Police Blotter 09-15-2016

Monday,  September 5

Party stated there is a house alarm on Elmwood Ave. sounding. Police responded to Elmwood Ave., alarm resets itself. Trying to fix problem.

Medical Aid called for woman found on floor. EMS notified.

Female called to report drunk person sitting outside the building on Golden Drive. Officer reports man smoking a cigarette and playing guitar, no sign of intoxication.

Male complains car is still parked in front of his house after 72 hours.

Caller reports losing an Apple I phone 5S with a Disney World case.

Female reports she was scratched by a cat that attacked her dog.

Woman reports a large tree limb on a car and blocking street.

Reports a black Acura just hit and damaged fence and took off toward Revere.

Female reports a noisy business in auto mall.

Alarm reports kitchen activation. Units report checking out entire perimeter and all windows and doors are secure.

Caller reports a car alarm in the area. Units reports thing showing.

Caller reports a male driver just cut off his wife who was on a motorcycle and almost rear-ended him. He pulled up to driver who made threatening hand gestures.

Motor vehicle stopped for no headlights.

Tuesday, September 6

Male party called to report fire alarms going off.

Lifeline is requested for a male party.

Medical aid for an elderly male who has fallen.

Caller reports his company’s truck was gone through over the weekend. He is missing some hand tools and welding lead.

Report of subject at location with warrant, officers sent to locate.

Caller reports a hit & run.

Caller request to speak with police regarding his friend who is being belligerent, he will meet officers outside quick food.

MV stopped for violations.

Wednesday, September 7

Reports hearing gunshots in area of Grandview Ave., K9 responded to the area and reports all is quiet. May have been duck hunters of which it is the season.

Caller reports that her driveway is being blocked by Verizon truck and she can’t get out.

Caller reports a van on the property with damage to the windshield.

Caller reports her friend fell and would like an ambulance.

Caller reports male patient who called her stating he was suicidal, took more lithium than he ever did before and had a gun. Units responding.

Caller states that a young child wandered unattended into their yard. The caller and her husband have the child and looked around the area for a parent unsuccessfully. WFD dispatched.

Child medically cleared by EMS. Parents on scene.

Party reports that whiles topped at lights at Highland Ave. and Crest Ave., she saw person whom she has a harassment prevention order in a motor vehicle behind her. When the light changed, he drove behind her the entire way and when she stopped passed her on the right, revving engine and looking at her.

Party reports he is very drunk and needs to go to the hospital. WFD and EMS notified.

Thursday,  September 8

Chelsea juvenile judge issued a harassment order with juvenile as the plaintiff…defendant lives.

Caller reports he is concerned for a male party inside a motor vehicle for an extended period of time.

Caller reports wire down on Locust Street.

Party came in to report there is damage to his motor vehicle which occurred sometime overnight.

Party came into report there is jewelry missing from his home. He does not know when it was stolen.

Caller requesting ambulance for her father who is having difficulty standing.

Party came in to report observing male taking pictures of aircraft from the shore at Coughlin Park. Registration comes back to a resident from Quincy Ave. with no criminal history.

Caller reports that his brother passed out in the bathroom, is now conscious and requires a medical response.

Party came into report being scammed out of $1000 by an unknown individual claiming they were the IRS.

Officers clearing out loud party at baseball diamond on Kennedy Rd.

Friday, September 9

Female caller reports possible fireworks going off in the area of Washington Ave.

Party reports group of kids out front being loud and knocking over barrels at Bellevue Ave., Officer reports.

Party reports a white Hyundai parked out front with 3 individuals making noise at Plummer Ave.

Caller reports dog unleashed in park.

Unit reports parked car which has been tagged for violation is still there with a flat tire. Vehicle will be placed on 72-hour list.

Delivery van was parked in the handicap parking spot on Shirley St. without a handicap placard/plate. A $300 parking ticket was issued.

Officer reports motor vehicle burning smell and small amount of smoke coming from hood. Fire notified.

Male first stated a lady hit by a car, then stated no it is two cars that hit, then stated no it was nothing and hung up.

Reports a green pickup has been seen in the area driving erratically. Party reports that it was in the log previously. Plate comes back to a white car from out of town.

Female caller reports finding a dog in the street suffering from the heat. She took dog and called animal control back to her residence in Wakefield, she now reports dog appears ill, animal ACO notified and will handle.

Caller reports her car was struck by a white car with a male and female in it.

Caller reports a deliver truck continues to park on the sidewalk despite being asked not to. Sidewalk cracked from truck being parked.

Caller reports a disturbance involving neighborhood women possible about to turn violent.

Officers report a verbal argument between 3 female neighbors over rumors that were being spread. Peace restored and units are clear.

Party came into station to report that her motor vehicle was struck by an unknown vehicle while it was parked on Shirley St. by Yirrell Beach.

Caller reports an overdose. EMS responded

Caller reports he can’t breath.


Saturday, September 10

Caller states an altercation appears may escalate. Units respond and report verbal argument all parties have left the area.

Calling party stated there is dog barking frantically. It started 20 minutes and has not stopped and is worried maybe something is wrong.

Calling party stated there is a young girl passed out on the ground. She is wearing grey pants and white tank top. Caller stated the girl is now on her feet stumbling on Shore Drive.

Caller states suspicious subject in a truck with ladders attached to it. Caller states subject was out of the vehicle screaming at one point. Units respond and report they’re off speaking with subject.

Caller reports he has people in his house that do not belong there. Units respond.

Unit reports Company purchased property and was at property to board it up and discovered people illegally living on property. Units sent squatters were sent off the property.

Female came in to report that she is trying to purchase the home she currently resides in and there was an issue with a lease extension proper to purchase. All parties advised that this is currently a civil matter and their lawyers will discuss the matter.

Caller reports her husband has back pain and needs an ambulance.

Male came in to report water coming up from a sewer cover on Palmyra St.

Caller reports a heavy set Asian male wearing a camouflage jacket looks as if he is looking into motor vehicles. When female came out, subject walked away toward the maze area. Units report no one in the area.

Female came in to report someone was posting inappropriate photos of her online. She stated that she was contacted by a detective who was investigating a claim that she was being harassing him. Female filled out victim/witness statement. This will be forwarded to the Detective unit.

Caller reports a group behind the water tower who may be lighting fireworks and possibly drinking. Units report a family party in a yard beside the water tower. No signs of fireworks or alcohol by kids.

Calling party asked for unit to go by and clear the kids out from the basketball courts.

Caller asking for ambulance for her boyfriend.

Caller report he was walking his dog and saw a girl approximately 20 years old sitting on the curb crying hysterically.

Officer is off with the female party and male party that is her friend. Female is upset and her friend came to take her home.

Manager from Bob’s Bait Shack called and stated there are cars parked in the 15-minute spaces. 92 has been there and tagged the vehicles.

Alarm activation for the Cumming School. Officer reports building found to be secure.

Party reports a former husband was refusing to leave the home after picking up child. The caller stated he just left the area, they were advised to call back immediately should he cause further problems.

Sunday, 9/11

Party reports seeing a male subject urinating near one of the hazard response trailers at the Public Landing. Officer reports the trailer is secured. Caller reports two trees down; one on her mother’s car, narrowly missing her. W93 was able to move it for motor vehicle traffic. DPW notified.

Party reports a broken tree branch is dangling over passing traffic. DPW notified.

Party reports her grandson is on the bathroom floor and may have struck his head. WFD and EMS notified, officer responded and reports the subject is being transported to MGH.

Party reports he needs EMS for his wife.

Caller reports someone on a bike just passed out with a needle in his arm. Units report subject going to Whidden Hospital.

Officer reports a white male wearing dark pants and a leather jacket just stole a bottle of vodka and took off running and chased by owner. Units report checking area and owner states subject lives on Shirley St. Units report coming in with one for shoplifting. Subject refused to exit cruiser. Unit request ambulance for the suspect.

Female came in to the station to report she wanted to speak to some other female and the male subject grabbed her after she refused to walk away from other female. She was advised of her rights and wants this on record.
Calling party stated he is stuck in the elevator. WFD was able to open the door.

Calling party stated he was not feeling well and asked for an ambulance at the corner of Seafoam and Shirley St. Transported to MGH.


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