Police Blotter 04-21-2016

Monday, April 11

Ongoing domestic problem several problems involved.

Caller reports that a vehicle just struck the portable sign at the Bridge.

Female called to several vehicles parking in No Parking areas and some have expired inspection stickers. Officer reports one vehicle tagged for “No Parking Zone”, no other illegally parked vehicles.

Caller reports a motor vehicle accident in the Nick’s parking lot.

Call from female requesting some assistance.

Man reports 3 needles—92 ramadani picked up the items.

Medical call

Caller left message on detective phone regarding IRS calling. He suspected fraud.

Caller reports a used needle in the toddler playground. Caller is not on scene but was told by her son. Officer reports.

Caller reports 4 needles on the ground. Officer could not locate, searched area.

Caller reports vehicles was operating on the wrong side of road and driving in the middle of the road. Officer reports vehicle is parked in the driveway of owner’s residence.

Tuesday, April 12

Unit reports motor vehicle stopped Mass Reg# livery plate. Unit reports citation issued for speeding.

Caller reports an elderly female knocked on their door and claimed she lived two houses next door and needed to get back into her home. Parties called police and female left to walked down the street.

Officer reports a male all dressed in black walking around the police station. Units requested medical service.

Caller reports that he fell in the bathroom and need help. Fire and ambulance notified.

Caller requesting ambulance for husband with abdominal pain.

Caller reports neighbor’s friend possibly overdosed.

Off-duty Lt. called in two white males looking in yards. Officer reports no problems, subjects walking out of town.

Officer reports that a student was having a seizure. Fire is responded to school.

Officers off with Suffolk Superior Probation to investigate probationer.

The above is a corrections officers at South Bay and a former prisoner just saw her and her son driving by and began to yell out in a very loud voice, meaning her and her son. The Officer wanted this on record. Female called and reported that she believes someone slashed her tires at Putnam St. and her son has gotten a text message from her as well…if this continues she will come here and seek relief through a harassment order and if necessary complaints on same.

Manger of CVS called to report an attempted shoplifting.

Daughter called to report her mother needs to be transported to the hospital.

Caller reports tow males fighting in front of Shirley St. location. Winthrop fire will respond to evaluate the condition of combatants.

Female called to report she is having a gall bladder attack.

Male called to report he turned onto Revere St. from Shirley St. and when he was adjacent to Governors Park there were two young African American females and one waved him down. He thought they may have been in trouble. When the girl got in the car she stated “You have to pay me now”, he said what, she then said, “I came down here you have to pay”. With that he told her to get out and he drove off. Detectives will check it out.

Detective requests a unit to assist with someone who stole a phone.

Caller reports that his wife is alert, but in need of medical attention.

Officer found vehicle in handicapped spot; the vehicle operation was given a Citation for Misuse of handicap placard.

Caller reports vehicle has been parked in the same spot for days. This vehicle has done this before. Pout on 72-hour list.

Request police check on a patient that left facility in East Boston. Responded and reports speaking with the female and at this time she is fine.

Called to inquire the status of a R.O. issued out of EBDC on party that was arrested last week in our jurisdiction.

Atty. came into the lobby to report finding a women’s Vera Bradley wallet. No identification, just several gift cards and a business card with word “Dad”.

Caller reports receiving harassing text message from a male party known to her that lives behind her mother’s house in the Housing Authority apartments.

Manager at Twist and Shake reports that there is an unresponsive male at one of their tables. Units report the male party was awake and walking up Sturgis Street and did not want to talk to anyone.

Report her boyfriend is depressed and ran off with her dog, all units dispatched. Located same and transported to hospital.

Caller requests an ambulance for her sister who may have had an allergic reaction causing her face to swell. Fire and ambulance notified.

Wednesday, April 13

Caller reports a female lying down in the lobby of a building and may need medical attention. Fire and ambulance notified.

Female called to report vehicle ahs been parked in front of her house for about a week. Vehicle is registered to Fair View Ave. just around corner. Issued 72-hour law.

Person came to station to report the tires on their vehicle have been slashed. Also, they stated a neighbor has been yelling and swearing at them the last two days. During the interview by the officer, the son played a tape of the female in question making threats. This is an ongoing matter.

Caller reports that there are two individuals in a white motor vehicle and it appears that there could be drug involvement.

Call from High/Middle School to report a fight in the cafeteria and one boy may be unconscious. Officers report one of the combatants, the victim, is going to the Mass. General. The assailant is being arrested.

Thursday, April 14

Caller reported to say her mother was in her car while she was in the bank, when she came out her mother was gone. All units notified. Found at home with her caregiver.

The caller reports being harassed by a neighbor. Officer will respond to take a report. This is part of an ongoing dispute/anger issue.

Young girl came in to the station with her mom. The young girl was struck in the elbow by a vehicle while she was attempting to cross the street. The young girl was struck in the vicinity of Pauline St. and Fremont St. The vehicle may not have been aware of striking the child and no one could identify the vehicle that continued town the street.

Caller from 28 Irwin Street reports a car has been running for an hour and the fumes are going into her house. Officer reports a neighbor was warming up his car, he s hut it off when it was explained about the fumes.

Call of angry dispute between neighbors and the caller needs the police.

Mother requests aid for son with drug issues.

Person came in to report a male was taking pictures of her license plate after a traffic issue coming into Winthrop.

Todisco towing towed a motor vehicle for parking in a fire lane.

Well being check.

Caller reports a male trying to kick in the door at the apartment building and yelling. Officers report the door is stuck and the male that lives there cannot get in. Officers confirmed there is an issue.

Friday, April 15

Man on ground…reports he will be transported to Whidden.

Caller reports her mother isn’t making any sense while speaking to her and believes she needs medical attention. Fire and ambulance notified.

Unit reports speaking to elderly female he noticed walking about. Units request an ambulance for an evaluation.

Caller reports motor vehicle has been running in parking lot.

Report of vehicles of all kinds blocking the street.

Daughter called to report her father needs ambulance.

Manager from Cumberland Farms reported that there is an unruly female in the store that has previously been banned.

Female was issued to trespass order from the manager. Cumberlands will send a trespassing letter to her certified.

Homeland Protection called of an alarm.

Deputy from Sarasota, NY called and asked if we could verify if a party lived at Shirley St. They have warrants for the individual and want to make sure they have his correct address before extradition.

Male came to the station and reported that at the bottom of Cottage Park Road, at the water line, there is a dead dog. Animal Control notified.

Husband called to report his wife is having hard time breathing.

Caller stated vehicle is blocking a hydrant.

Lt. was stopped by an angry citizen that cars are parked in the lane of traffic on the bridge and street. Officer reports one vehicle was parked illegal, as she went to tag it, the owner came running out and moved it.

Reports Boston Police have arrested person on a warrant. Transported to station for booking.

Chief reports a large silver truck blocking the street.

Caller about a woman yelling and screaming and bothering her and others.

Chief requests officer check on two cars obstructing traffic.

Caller reports teens on bikes going into yards on Shirley St. He yelled at them to get out of yard and they rode away towards Deer Island.

Saturday, April 16

911 and phone calls of a motor vehicle hitting cars and driving away.

Two calls of fights and yelling in street.

Caller reports 1st floor being loud. He has already spoken to the landlord who has advised the tenants to quiet down.

Party reports she has fallen and can not get up.

Officer reports all the lights are on at Miller Field, he will investigate further.

Party is requesting EMS respond for her elderly mother who isn’t feeling well.

Vehicle was observed taking right hand turn form Almont St. onto Revere St., in violation of the posted signs during school crossings. Same vehicle had a previous violation on 09/30/2013. Owner of vehicle was mailed a $100 violation.

Walk-in party/landlord reported noise disturbance which occurred last night in his building with tenants on another floor. Argument occurred outside and inside building and he states included racial slurs. Pty. was told to called police when disturbance is occurring.

Off duty officers observed a male taking pictures of the E.B. radar station. W/male in his 20’s last seen on Pleasant St. near ppyc. Male had a backpack and was pulling a suitcase and wore glasses. Officers located party who was on his way to Sargent St. to see a resident and then will be on his way home to Tarrytown, N.Y. He had just come from UNH.

Sunday, April 17

Caller reports that he was selling an item on Craig’s list and the party that contacted him via USPS sent a check in an amount greater than the asking price telling him to cash it and give it to the delivery people. Reported stated that he looked into it and the return address on a correspondence that he received is a Co. in Colorado. He contacted them and they know nothing of the purchase etc. Caller has not opened the envelope as yet and believes this to be an attempt to get his info.

Male victim involved in an altercation 4/12/2016, called today to report that he had been in the hospital and had surgery regarding his injuries from the incident. Caller also wanted to confirm that he wanted to seek charges against the party involved.

Officer tags vehicle at Winthrop Market Place for handicap violation.

Party walked into the station requesting we c heck on her nephew who she believes is smoking crack cocaine and is suicidal.

Report of a discarded hyperemic needle on the sidewalk.

Caller reports her dog bit her daughter’s friend.

Caller reports a building that is under renovation has the front door open where padlock should be.

Caller reports 911 mistake and states he does not need help but was evasive.

Alarm central reports front door alarm to the Pro Shop, speaking with a known member who stated they have a new system causing a little difficulty.

Calling party reports his parked motor vehicle was struck and the vehicle took off.

Caller reports she believes one of the surfers may be in trouble. Caller states that one male appears to be hanging onto the side of the first breaker closest to the circle. Fire responded not locating anyone. Vision appears to have been just a rock on the side of the breakwater.

Calling party states a person that stole items last Thursday is back in the store. Market Place just wants the party trespassed from the store.

Lifeline activated.

Party came in to talk to officer about a past assault and battery that was already reported.

Calling party reports the garage door at the car wash broke off and damaged multiple vehicles. Officer reports civil matter between the owner of the car wash and the owners of the cars.

Concierge called requesting EMS for a male who fell down and is bleeding from the head. EMS responding.

Caller reports a coyote in the area.

Caller reports kids ringing his doorbell all night and he has finally caught 2 of them. He would like to see an officer.

Patrol follows up of Ocean Ave. at Shirley St. for report of vehicles parking by the yellow line, making turning difficult.

Above party reports driving behind a grey Honda Accord on Main ST. and the vehicle is driving erratically and “over the yellow line”.

Female party wants police escort to pick up belongings at her old apartment.

Young male came into the station to report three or four other youths that were at park threatening him.

Report of a white car by the courts with his base playing and it is so loud that it shakes the building.

Alarm Company reports a commercial burger alarm.

Monday, April 18

Caller states there are loud voices yelling back and froth in the area of the park.

Reports the park and Fort Heath are quiet.

Caller states there her neighbor is causing a disturbance. Units report no music upon arriving but several people in yard making noise.

Frantic caller reports someone not breathing.

Caller reports a suspicious red van in the area.

Caller reports fire alarm going off in building. WFD already responding.

Report of a man passed out, transported to MGH.

Calling party stating his neighbor his harassing him and throwing things onto his property. Officer spoke to caller and reported that there was a small argument.

Caller needs ambulance for husband.

Calling party reports his mother is not feeling well.

Party came to station to report his Algerian Passport was either lost or stolen.

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