Police Blotter 02-11-2016

Monday, February 1

Caller on Shirley Street reports that he arrived at his property and discovered that someone had broken into the house.

Visiting Nurse on Beal Street called that her patient needs to be transported to the Mass General. EMS notified.

A gentleman came to the station to report that sometime overnight Saturday, someone broken into his motor vehicle on Quincy Avenue.

Party on Overlook Drive came to the station to report the theft of her license plate.

E911 transfer from the State to report that they have a male on the line reporting that someone is lying face down on the Bird Path. Officers report they need fire and ambulance. A man in his 50’s went down with a bad knee. Being transported to the Whidden.

Officers are on a follow up investigation on Shirley Street.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that she can hear her friend inside the apartment and it sounds like she needs help for a medical condition. Medical notified. Officer repots speaking with all involved. The person was cleared by medical.

Follow up investigation on Circuit Road.

Officer reports being off on Hawthorn Avenue on a follow up investigation.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that his son’s bike was stolen. Another student at school was saying he stole it and said he was not giving it back. Officer will check it out. Bike was recovered and returned to the owner.

Party on Dolphin Avenue reports that his iPhone 4 was stolen from school today. According to the phone app it is at an address in Winthrop.

Report of a youth on an electronic bike riding on the sidewalk on Circuit Road.

Reports of a crash at Cumberland’s. 91 reports he needs a tow. G&J notified.

Party on Pleasant Street fell in her room and needs medical. Transferred to EMD.

Tuesday, February 2

Unit reports a male opened up a trunk of a motor vehicle and quickly closed it as he drove by. He repositioned himself away from the scene at Cross and Harvard Street to observe their behavior. Subjects returned to the trunk and upon seeing us, left toward Revere and unit unable to locate. Plate is a leased vehicle with no operator information.

Caller on Overlook Drive reports falling and injuring his ribs. Fire and ambulance notified.

Party on Overlook Drive states an elderly male subjects walking around and may be disoriented. Units locate and speak to the subject and he appears okay and is out walking for exercise and resides in the area.

Caller on Chester Avenue report someone is having cardiac complications and requests an ambulance ride to the hospital. Fire and ambulance notified.

Female caller reports that there is an issue with a motor vehicle parked at Viking Gardens. The caller had numerous concerns about the vehicle, and the owner of the vehicle. The only issue that the officer could find at the time is a rejection sticker for emissions. The officer issued a violation for the sticker.

Caller on Sturgis Street reports that she needs an ambulance for abdominal pain.

Party reports that she has been unable to reach an individual that resides on Shirley Street. 91 is responding to check on the individual. The individual was found conscious, but in need of medical attention. Action EMS transported to MGH.

Nurse at Sagamore Avenue reports that her patient needs assistance with a tube replacement.

Cummings School reports a student is missing from school. The mother was notified and she said that the daughter should be in school. Officer responding to the address. The daughter was at home and mother has arrived home to resolve the issue with her daughter.

CVS reports a male walked in seeking medical help. Fire and medical notified.

Caller on Golden Drive requests medical. EMS notified.

A child called 911. She could not find her mother and was scared. The child then said the mother is home. Officer reports the mother was home in another room.

A caller reports that he lost his phone and according to the find my phone app, it is some place around Hagman Road by the bank. Officer will check the area. The caller will meet the officer there. They walked around with no luck in finding the phone.

Caller from New Hampshire asked that we check on her brother on Golden Drive. Officer reports speaking with the person and he is fine and will call his sister.

Party at Nick’s called to report that an older male walked in and fell. Fire and medical notified.

Home Health Care nurse stated that his client on Golden Drive fell and would like medical. Transferred to EMS.

Attendant at the Arbors reports faulty smoke alarm. WFD will handle it.

Caller on Grandview Avenue reports a 2 door motor vehicle with at least two subjects inside are out front and appear to be smoking marijuana.

Officer reports that the flashing red light at the intersection of Shirley and Revere Street is broke and should be repaired ASAP as it may possibly fall off into the street. DPW notified by Lt. Scarpa.

Wednesday, February 3

Party at Executive Apartments called requesting EMS. The call was transferred to Action EMD. The calling party was a bit uncooperative and would not give his address. EMS and WFD were notified. W91 also responded to stand by and assist.

Male on Ocean Avenue reports that a car is in violation making it difficult to get out his driveway. 91 reports he tagged one motor vehicle for a corner law violation.

Motor vehicle stopped for violations at Shore Drive and Grovers Avenue. Officer reports the vehicle is expired and is requesting a tow truck to remove it from the public way. G&J notified and will respond. A citation was issued to the owner/operator.

Report of an injured raccoon i the middle of the intersection of Revere and Crest Avenue. ACO notified and will respond. Officer located the injured animal near Revere and Bayou Street. ACO picked up the deceased animal and will secure it.

State E911 call called to report they received a call from Pauline Street from a male caller reporting an unwanted guest there causing a problem. Officers report speaking with both parties. One of them left the area.

Caller on Hagman Road reports that his son’s cell phone reported lost yesterday has been found in the center by a taxi driver and returned to him.

Report of a truck parked in a handicap spot on Hermon Street near the town hall. Officer issues parking ticket.

Detectives on a follow up investigation on Circuit Road.

Medical aid needed on Winthrop Street. Transferred to EMS.

Party on Washington Avenue reports a motor vehicle just struck and damaged the fence of the property. Officer confirmed damage to the fence. The caller has the license plate and insurance information of the motor vehicle and the operator.

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments states that he needs an ambulance for a male party with back pain. Call transferred to WFD and EMS.

Party on Kennedy Road heard thumping from the apartment directly above her and believes someone is banging for help. Officer and EMS sent. WFD entered the apartment and it is empty. Officer and EMS found no one needing medical attention and they believe it may have been a door.

Alarm activation on Harbor View Avenue. Officers report checking the entire residence including the cellar. All secure. Probably due to the strong winds.

Party on Sturgis Street reports a motor vehicle is obstructing the driveway. Officer repots tagging the vehicle and requesting a tow. The vehicle was towed and has just expired. It must be registered to be picked up.

Thursday, February 4

Detail officer secured a hypodermic syringe from the parking lot on Winthrop Street.

Calling party at the Dalrymple School is having heart problems. Transferred to EMS.

Caller on Veterans Road requesting lift assist for their client.

Neighbor on Read and Jerald Street observes a large piece of plywood waving from second floor window. W92 reports it is not plywood, but a plastic shade. Home currently is vacant; recently sold. W92 requested code enforcement officer and he was able to reach company working on the house. They will address the issue.

Female party wanted the police to check on a woman sleeping outside the police station on the bench. Officer report possible overdose. Fire and EMS notified. The party was transferred to the hospital.

Party on Nahant Avenue requests an ambulance. Transferred to EMS.

Caller on Ocean View Street requesting an ambulance for his mother who has fallen and may have broken her hip.

Party at Bay Cove Human Services requests EMS for a subject who may want to hurt herself.

Friday, February 5

Party called reporting disturbance in the taxi stand on Revere Street. Officers report they will be heading up to Sagamore Avenue to locate the party that smashed out a cab rear window. Officer located the parties and they were both placed under arrest. Medway PD contacted and will attempt to speak with the owner of the BMW that was located near the site of the arrest. G&J will respond and remove the vehicle from the public way. The two arrestees were located inside a vehicle. The vehicle had no rubber on the driver’s side tires. The vehicle was towed by G&J for public safety/parking ban. One subject was arrested for malicious damage to a motor vehicle and a warrant out of Chelsea Court; the other for malicious damage to a motor vehicle.

Lifeline requesting an ambulance to Somerset Avenue for trouble breathing. EMS notified.

Caller on Upland Road reporting that several cars parked on the street and would like the parking ban enforced. W94 enforcement will respond and assess. Officer reports no motor vehicles parked on the street at this time.

Party came to the station regarding the previous call to his home regarding the custody transfer of his child. He reports that he asked over the phone while the child’s mother was at the house if should could wait 15 minutes as he was in Waltham or on his way to work there and would come home. The party wanted this noted for the court that the mother would not wait before leaving the area with their child.

Report of a line hanging low on North Avenue. WFD notified and reports it is a cable wire.

Reports of branches have fallen into the street on Paine Street and it is unsafe for plows or cars. DPW notified.

Caller reports that he has a large red pickup truck with a boat trailer attached parked in the Landing. He is reporting that he is safe and staying out at Graves Light until the storm blows over.

Reports that Faun Bar Avenue is very slippery. DPW notified.

Caller on Woodside Avenue repots that her elderly neighbor is very sick and her driveway which had been cleared earlier has been plowed in by the plow twice. DPW notified to possible assist.

Party on Cottage Park Road reports large tree limb down obstructing the sidewalk. DPW notified.

911 call for a 14-year-old female down on the ground with possible broken leg. She is with her aunt at Governor’s Park. WFD notified and W92 dispatched. The female was transported to MGH with her mother.

Report of multiple kids stuck in the marsh at Winthrop and Sea View Avenue. Officers located a kid who got out and is fine.

Caller on Terrace Avenue states that a town plow has complexly blocked her residential driveway. They have pushed snow from the street up to her driveway and wants it on record as she can not get DPW by phone. DPW was notified by us and the caller was advised.

Party on Bartlett Road requests an ambulance for party having a diabetic reaction. EMS responding.

CVS called requesting EMS for a party who fell and cannot get up. EMS responding.

Saturday, February 6

Party on Waldemar Avenue reports that a subject came home and is highly intoxicated and she fears they may have alcohol poisoning. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service. Officer reports the party is an adult of age and is refusing any further medical assistance.

Caller on Court Road reports that roommate is having difficulty breathing. Transferred to WFD.

Reports of an unknown person breaking into vehicles at Fort Heath Apartments.

Officer standing by Odyssey Grill parking lot on Pleasant Street side to deter motorist from using business parking lot to evade the traffic light on Main at Pleasant Street.

Reports of a branch overhanging doorway and it appears to be ready to come down on Edgehill Road. Caller is afraid to leave her home. DPW notified.

Caller on Walden Street reports that a party started a red motor vehicle and then left the area with the vehicle still running. W91 reports that the owner will be coming out to move the car as they were just warming it up.

A trailer plate that was found on Atlantic Street was brought to the station. A family member was notified about the license plate and the owner will come to pick it up at the police station.

Party came to the station to report that her husband lost his wallet after leaving the Citizen Bank. They are in town staying with the children. The man’s brown wallet contained $750 in cash, credit cars, his license and personal papers. They checked with the bank and in the area. W91 will check the area as well.

Party came to the station along with her stepdaughter regarding unauthorized charges to her account at the Citizens Bank regarding her late husband’s cell phone. The widow reports that her account has been charged the cost of monthly cell phone service plus some other fees that she did not authorize since September. The Metro Cell Service was supposed to be shut off automatically when not paid after the death of her husband, but the Metro PCS sought automatic payment from her Citizens Bank account that the wife had paid the account from in the past prior to the death of her husband. The Citizens Bank paid the Metro OCS at least $27 per month since September 2015 plus fees. The phone had been packed away with the deceased belongings that were in the rehab facility room. The property has since been recovered that was packed at the facility and the phone shut off.

Party on Nahant Avenue repots that her 9-year-old niece is having trouble breathing and her heart rate is elevated.

The Arbors employee called 911 to state that they have a resident on the floor and were requesting medical.

Party on Thornton Street reports that her husband is having difficulty breathing.

Caller on Golden Drive requesting an ambulance as he is experiencing pain in his groin.

Caller on Almont Street states that a party allows his dog outside barking for lengthy periods of time. Tonight it has been one and one half hours allegedly. W91 reports speaking with the owner who disagrees with the complaint and does not believe he should have to bring the dog in, but will comply with the officer’s wishes.

Party reports a young male walking down Shirley Street trying door handles on cars. The officers are off with male subject on Dolphin Avenue. He was brought home to his parents.

Sunday, February 7

Blackstrap’s called to report that a party was causing a scene and were asked to leave. Manager stated that when he went to check to see if anything was amiss, he discovered that they had ripped the sink out of the bathroom and left abruptly before ordering anything. He does not know who they were and units will check out the area. No one around.

Caller on Winthrop Street states that an unknown female arrived at her home distraught. Units respond and request medical for subject. A 22-year-old female was transported to the Whidden. 92 will make notice to her roommate of the medical transport.

Caller on Sunnyside Avenue states that they need medical for elderly subject. Units respond and report 63-year-old transported to the Whidden.

Calling party stated that his brother is in the MGH indefinitely and will not be returning home to Willow Avenue. He just wanted to advise us that he will come by to pick up his belongings and lock the residence.

Caller on Fairview Street called to report that the people next door are working on their house and items of some kind hit his fence and damaged it. Officer report there is damage to the caller’s lawn. He will try to make contact with the owner of the company doing work next door. Officer then explained that it is a civil matter.

Female caller on Shirley Street reports that she thinks something down stairs is on fire. She was told to leave the house along with all who are there. WFD reports there is food on the 1st floor stove and smoke on the 2nd floor. The alarm was also going off. Fire will vent the house out.

Caller on Walden Street requests medical for his mother.

Party on Sagamore Avenue called that he deeded an ambulance for his disabled wife who has a high fever. Transferred to WFD.

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