Otis Avenue Block Party

We had the joy of being invited to a “Summer Sendoff” block party on Otis Avenue Saturday, and the warmth and cordiality extended to all the neighbors made it a wonderful event for all who attended. There were many young couples and residents who have moved to Winthrop and purchased homes on Otis Avenue (which is on Point Shirley).

We talked to some of the residents, including one of the party organizers whose name was Duggan (first name only) and he was so happy to be living in Winthrop and being part of a friendly and vibrant neighborhood. Other residents spoke about the awesome new school building and the great restaurants in Winthrop.  -Many of the Otis Avenue residents said they enjoy the restaurants together.

We thank Duggan and friends for allowing us to be at the block party — the food was terrific, by the way — and we hope this event becomes an annual tradition, which the Otis Avenue neighborhood hopes it will become.

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