Police Blotter 04-28-2016

Monday, April 18

Caller on Hillside Avenue reports a suspicious red van in the area. Officer unable to locate a red van in the area.

Party at Executive Apartments report the fire alarm is going off in the building. WFD already responding to an alarm activation.

Report of a man passed out on Lincoln Street. Transferred to WFD. 91 Jaworski reports GH transport of a 30 year old male.

Calling party on Winthrop Street stating that his neighbor is harassing him and throwing things onto his property. Officer spoke to the caller and reported that there was a small argument between neighbors. Officer advised them of their rights.

Caller on Highland Avenue needs an ambulance for her husband. Call transferred to EMS.

Calling party on Lincoln Street repots that his mother is not feeling well. Transferred to EMS.

Party from Read Street came to the station to report that his Algerian passport was either lost or stolen.

Caller reports a group creating a disturbance on Shore Drive. Officer reports no one in the area at this time.

Party at Central and Payson Street repots a smell of natural gas. WFD notified.

Request to check on owner of a car that is unoccupied on Harbor View Avenue. It is running. The party was not home and a neighbor states he works as a bartender in the Fenway area and works late. He will attempt to contact him and have him call us.

Female on Locust Street came into the station to repot that she was assaulted last night by her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.


Tuesday, April 19

Mother on Pleasant Street reports that her adult daughter is always going out and she is constantly watching her grandkids. She claims she stays out late and sleeps a lot during the day. She insists on speaking to an officer. Unit reports speaking to the mother and daughter who will bey trying to discuss the matter. All parties advised of their rights.

Caller at Governors Park reports some cars just pulled up under the lights at the courts and are playing loud music from their cars. Units reports speaking to the parties who will shut off their cars and go inside their apartments.

Party on Court Road states that there is a landscaping company that parks in front of her house and close to her driveway while working at the neighboring properties. W91 will check for violations in the area.

Officer will attempt to contact subject on a follow-up investigation on Shirley Street. No one home.

Officer will attempt to contact subject on a follow-up investigation on Morton Street. He reports speaking to the subject.

Call from the Senior Center to report that a party was threatened and yelled at by a resident on Putnam Street next to Viking Gardens. Officer reports obtaining information for a report.

Son on Ocean Avenue called to report that his mother is having a hard tie breathing. Action and WFD will respond.

Officer will attempt to contact subject on a follow-up investigation on Siren Street. He reports that no one is home.

Officer will attempt to contact subject on a follow-up investigation on Brewster Avenue. He reports speaking to the subject.

Officer will attempt to contact subject on a follow-up investigation on Winthrop Street. He reports speaking to the subject.

Officer will attempt to contact subject on a follow-up investigation on Shirley Street. Officer repots locating the individual and spoke with him.

Officer will attempt to contact subject on a follow-up investigation on Shirley Street. He reports no one was home.

Son on Plummer Avenue needs EMS for his father. WFD and 91 Ramadani report that WFD will handle.

911 transfer from Bellevue Avenue. Open line and no answer. Boston 911 states it is a Phase 2 call. No address, just the area. Operator stated he could hear the person talk about being threatened and possible gun involved. Trace of the phone number completed by Det. Carter. Officers will check the address of the listed caller and the call area is Bartlett Road and Pleasant Street. Officer spoke with the caller who reports it was all a mistake.

Caller reports a past break at Tony’s Cleaners. Officer reports the caller will make al its of all the tools and items missing and drop it off for the officer tomorrow.

Party on Coral Avenue repots very loud construction is still going on in the building behind her. Officer reports speaking with the workers and they will cease all work and are now aware of the bylaw.

Wednesday, April 20

Caller on Grandview Avenue repot a car is double parked speaking with someone in front of their home for 30 minutes. Units report local youth speaking with his friend and will go home.

Party on Myrtle Avenue repot hearing some ringing in his ear and wants an ambulance ride to the hospital. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Caller at Bolster Service reports someone inside a motor vehicle looks to be sleeping. Unit reports a worker who will go into the shop and begin work.

Party on Lincoln Street reports that her husband fell and needs help in getting up. Fire and ambulance notified.

Reports of receiving a call from the IRS and informing her that she owes taxes from 2008. The caller told the fake caller a thing or two and hung up. She just wanted it on the record that these calls are happening.

Reports of wires down across the roadway on Tafts Avenue. Fire notified. Detail Off. Vitale reports being notified of the same by a Paul Revere bus driver.

Request for medical for fainting spell on Golden Drive.

Caller on Highland Avenue needs WFD for an odor of gas inside his home.

Party came into the station with parent to file a cross complaint regarding an incident that is scheduled for hearing next week. Victim/witness statement that this reporting party completed was not thorough. The party will gather more information regarding the alleged larceny and stop by tomorrow with his statement.

Four boys with paintballs on the walkway at Corinha Beach. K9 and 92 Freeman sent them home.

Report of kids ringing bells on Dix Street. 91 Ramadani reports it might be the same kids from the paintball escapades. No crime.

Caller on Sunnyside Avenue repots the youths are back in the park area and smoking. She does not know what they are smoking but is afraid that the park will catch fire. K9 reports it is not the same group as they are down the center at this time. The group ran from the area as they pulled on to the street. The area is no clear.

Party on Woodside Avenue from the earlier calls reports she found the youths at their house. She yelled she will not leave until she speaks with an officer. The officers spoke to all persons and also instructed the caller to stop chasing children and to stay off their property.

Next door neighbor on Bayview Avenue reports an elderly female has a badly bruised face and eye socket. WFD and 91 Ramadani report a family member showed up and the female declined a transport.

Cars of kids making noise at the Landing. 91 Ramadani and 93 Sorrentino report the area is clear.

Motor vehicle stop at Ingleside Park yielded an arrest to subject for driving with suspended license and speeding.

Thursday, April 21

Safety Officer Det. Jaworski reports the State is doing street sweeping and they have tow trucks ready. Most of the vehicles from Beacon Circle to Tewksbury are vehicles that belong to Water Tower Hill. The Hill vehicles had to move for construction. State Police notified to ask if they could not tow between the Circle and Tewksbury Street.

Party on Winthrop Street called to report there is an odor of gas in front of her home. Fire notified and checked it out. The odor is very light but they will contact National Grid.

Safety Officer Det. Jaworski reports a motor vehicle is in a “No parking area” and needs to be moved from the construction area. G&J moved it in front of house on Shore Drive. W92 placed a parking ticket on it for the “No parking area.”

Concierge from Seal Harbor called to report that a male needs an ambulance as he passed out in work. EMS will handle.

Lt. Scarpa called from Court to report that a subject on Sunnyside Avenue has a suspended license and may be driving home. Officer reports in the 50 minutes he was there, she never showed up.

Call from Verizon crew to repot they are being picketed on Winthrop Street. Chief and officers report they spoke to both parties, calling party is leaving and that means all people are leaving.

Call from security at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital to ask if we could check on a nurse that lives at Executive Apartments. She has not called the hospital for days. Officers report no answer at the door and a resident listening on the scanner called to say, “that nurse was here at one time.” She had her cell phone number and we all and she sounded confused. She finally answered the door.

Party on Brewster Avenue called to report that her brother sounded incoherent. He has used drugs in the past. Officer and fire checked into this and he is going to BMC.

Caller called to report a lady in a small red car was throwing out nip bottles at Buchanan and Winthrop Street. All units notified.

Walk-in to report that he almost had an accident in Revere with another vehicle. That vehicle followed him into Winthrop and kept beeping and yelling at him. He showed his Suffolk County ID badge to the female operator and told her to follow him to WPD. They both parked at the station. When we went out to talk to her, she drove away. She then called the station and complained about the male operator before she hung up abruptly. She then called back, wanting us to investigate but refused to come to the station or give a statement. The male party would just like this on record.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a woman who can not stand up and keeps falling down. Fire already notified by another caller and are on their way. Officer reports one female to MGH.

Friday, April 22

Officer is off with suspicious male at Winthrop Middle School. An active WMS and subject taken in for outstanding warrant.

Reports of broken branches in Hanford Park.

Party on Cross Street reports an argument regarding work being done at his home. Officers report dispute between the homeowner and the contractor regarding work and pay. Parties agreed to void the contract in writing and terminate relationship. The homeowner stated he would provide the contract to contract per his request.

Reports of a hypodermic syringe on Beal and Lincoln Street.

Party on River Road called to report that his wife is having a hard time due to a hospital stay. EMS will handle.

Excited female is trying to explain a medical problem, maybe a heart attack victim. She was stating she is in Lynn and could not give us a street. Transferred to EMS as we both tried to get the proper address. Finally, we were able to obtain that she is in Winthrop on Fremont Street. All units to go down Fremont and find people in the street working on a heart attack victim. Other calls came in and gave an address on Fremont Street. When officers arrived, it was discovered that this is an overdose. Narcan given to patient by a passer-by. Male being transported to the Whidden. Vehicle is being towed by G&J Towing as it was sticking out into the street.

Husband on Highland Avenue called to report that his wife needs an ambulance. EMS will handle.

911 call from the Meat Market reports that a female fell. WFD has been notified. Units report a 70 year old female heading to the hospital with a right knee injury.

Caller on Overlook Drive reports he burnt something on the stove. WFD notified.

Party on Golden Drive report that his friend is taking a diabetic attack. They are on the bench outside the building. EMS notified.

Young female called on the 911 line and made very little sense and would not give her name. She was saying something about a girl on the bus going to Malden and wanted us to do something? She finally told us that her friend had an argument at home and is going to Malden to do something bad? On the 911 map we could see this caller is near Hermon and Lincoln Street. Off. Freeman went to where the map showed and found the callers. Det. Jaworski will assist. T police were notified to BOLO for the juvenile female. Parent of female was located and tells a different story and reports no cause for concern. W92 located the female at Winthrop and Revere Street and all is okay. She is fine.

Chelsea PD called asking us to check on a motor vehicle registered from our town on Thornton Park which was involved in a hit and run personal injury earlier today. W98 responded and reports locating the vehicle and making contact with the registered owner who will contact Chelsea. Officer observed damage to the vehicle. Chelsea PD notified.

Reports of masked people shooting BB guns going toward Kilmartin Path. W92 and K9 checked the area and located youths playing man hunt. Caller had reported they were wearing masks. Officer saw no masked individuals in the area.

Caller on Coral Avenue repots approximately 12 youths running around the neighborhood causing a disturbance. Officer reports he spoke to four youths and advised them.

Party on Wave Way Avenue requests a check on youths oh Shore Drive as they might be starting a fight. All units are busy. State notified.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue reports that his daughter was leaving the gym and got into an accident. He was unsure where the accident occurred. However he stated she works out at a local gym. All units checked the area and were unable to locate it. He later called and stated that the accident happened by LA Fitness in Saugus and the daughter is at Whidden.

Several calls regarding fire works going off at Hanford Park. Officer repots speaking to the group and advised them.

Caller on Washington Avenue reports a group of ids causing a disturbance. Units reports nothing showing.

Party on Kennedy Road reports she has an unwanted guest there at the home and she would like us to have him leave.

Saturday, April 23

Party on Golden Drive called regarding his friend that apparently fell earlier and needs assistance. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Report of a loud party on Brookfield Road. Officer spoke to the residents and advised them to turn the music off. The peace was restored.

Female on Overlook Drive called reporting her mother fell out of bed and may have fractured her hip. Call transferred to WFD and EMS.

Party on Shirley Street called to report observing a very large orange moving truck that went up on the sidewalk and knocked down a sign.

Truck was last seen heading toward the Point. W92 was in the Shirley Street area and located the moving truck. The operator knew he struck the pole but there was no where to pull over due to the size of the truck. The driver was lost and looking for an address on Shore Drive. Officer assisted the truck to turn around. W91 located the damaged sign that was knocked own. DPW notified regarding the sign that was knocked down. W91 and W92 assisted the truck to the location he was seeking.

Hysterical female caller reporting a male came out of the building on Harvard Street and grabbed her cousin around the throat and then punched him in the ace. Two teenagers were fighting. All parties were advised. Medical was denied.

Report of fire alarms going off inside apartment on Trident Avenue. WFD notified.

Medical aid for female not feeling well on Lincoln Street. Transferred to EMS.

Reports of subject near property at Viking Gardens and she has an active harassment order against her and the judge told him to call if he sees her in the area. Officers reports sending female party out of the area. The party had some items she was leaving for her sister to pick up.

Caller on Governors Drive reports a possible OD. EMS notified. 91 will assist 94 upon clearing previous call.

Party reports a motor vehicle parked in the crosswalk of Shirley and Nevada Street and has been there a while. Officer repots the vehicle has just moved.

Report of an unruly rider on the 704 bus. Officers responded to that area to intercept the bus. Call was made back to Paul Revere and they are out near the police station at the present time. Apparently it was a disagreement over the fare payment. No further problem and both went on their way.

Party reports a group of 10 to 12 kids shouting and screaming at Hanford Park. Officer reports the area is all care at the present time.

Two driver repots towing a commercial vehicle from Governors Park. It was a private trespass tow.

Party at Executive Apartments reports very loud wind chimes that are bothering her while she is trying to sleep. Officer will check the area and speak to the apartment dweller if possible. The officer reports he was unable at this time to get anyone to answer the apartment door.

Caller on Belcher Street reports a male wearing a black hoodie was just in his neighbor’s driveway but had left when he saw the caller. Officer reports speaking with the caller and checking the area to no avail. Nothing appears out of place and the home appears secure.

Party on Locust Street reports two males are at the rear of the home but she is not sure whether or not they live there. Officers report speaking with the two parties who locked themselves out. The parties were all set.

Reports of a very loud party in the area of Jefferson Street with people shouting and playing loud music. Officers report having three youths who were hanging out at the mall who admitted to being noisy and will head home.

Sunday, April 24

Motorist stopped for violation at Main and Pleasant Street. Subject placed under arrest for operation of motor vehicle being unlicensed, driving under the influence, and failing to stop for signal.

Party on Locust Street reports loud music and voices coming from a home there. Officers report having the subject shut down the music.

Caller on Grandview Avenue reports something wrong there. Party off with Boston Globe delivery man who used his phone to call. Also callers were saying something wrong with his wife and she cannot wake up. Fire notified. Officer located the caller along with fire. A wrong address was given initially. The wife was fine and all was okay. The caller reports a heat problem.

Party on Pauline Street reports driving in the area of WHS and CVS and is reporting a water cover off in the street causing possible hazard. W92 dispatched and reports a small cover which he replaced and reports that it will need attention from DPW.

Female at Seal Harbor requests medical for a male passing out.

Caller at Lincoln and Pleasant Street reports a stop sign was knocked over. Unit dispatched to check the area and reports a pole down and needs to be checked. He reported it to DPW.

Party on Bayview Avenue repots her aunt is on the floor. ME notified and C-pac notified.

Caller on Chester Avenue reports that his friend is unresponsive. Fire notified. W93 requested another unit. Officer reports male party just came around and will be transported.

Ambulance request for party on Prospect Avenue.

Reports of a dead raccoon on sidewalk on Revere Street. ACO notified.

Female came in to report that a woman is doing laundry on Main Street and left two infants in the car outside. Officer located the female who will have another party respond to take custody of the vehicle and the children. Officer did not observe any operation and only a permit could be verified for the female. He will file a report.

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