Senate Race Down to Final Two Weeks

We are excited about the ongoing State Senate race that features Winthrop’s own, Attorney Joe Boncore, and six other candidates – Dan Rizzo and Steve Morabito of Revere, Diana Hwang, Lydia Edwards, and Paul Rogers of East Boston, and Jay Livingstone of Beacon Hill – contending for the Democratic nomination in the primary on April 12. The Sun-Transcript understands the prestige, power, and responsibility that goes with the Senate seat. Our publisher emeritus, the late Andrew P. Quigley Sr., served as a state senator (and mayor of Chelsea at the same time) and he would ultimately change the entire course of education in Chelsea with his decision to ask Boston University to take over the management of the Chelsea school systems. Since that time, all brand new schools have been built in the city.

The Senate candidates have been knocking on doors, meeting the voters, and participating in forums on a regular basis. We hope that Winthrop residents will continue to be involved in this important contest to fill the big shoes of our previous senator, Anthony Petruccelli, and plan to vote in the primary.

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