Joseph Boncore Officially Sworn in as First Suffolk and Middlesex Senator

By John Lynds

Last Thursday in front of a packed Massachusetts Senate Chamber Joseph Boncore (D-Winthrop) was officially sworn in as the new First Suffolk and Middlesex State Senator by Governor Charlie Baker.

Boncore won the seven man special election race for the seat during the Democratic Primary in March. With no Republican challenger, Boncore easily secured the seat in the general election that was a formality of sorts. He replaces former Senator Anthony Petruccelli (D-East Boston) on the senate. Petruccelli left office in January. Boncore becomes the first Senator not from East Boston to hold the seat in nearly 70 years.

After he was sworn in, Boncore addressed the Senate as well as friends, family and colleagues from across the district that gathered for the ceremony.

“I am deeply and humbly grateful for this opportunity to serve the commonwealth and this august chamber,” said Boncore. “This institution is a beacon and the Senate has worked to advance equality and progress throughout the Commonwealth, making it a leading example for all other states.”

Boncore said he is eager to continue in that same tradition, moving the communities he represents forward and ensuring their safety and all the advantages the legislature can afford to them.

“To my colleagues, I think you will find me an active listener, a congenial worker, and someone who takes a pragmatic approach to finding solutions for the greater good,” said Boncore.  “I know this Senate works in that same way. I stand before you because of those who have come before me.”

Boncore thanked his parents, Phil and Goldie, who he said have been a shining example of public service. He also highlighted his grandmother, Nana Boncore, a person who he said holds a special place in his heart.

“I would also like to thank a woman who has been a leading example my entire life, Nana,” said Boncore. “When she was 9 years old, she left school and went to work in a cigar factory in Cambridge. Her parents bragged to their neighbors she made more money than they did. How proud would your parents be that your grandson is now representing that city.”

Boncore also thanked his girlfriend, Sarah Strauch, as well as his seven sisters and brother.

“My district has always been represented by leaders,” said Boncore. “Of course, the iconic former Senate President Travaglini who is here today and my dear friend and mentor Anthony Petruccelli. My colleagues in the House, I want to thank Reps. Madaro, Michlewitz, Vincent and Livingstone. I would also like to thank my other representative here, who has been an exemplary person I have looked up to my entire life. I am proud to call him my speaker and my friend, Speaker Robert DeLeo.”

Boncore concluded that he is proud to serve the 1sr Suffolk and Middlesex District.

“I want to thank all my constituents and the people who have given me this opportunity,” he said.  “I will work every day to make them very proud. God bless you all. God bless the commonwealth of Massachusetts.”

Governor Charlie Baker swears in Senator Joseph Boncore (right) last Thursday inside the Senate Chambers. Senator Patrick O'Connor (center) was also sworn in during the State House ceremony.

Governor Charlie Baker swears in Senator Joseph Boncore (right) last Thursday inside the Senate Chambers. Senator Patrick O’Connor (center) was also sworn in during the State House ceremony.

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