Police Blotter 04-14-2016

Monday, April 4

Two calls that there is a Rapid Transit bus with its call 911 flasher on. The bus was stopped and the driver was trying to shut it off.

Officer will respond to Hale Avenue to effect a warrant arrest of a violent probation violator. After checking, the warrant is still active. Officers report they have one under arrest.

SRO called to report that an individual at the middle school had been bitten by a dog. WFD responded to the area and the ACO has bee notified. Video surveillance of the dog and photos have been forwarded to ACO to follow-up. The victim refused transport and he is an employee of the school.

Female called to report that she assisted an elderly lady into a house on Trident Avenue and the lady stated that her husband has dementia and may have taken the car. The officer will speak to the caller and attempt to straighten this out. He reports that the male is 85 years old and walking. All units are searching. The man’s son is with Sgt. Crisafi. Paul Revere Bus stopped out front and a passenger came in and stated that the man is on the bus. He was brought to the station.

Caller on Beacon Street reports that an oil truck is leaking oil out of one of his valves. 94 responded to the area. No one has seen the oil truck, but there is no oil in the street anywhere. The officer checking this out are now looking for the elderly male.

Officer report being off on Cliff Avenue for follow-up investigation.

Officer reports being off on Morton Street on a follow-up investigation.

Caller on Pauline Street reports there is motor vehicle accident. 91, 92, WFD and EMS responded. Officer reports that the operator of the Tahoe struck two parked vehicles. The Tahoe and the parked Ford Fusion were towed by G&J Towing. The operator refused any further medical assistance.

School Officer request s a cruiser and medical to check out a drunk. Officer reports subject is going to the Whidden and her vehicle is parked on Pauline Street.

Caller on Hutchinson Street reports that a neighbor was throwing snow into the street.

Party on Pico Avenue report smelling gas in the house. Fire notified.

Three calls from the same person on Hutchinson Street about a male sweeping snow into the street.

Party requests that we stand by for some packages exchanged on Shirley Street. 91 Ramadani reports the male is all set.

Caller on Tafts Avenue reports a transformer is arcing. Fire notified. They located the transformer and notified National Grid.

Reports of an overdose on Shirley Street. Fire and medical notified. Officer reports giving one dose of Narcan before EMT arrived.

Tuesday, April 5

Caller on Winthrop Street requests we make a notification to a father about her daughter. Hit reports contacting the father who will call the hospital.

Lifeline called to report an activation from an 81 year old female on Summit Avenue. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond to the scene.

Party on Main Street called to report a 27 year old female has fallen on the ice and needs an ambulance. Fire notified. The officer will fill out an incident report. Code Enforcement notified.

Medical requested on Beacon Street.

Off. Carter responded to the Atlantis Marina on a follow-up.  Information was obtained and given to the detectives.

SRO reports she is off on a follow-up investigation on Shirley Street. She reports making contact and speaking to the parent.

Officer will attempt to arrest a subject on Walden Street on a warrant of apprehension. They report having the subject under arrest.

Party on Coral Avenue reports there is someone from an energy company going door to door. Officer reports checking all the streets in the area and no one is around.

Caller at Governors Park reports someone going building to building looking in mail boxes. Officer repots checking with the manager’s office and they have the same report. The Security is also looking. Area checked and no one is around. As officers were checking Governors Park, a call came in reporting near Crest Avenue that people going door to door saying they are from an energy company. When asked for an ID, they said “we left it in the car.” Officer found two of them near Revere Street and they report one of them has two warrants. Subject will be taken to the station for booking.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue reports that her father is having a medical issue and is requesting medical assistance. WFD and EMS responded.

Medical aid for 4 year old on Sunnyside Avenue. Transferred to EMS. Officer reports the 4 year old was sent to MGH with a prior medical condition.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue reports that her 17 year old daughter left this morning and she has not heard from her. She thinks she is avoiding her after a fight. She will check with her daughter’s boyfriend and if she is not there, she will come up to the station to file a report. The mother came to the station and filled out a missing person report. All officers on the BOLO. The mother called back to say that the daughter had returned home.

Medical aid call from Fort Heath Apartments.

Wednesday, April 6

Female dispatcher for Action Ambulance states their PSAT is not working correctly and wants us to call them to make sure they receive all calls.

Call transfer of a female party on Summit Avenue who took too much medication. Units respond along with fire and Action Ambulance. Subject refuse treatment and transport and was cleared by Action. She accidentally too the wrong medication.

Officer will try to serve a summons issued by the Grand Jury of the Suffolk Superior Court to subject on Court Road. He reports on one came to the door.

Chelsea 911 operator transferred two E911 calls from a female stating “help is needed in Winthrop,” then she hangs up. Third call from Chelsea with a phone number. It is the service that delivers Meals on Wheels to the elderly. When this number was called, and the manager answered, he stated he will check into it. On Station #2, E911 from Chelsea reporting an elderly fell on Winthrop Street. When the manager came back, he gave me the same information. Fire notified.

Officer is off on a follow-up investigation on Golden Drive. He spoke to the subject.

Safety Officer, Lt. Scarpa report he was informed by the Fire Department of an odor of gas on Winthrop Street. Safety Officer, Sgt. Bonita will relay the message to National Grid Gas crew he is with.

Caller on Atlantic Street states the people on the 2nd floor are playing their music very, very loud. Officer reports when he banged on the door, the music stopped. He banged again and no one answered. He told the 1st floor people to call when it happens again. An individual from Shore Drive called to report that there are three individuals on the rocks. Using telescopic equipment, the State Police are being notified of the situation. Unit 91 and 92 responded as well.

Party on Upland Road called to report that his neighbor is damaging his flowers by throwing snow on them. Officer reports he spoke to both parties and all should be settled.

Caller on Nahant Avenue requesting medical aid for an individual on the ground in front of the home. The individual was transported to the hospital and his keys were brought to the station for safekeeping.

Caller on Chester Avenue reports that her kitchen is on fire. Fire notified. It was food on the stove. Fire and officers cleared the scene.

Party on Cottage Park Road reports that her husband is having a hard time breathing and is waiting outside. EMS notified and fire and Action will handle.

Subject has a no trespassing order from the Housing Authority for Viking Gardens. She called to ask if we could assist her in obtaining a few articles of clothing. Officer reports she gave him two apartments that ay have them. One person said they had nothing and the other was not home. All clear for now.

Party called to report that her mother is lying unresponsive on the couch on Kennedy Road. On the E911 transfer, the daughter stated to the Action operator that her mother has a drug and alcohol problem. Officer reports speaking to family members and he will follow up with them.

Gentleman came to the station to repot an ongoing issue between his daughter and another school child. The SRO has been notified and will assist the gentleman with the situation. The gentleman will drop off all the pertinent information tomorrow for the SRO.

Officer will again try to serve a summons issued by the Grand Jury to subject on Court Road. Parent not home and a note was left for the parent to call or come to the station as the court date is April 7.

Young girl called to report that someone fell on Pauline Street. Transferred to EMS.

Caller from Belle Isle Seafood states that a woman with two kids just left the store and drove off at a high rate of speed. She thinks she is under the influence. Officers BOLO and A-7 Boston was notified.

Multiple calls from Main Street of people going door to door from Direct Energy. Also in the Shirley Street area. Officer reports area search negative.

911 call states that her landlord is at her door trying to break it down while screaming at her on Grovers Avenue. She now states that the landlord is blocking her door and will not let her out. The landlord had a verbal with her boyfriend about an eviction. All persons involved were advised of their rights.

Party reports someone is attempting to go up the path near the town stairs on Hutchinson Street. Officers report area search negative and they also checked the adjacent streets to no avail.

Thursday, April 7

Party at Fort Heath Apartments reports he is having some chest pain and dizziness. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Caller on Read Street reports that she thinks her boyfriend may have just overdosed. WFD and EMS notified. Officers report the subject is unconscious upon arrival and he was transported to MGH via EMS.

Party on Sea View Avenue requesting EMS for his wife who is not feeling well. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service.

Caller states an illegally parked vehicle in the rink parking lot. Parking ticket issued for multiple infractions.

Reports of turkeys on Nevada Street. ACO notified.

Woman fell on Lincoln Street and needs medical. Fire and Action notified.

SRO Det. Armistead is requesting WFD and EMS to the nurse’s office for a student. WFD and EMS notified. 18 year old student transported to MGH via ambulance and the parent was notified and will respond.

Party on Atlantic Stet requests EMS for his other who is to feeling well. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service.

Letter carrier reports yesterday while doing his route on Main Street, he located a sum of money and checks that were already made out on the sidewalk. He believe the items ay have been there for a day or two. Revere PD went by the address and one of the three roommates came by and pick up the two checks which were cancelled and the $280 in cash. He was very appreciative of the man that found the envelope and turned it in.

Officers will escort male party to get his belongings at Seal Harbor.

Party at Governors Drive reports seeing a white male wearing shorts breaking to the apartment above her. Officers report it was the resident of the apartment and his keys were locked inside the apartment.

Report of a tree branch broke on Loring Road and it took the overhead wires down. They are in a driveway and also a driveway next door. WFD responded.

Party came into the station to report that he had an altercation with an unknown male on the bus at Main and Pleasant Street. When he exited the bus, the mane cited after him and shoved him in the back, knocking him down. The suspect then left the scene.

Caller on Shore Drive reported that when she came home there was a padlock on her door. Officer spoke with the tenant and landlord. The landlord reports there is work being done to one of the units and that the lock was placed on the wrong door. He is removing it.

Medical alert called asking for EMS to Seal Harbor.

Party from Quincy Avenue acme to the station to report finding a business card from Deputy of Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department shoved underneath his front door. The party was concerned because of a handwritten notation on the back of the card stating, “please call me.” The party starts this is a former tenant with an extensive criminal record and that is why he is concerned. He was told that the Suffolk County Sheriff was probably looking to serve his former tenant with paperwork and that was likely the last known address. The party will contact the Sheriff’s Department to confirm.

Caller on Thornton Park reports a suspicious male checking cars. He also appeared to be attempting to remove a sewer cover. He was last seen heading into the driveway of a house there. Officers report Roto Rooter workers doing emergency work to the residence.

Friday, April 8

Officer report the lights are completely out at the Landing. He will monitor the area during the shift.

Motor vehicle that took a left hand turn onto Almont Street against the posted signs during school hours was issued a $100 ticket. This vehicle was warned about turns on March 25 and failed to comply today.

Party came to the station to report three tires were slashed on her vehicle while parked overnight on Veterans Road. She can think of no known foes at this time.

Ft. Banks/Gorman School called regarding a child that has not been picked up at the close of 1/2 day of school. A call to the parent on Crest Avenue received no answer. W91 responded to the address and reports locating the other who was unaware of the 1/2 day dismissal. She will respond to the school immediately and the school was notified.

Report of receiving a call from unknown individual purporting to be the IRS and they would be coming shortly to arrest party. The reporter was assured that these calls are scams and no one was coming for her.

Party called to ask us to check on two children ages 8 and 2 as their mother appeared strange at the early release of school today. Officer reports there is no one home and hears a dog barking. A call back to DCF to inquire if they want us to make an entry. After the worker contacted a superior, we were asked to enter the dwelling on Governors Drive to check on the family. Fire notified to respond. Officer make contact with the mother who was at an appointment with the children. She will come by the station when she returns. Officer left message for DCF caseworker informing her of the updated situation.

Party on Beach Road requests assistance because he found a vial with an unknown substance in his bag and does not know what to do with it. Officer and WFD responded. Officer reports WFD took the vial with the unknown liquid to Action Ambulance to secure in a Hazmat container.

Caller on Franklin Street reports he has rusty water in his home. DPW notified and according to them, they are running the water.

Party reports motor vehicle at Winthrop and Revere Street is being operated with several young females hanging out of the vehicle, etc. All units tied up at motor vehicle stop on Shore Drive and Hawthorne Avenue.

Officer off on a motor vehicle stop at Shore and Hawthorne Avenue. Officer issued two citations and is summoning in the individual for operating vehicle with suspended license. Vehicle was turned over to the licensed renter.

Saturday, April 9

Party reports he is on the ground at Executive Apartments and needs EMS. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service.

Officer reports that the stop sign needs to be replaced as it is turned round on the pole at Bartlett and Pleasant Street.

Caller at Deer Island reports finding a blanket on the hill which appears to have blood on it. State Police notified and will meet the party on the island. State recovered the item and will handle it.

Party came in to the station to repot that his motor vehicle was entered overnight. Nothing appears to be missing at this time, but a backpack was left behind. One of the seats was reported to be reclined as well. 987 notified Lynn PD to make a notification regarding the backpack that was inside the car.

Caller reports finding two plastic bags with white powder in them at Ingleside Park. Officer dispatched to investigate. The item was located and brought to the station.

Another call about receiving a call from the “alleged IRS.” The all came from 719-421-0040.

Medical request for male on Thornton Street.

Another medical aid for subject on Overlook Drive for a resident of the building who fell and can not get up. Fire notified.

Party reports walking in the area of Winthrop Street and smells a very strong odor of gas. WFD notified and will investigate.

Caller on Kennedy Road reports a male sleeping on the grass and she is not sure if he needs assistance. Officer dispatched.

Another medical request on Winthrop Street.

Party on Woodside Avenue reports needing help locating her husband. W91 located the individual and returned him to his residence in the custody of his wife.

Party called to report that the property of her deceased mother has not been returned by her stepfather.

Caller on Upland Road requesting ambulance for her husband. Call transferred to EMS/WFD.

Party came in to the station to pick up the key to her cousin’s house on Nahant Avenue. The cousin is in the hospital and cannot come herself and needs her cousin to pick up personal items for her. The party was advised to have her cousin write us a note and fax it to us and we will be glad to assist. The party has not sent the authorized letter as yet.

Caller on Irwin Street called to report that she had called earlier regarding a dog that may be being abused. She reports that it was reported a while back. The caller was concerned and wanted to go to take care of whatever the situation was herself. ACO was contacted and reports he has been there other times and cannot get a response from the residents but believes there is a dog there. ACO will come in to get the information and will follow up. The reporter was called back and informed that ACO will be calling her and will be checking the situation out.

E911 transfer from Siren Street. Nothing but screaming on the line, then the caller hung up. They called back and possibly it is an OD. Units and EMS responded.

Caller on Forrest Street reports that her mother fell and is on the floor. Call transferred to WFD/EMS.

Officer sent for an investigation involving a suspicious Middle Eastern man sitting in a rental car watching the airport this afternoon on Loring Road. Officer spoke with the caller for further information.

Caller on Brewster Avenue requests an ambulance for a medical aid. Male transported to Boston Medical Center.

Party requests a well being check on Cottage Avenue on a fellow co-worker who was scheduled to begin work at 7 p.m. this evening. Caller is concerned because she is aware of a history of domestic violence the household ad her phone is going right to voicemail. She states it is to like her to miss work without calling. W92 reports making contact with the party who had slept through her alarm and will contact work to let them know.

Manager on Revere Street called requesting we remove a suspicious male who is loitering out front. Officer located the subject and sent him out of the area.

Party on Main Street reports a man banging on his door asking to come in. When he refused to let him in he requested that we call for an ambulance. EMS responded. Subject not at the location upon officer’s arrival. He was located at the intersection of Main and Paine Streets. The party was transported for an evaluation.

Caller repots a group of kids on the corner of Thornton and Washington Avenue creating disturbance and spoke about some ongoing issues with others in the neighborhood. Officers report disbursing a group of subjects from the area. Five males were waiting for their Uber rider and advised to leave the area. Officer requested EMS for a 21 year old male that appears to be under the influence of alcohol and possibly narcotics. WFD and EMS notified and will evaluate the subject. Subject will be evaluated at the Whidden for observation. Units have now gone down to disperse a party. K9 dispatched to assist. Officer report dispersing the partygoers and obtaining the information of the subject hosting the party.

Sunday, April 10

We received a call from Boston PD 911 regarding subject who called and wanted help but hung up on them. The subject was contacted and claims he is all set and refused to give further information.

Party at Pleasant and Brookfield Road reports banging on his neighbor’s door for two hours. W91 responded and reports a door repair job going on and the party was advised to knock it off immediately unless it was an emergency. Officer uproots party apologized for the noise and will stop and go inside.

Parent reports that her son was at a house party in Winthrop last night and he was allegedly assaulted causing him injury. The parent will call or come to the station after their release from the hospital to make their full report.

Reports of noise going on due to some type of construction at Governors Park. Officer spoke to the parties who are done for the day. Reporting party called back to inform us that the noise has started up again. W92 responded back and spoke with the noisemakers again. Officer reports that it was very loud with a noisy compressor going. They were told to cease immediately or complaints will be sought. Management is aware of the situation.

Party on Almont Street requesting  an ambulance. Call transferred to EMS.

Report of a motorcycle accident on Brookfield Road. Officers report driver is ok and does not need any medical.

W93 reports stopping motor vehicle for traffic violation on River Road. Verbal warning given. Operator was also advised to place the registration sticker a little higher because it was covering the letter “T” on the registration plate.

Caller on Lincoln Street requesting EMS for her 21 old month child who has a high fever. EMS responded.

Party on Shirley Street reports a person or persons unknown entered his unlocked car last night stealing a pair of sunglasses and a starter fob for his second car.

Party on Palmyra Street reports a set of golf clubs have been left in the street behind a parked vehicle and appeared to have been forgotten by the owner. Owner was contacted and officer returned them to him.

911 call for a report of an unresponsive female on Billows Street. WFD/Action notified.

Walk-in to report her son was assaulted at a party on Tileston Road last night.

Party on Coral Avenue requests EMS to take him to the hospital because he is throwing up blood.

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