New School Looks Grand

Prior to the dedication of the new Winthrop Middle/High School, we were able to take a tour of the new building — thank you, School Committeeman Tino Capobianco — and all we can say is, ” Wow!”

The town of Winthrop now has one of the most beautiful, state-of-the-art school buildings in all of Massachusetts. Its unique design, openness, spaciousness, science labs, library, auditorium, gymnasium — you name it — make this school a treasure for all to enjoy.

We love the gymnasium — with the soon-to-be-dedicated Chris Tsiotos Court — and the new championship banners that are done with such class and dignity — and  just the right size for display.

If you haven’t visited the new school, please call and ask for a guided tour (during non-school hours, of course) and we feel that you’ll agree that everyone who had an assist in this project deserves a standing ovation.

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