after speaking with a clear at the East Boston Court to have charges brought against a construction worker who took her for $4,000.

A motor vehicle stop on Hermon Street and a citation was issued for speeding.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports a turkey in the middle of the street disrupting traffic. ACO reports the turkey is walking off on its own.

Party on Hawthorn Avenue stated that she lost her wallet in Winthrop.

Caller on Russell Street reports a motor vehicle with five individuals inside causing a disturbance. Female inside the vehicle is yelling. Units report no one in the area.

Thursday, October 13

Operator from Lifeline called and stated that a woman was having a possible stroke and her daughter is on the scene on Overlook Drive. WFD notified. 91 year old female transported to MGH by Action.

Male on Wave Way Avenue called to repot that his girlfriend is having a diabetic seizure. Fire notified.

Alarm Company called to report a panic alarm at the Middle School. SRO reports all is okay. It was the high school. She was informed that she should check with the Alarm Company telling them they had told us the Middle School when it was the High School.

Party on Revere Street reports that near the Dunkin Donuts there are three cars and a trailer in the street. Officer reports the cars are being moved.

Off-duty officer reports a stalled out car in the oncoming lane just over the crest of the road on Shore Drive. Officers report the vehicle is there, comes back as expired/non-registered. G&J will tow. State called and they asked if we could handle as the sector car is in court.

Party called to report that the vehicle that was fenced in inside the old Governors Nursing Home has been pushed into the street. (In fact, a lady came in yesterday and asked how she could get it out). Property has been purchased. She may have been the one that came to the station.

Party on Locust Street came in to to report a scam.

Bank of America security called to report the ATM alarm is going off. Officers report all is okay and nothing is out of place.

Party from Executive Apartments came in to report that she is being threatened and would like an harassment order.

Officer out of follow-up investigation on Pleasant Street. He reports speaking with the subject.

Report of a needle in front of house on Hawthorn Avenue. Officer reports that he has it.

Female reports a solicitor on Read Street. 93 reports searching the area and surrounding streets.

Caller reports a fight at the tennis courts and kids fleeing. Fire and EMS requested.

Party reports that someone with a flat is parked in his driveway on Revere Street and is arguing with two parties. Unit reports motor vehicle will be moved until a tow arrives.

Boston PD requests check on subject on Locust Street for media control. Officer reports heading to the location and all is quiet right now but will make frequent checks.

W97 reports a suspicious motor vehicle driving in the area of Hanford Park. Unit reports subject is lost and his son is coming from East Boston to drive the motor vehicle home.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports a tractor trailer is stuck trying to make a turn on the street. Unit reports the truck maneuvered the streets to head toward final destination.

Party on Sturgis Street reports a subject is moving all around inside a motor vehicle and has been there for over an hour. Units requests backup for 94C violations. Units report one in custody for possession of Class D drug and possible distribution of Class D drug.

Report of a hit and run on River Road.


Friday, October 14

Unit reports a motor vehicle car stop on Pleasant Street. Unit reports citation issued and subject to acquire a Mass license.

93 was conducting a directed patrol in the Court Road area when he came upon a vehicle parked on Somerset Terrace. The owner who lives on Court Road stated she was walking her cats when one got away.

Female caller reports a male sitting in a car for some time at Bowdoin and Main Street. W94 reports only two vehicles in the parking lot. Both appear to have been there all night and no one is around.

Several calls for a motor vehicle crash at Revere and Crest Avenue. WFD and medical requested. ACO reports an accident with injuries.

G&J presented tow slip for PPCY private tow. 25 ft. boat trailer with no license plates attached. This was not a “police tow”.

Caller on Temple Avenue reports there is a truck parked in the middle the street blocking everything. Officer reports he had the vehicle moved.

Male called to report there is a tree company doing work and one of the crew is directing traffic on Revere Street. Officer reports the tree company was Ashland and officer was told by DPW that they could do this. They left when told by the officer.

Male caller on Shirley Street reports a black Volkswagen just struck his white Infinity and took off. Officers report locating operator of the vehicle at his residence. The operator was disabled and was unaware he had struck anything. Officers  will assist in an exchange.

Motor vehicle stop for violation at Shore and Irwin Street. Officer requested tow for the vehicle for revoked license. G&J Towing notified and will respond.

Motor vehicle stop at Executive Apartments for not displaying headlights. Operator given a verbal warning.

Report of basketball players in Hanford Park and using their headlights to illuminate the area. Officer reports having them leave the area.

Female at Energy to Go reports a motor vehicle left the station to go up over Revere Street hill. Maybe drunk. All units BOLO.

Saturday, October 15

Calling party reported a motor vehicle driving erratic on Crest Avenue caller was following it and lost sight of it. Vehicle comes out of Revere. 91 and 93 reports area search negative but will look for it during their patrol.

Nurse at the Arbors called 911 and stated a man fell out of bed and they need assistance lifting him. Transferred to WFD.

Party on Veterans Road reports there are bed bugs in the building and the landlord refuses to deal with them. She was referred to the Health Department.

Fire called to report a motor vehicle in the water at the Landing. Unit report a motor vehicle went into the water as they were trying to launch a boat. G&J notified.

Party on Shore Drive called and stated that she has fallen and needs assistance getting it.

A woman on Court Road walked in and stated that her two vehicles were entered on October 11. The vehicles were not locked. She has a video from her neighbor that may show the person who is on a bike.

Female on Shore Drive requests to go to the hospital for a hurt back.

Caller on Bartlett Road was extremely upset about the closed Governor Winthrop Nursing Home cutting down trees on their own property. She was upset because the neighbors would lose their privacy and they were very loud and there were elderly neighbors that the noise was affecting. Caller was explained that this was a civil matter but we could go by to make sure they were on private property. W94 observed the tree service being done within the property.

Caller on Locust Street reports someone with a backhoe doing work at a home. Unit reports contractor finished up and is leaving.

Party on Bayview Avenue reports a white pit bull running around. ACO will respond when back in town.

Caller on Washington Avenue states that there was a black male with dreadlocks on her lawn urinating. W92 reports maintaining surveillance of the area for some time and seeing no one that fits the description given by the caller.

Party on Cutler Street called to state that someone was parked in the handicap spot without a placard. Officer issued a parking ticket.

Towing Company towed vehicle for trespassing on Main Street.

Sunday, October 16

Female party said patrons from Blackstrap BBQ are outside making noise and she is trying to sleep. Officer reports nobody around the area.

Male party on Locust Street stated he has been in a car accident. Officers report this was a hit and run and the victim got the license plate of the other vehicle. Officers report no injuries and they will search the area for the other vehicle. Officers could not locate second vehicle.

Female on Willow Avenue states that her sister is i a lot of pain and needs to go to the hospital. EMS notified.

Male on Main Street states that his car just got hit by another vehicle and it took off. Officer reports that a white BMW struck the calling party’s car and took off. Officers will search the area.

Party on Elmwood Court reports needing ambulance for her elderly mother who is ill.

Party came to the station to report he is supposed to drop off with the children at noon. The mother of the children just laced and stated she would not be coming to pick the kids up. He wanted this noted.

Female party on Revere Street states she is having trouble breathing and would like to go to MGH. Fire notified.

Caller reports someone dumped trash bag on the walking path at Brookfield and Palmyra Street. Officer reports someone dumped bags on the walking path and found four bags. Officer spoke with the homeowner and discovered that the homeowner’s daughter had a party last night while her father was out of town and she disposed to the bags trying to hide the evidence of the party. She is now retrieving the bags and cleaning up the mess.

Officer spoke to subjects on Ocean View Avenue. It was a father-sone argument. Verbal only. All parties advised of their rights.

Monday, October 17

Party at Seal Harbor reports she fell and needs some assistance getting up. WFD and EMS notified to respond.

Caller on Forrest Street reports there is a loud motorcycle running outside that annoys the whole neighborhood. Officer reports he will be going into Forrest Street to have the owner shut down for the night. He was advised by the officer not to leave the motorcycle running.

Several reports from Prospect Avenue of a dumpster fire in the front of the home. Report that the fire spread to the outside of the home. WFD notified and responded.


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