Police Blotter 10-01-2015

Monday, Sept. 21

Party came to the station to notify us that his company was hired by the town to serve notice on residents regarding overdue excise bills.

Caller on Hawthorn Avenue reports she has been attacked by her son’s cat. She is requesting animal control officer to help with the cat as she cannot get into her home. ACO notified and responding. Son was contacted to attend to the cat and will deal with his mother and cat situation.

ACO reports a male near the Ft. Banks/Gorman School. He was last seen entering the pathway to the marsh. Officers checked the area and also Short Beach. They will monitor the area.

Caller on Beal Street reports finding a small fluffy gray dog. ACO will respond when he clears the angry cat call. The puppy and the owner located on Main Street. A citation was issued by the ACO.

Resident on Thornton Park reports dogs barking. There is an open door and no car in the driveway at the neighbors residence. Units cleared the home. Nothing looks out of order.

Reports of two older women shoplifting at the CVS. One in a white coat and one in a blue sweatshirt. Manager reports they are stuffing items into a bag.

WFD requesting assistance with an animal locked in a car for extended period on Shirley Street. W91 and ACO report the owner was located and ACO will follow up.

Party on Neptune Avenue called to ask that we move the media along from her area. Officer reports the area is clear and he spoke with the caller.

Party came to the station to report that a deposit of a check with insufficient funds in the amount of $12,968.27 by her estranged husband to a business account of hers located at Rockland Trust. After the deposit was made, she reports that her estranged husband then withdrew funds on the insufficient amount. The party has reported this to the banks involved as well.

Party on Somerset Avenue reports that her ex-husband has changed her current address having her mail sent to a secondary address without her knowledge. The address which is has been changed is located in Revere. The party wants this on record for documentation regarding personal mail that her ex-husband has been receiving by deception. She was advised to contact a post officer to clarify the address change.

Caller on Neptune Avenue asked if we can ask the medial to move along. Officer will oblige.

Woman on Maple and Lowell Road reports a large group fighting in the area. Officer checked the area.

Party came to the station to report that earlier while near the Odyssey Grill, a woman in a motor vehicle accused him of hitting her car with his. The reporter stated that he did not hit her and that he saw her hit the curb while she was exiting the parking lot.

Caller reports detaining a person who was dumpster diving at Energy To Go. They would like to see an officer. Officers report an ongoing problem with an unknown subject. The subject is going through trash looking for discarded scratch tickets. The subject left prior to the officer’s arrival. BOLOL for dark skinned male.

Tuesday, Sept. 22

Party on Johnson Avenue reports that a motor vehicle has been parked outside his address idling for over 35 minutes with his lights on. Officer reports speaking with a livery driver who was napping. He had him leave the area.

Female from Fort Heath Apartments called to report that three vehicles are parked in handicapped parking spaces and are not displaying placards.

Party reports that two people with NH plates are possibly overdosing at Shore Drive and Tewksbury Street. Fire responded and all parties are okay. They were sleeping and went into a house there.

Reports of an accident at Francis and Plummer Avenue. There were multiple calls via 911 reporting a rollover and a car on fire. Fire notified. W93 and W91 responded and report a roll over. 942 responded to assist with traffic on Pleasant Street. G&J notified. One female to MGH. W94 assisted the children to school.

Report of smelling a very strong burning odor in Governors Park. Transferred to fire. It was food on the stove.

DPW called to report that a worker has located a syringe on the ground at Hutchinson and Locust Street. He is requesting an officer pick it up. He was advised that the officers were tied up on a serious accident and will retrieve as soon as possible. W92 responded and retrieved the syringe.

Report of a wire down on Lowell Road.

Party came in to the station with a syringe in a plastic water bottle. We were unable to get the syringe into the Sharps container. The bottle was placed on top of the container.

Caller on Johnson Avenue called to report finding a woman’s purse on her property. Officer reports resident reports an ongoing situation of items being left at her house.

Reports of a male in Ingleside Park with an unleashed dog. This is caller’s 2nd call to the station regarding dogs today. ACO handled the first. ACO contacted over the radio and will respond again.

Party came to the station to report losing her Iphone valued at approximately $800. She reports she thought the phone was in her car when she dropped it off at Cal’s Auto last night. When pinging the phone, it came back to Argyle Street.

Report of a strong odor of natural gas in the area of Revere and Kennedy Road. Fire notified.

Party on Winthrop Street reports an injured bird at the curb there.

A group of young people report a syringe on Douglas and Russell Street. They were told not to touch it.

Transfer from State Police that a party reports a suspicious black package floating in the water off Pleasant Street. He would like to see an officer. Officers report the caller saw what was described to be a black cardboard box which has not floated away with the tide.

Wednesday, Sept. 23

Report of a juvenile at the CVS shoplifting. SRO 944 will handle the situation.

Man reported to be unconscious on Faun Bar Avenue. W91 assisted with the traffic.

Caller at Sargent and Johnson Avenue reports that two large dogs running around in the area he believes they may have gotten out of a new resident’s house in the area. ACO notified and will be on the lookout.

Female caller on Chester Avenue reports a hit and run to her vehicle. W01 responded and reports the victim stated that a gold colored station wagon type vehicle operated by an older man ran into her and a parked vehicle. Officer will submit an accident report.

Detail Sgt. Rogers reports that he received information from a family member that his elderly wife and 6 year old grandson went for a walk on Deer Island and have not returned yet. The boy is riding a bicycle and the grandmother is wearing a sunhat. All units BOLO. ACO dispatched to assist State Police who were notified with Sgt. Crisafi assisting. 940 reports the woman and child were located off the island by Bay View Avenue. All are okay. The State and MWRA were notified.

Detail Officer reports being off with a motor vehicle stop at Hadassah Way. One under arrest for operating a vehicle with revoked license, larceny, and one way street violation.

Reports of an alarm going off in the area of Upland and Quincy Avenue.

Youth came to the station to report that his baseball cap was taken from him by another youth at Ingleside Park and he will only return it to him if he fights him for it. Officers located the group of youths behind the EB Newton and retrieved the item and returned it to the owner.

Thursday, Sept. 24

Citizen called to report a power line down on Woodside and Adams Street near the La Siesta Restaurant. W91 reports locating the line and WFD was notified and will respond. Telephone line was placed out of sight and not a hazard.

Calls of a helicopter flying low over the beach. One of the callers is an airline pilot who said the helicopter is way too low. State Police called to see if anything is going on, they said no. Massport was called and they checked and stated it is a movie company. They have been cleared by Massport and the tower knows all about it.

Detectives are checking a subject with Homeland Security on Read Street. They report that no one is at home and would like the station manager to obtain a number if the person calls, so done.

Call for a medical aid on Wave Way Avenue. EMS notified.

Female caller on Crest Avenue reports that last night she pressed the crosswalk button and no signal came up for her to cross. When she did cross, a car came around the corner and she had to leap out of the way. DPW notified.

Two calls of a group of youths getting ready to fight by the basketball courts on Walden Street. Officers report speaking to a possible victim.

Party from Underhill Street came to the station to report being harassed by a person she and her boyfriend borrowed money from. Officer will inform the borrower to go to Court and not harass for the money. He reports speaking to the person and he will not ask for the money or speak to her again.

Town Hall called to report they received information that there is a needle in the common hallway on Trident Avenue. Officer reports they found it and placed it into a Sharps container.

Reports of a possible drunk male bothering kids on Hermon Street. 91 Ramadani reports removing subject and WFD will evaluate and transport.

Reports of a woman who fell and cut her forehead on Winthrop Street. 92 McCarthy reports the female fell on her porch and refused medical attention. WFD on the scene.

91 Ramadani stopped two males for public drinking on Shore Drive.

Report of someone shooting off fireworks on Read Street. Unit reports fireworks confiscated. The party wanted to celebrate a religious holiday, but was informed of Mass State laws.

Report of a couple yelling in the street on Shirley Street. 91 Ramadani and 93 Pena reports this is just a verbal over a lost item. They were sent on their way.

Friday, Sept. 25

Female called to report there is “blood” on the sidewalk at Executive Apartments. Officer reports this is a small bag of “cocaine”.

Caller at East Boston Neighborhood Health reports that a patent of the health center has fallen getting on to the shuttle bus and cut her head. WFD and EMS responding.

A person walked into the police station requesting medical assistance. WFD notified. The person was transported to Boston Medical Center.

Officer reports going to Sea View Avenue to retrieve a weapon from the owner.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a blue mini van that’s all over the road. It was stated that there is a lot of people in the van and there is a child in it also. She could not get the plate. It was spotted in the Veterans Road area.

Male party on Buchanan Street reports that a group of 5-10 males walked by a motor vehicle and one party jumped on the hood of the car while others laughed causing damage. Male parties walked down to Sunnyside. Units reports checking the entire area and speaking with the caller. They also spoke to the owner of the damaged vehicle. Units believe the suspects must have entered a nearby home prior to their arrival.

Caller reports that a group of about 15 kids looking to light the grass on fire at Ingleside Park. Unit reports parties are from East Boston and deny doing anything wrong and will be heading out of town.

Party on Pleasant Street called twice about a noisy group at the Pleasant Park YC. 92 Pena and 93 Guerra report that all is clear.

Saturday, Sept. 26

Kids with a pit fire and drinking underage on South Avenue. 92 Pena and 93 Guerra report that all the alcohol was gone and group, a small one, sent from the home.

Report of a female stumbling on Edgehill Road. 93 Guerra and 92 Pena report that a woman was walking her cat and she is fine.

Party on Bellevue Avenue reports that her friend is passed out and her heart is beating quickly. She is not sure if she is breathing. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service. Officer reports the party was transported to the hospital via ambulance.

Caller on Marshall Street called to report that there is a small dog in her yard and she does not know whose dog it is. Caller reports she was able to obtain the owner’s name.

Call of a male that fell on Harvard Street. Medical reports it may have been a seizure. Officer reports he is going to the MGH.

Party on Harbor View Avenue reports there is an old worker on her property that will not leave. Worker says she owes him money. Officer reports this is a civil matter and all parties will handle the proper way.

Lt. DeLeo responding out front of the station on the report of an elderly gentleman who has fallen. WFD notified and subject was treated at the scene and went on his way.

Party on Revere Street called to ask if we could retrieve clothes and toys from her ex-boyfriend. She has no court order or any papers. Officer reports he was not home. A friend stated that when male comes home, he will call us. The party came to the station and stated it is between her and his brother. The calling party took the baby days ago and left without the belongings. He will advise his brother of the situation.

Caller on Shirley Street called to report that he feels sick and needs to go to the hospital. EMS will handle.

Report of a group of kids going in and out of traffic on Veterans Road. Officer reports that the area is clear.

Party states that while unloading products for her new shop on Jefferson Street, the wind blew the door closed, locking her keys inside the store. WFD responding to assist.

Caller on Nevada Street states that someone broke into his apartment and committed larceny.

Det. Jaworski along with Officers Gergerian and Ramadani responded to North Avenue on a report that the male of the house has warrants. Officers report coming in with one for traffic warrant.

Caller on Sturgis Street reports her mother may be having a stroke. Call transferred to fire and they will transport the patient.

Party on Sewall Avenue reports his wife has a medical issue. Call transferred to EMD and EMS for service.

Caller on Grovers Avenue reports that her father is having a medical problem. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Party on Bay View Avenue called to report that an intoxicated male came to her front door and then left. He was about 6 feet tall with a beard. He wandered over to the park. Units report male party identified and is being picked up by a female party. Units cleared.

Spanish speaking female on Cutler Street was requesting to see an officer. The officer reports she wanted to report that her ex-husband had not returned their son yet. Off. Pena will respond and report.

Report of a lot of noise on Governors Drive. Units respond and report speaking to a neighbor who will cease all the noise. All parties were advised.

Sunday, Sept. 27

W94 Guerra reports sending a party on their way from Hannaford Park. The area is all quiet now.

Caller on Grandview Avenue states that it appears there may be a boat in distress. Units respond and report nothing in sight. Caller called back and stated he spoke to the individuals on the boat and they were okay.

Call from male to report that he was down in French Square and a DPW worker accosted him and gave him a hard time in front of his kids. He was also drunk. An officer checked the center and this DPW worker is not around. He will check around town and reports he located the subject. He was not drunk and his story was that the reporting party was the start of this and it was only verbal. People in the area confirm this was only a verbal. He also stated that he wants nothing to do with the villain.

911 call for her sick sister on Golden Drive. Transferred to EMD.

Report of loud yelling and other noise coming from apartment on Buchanan Street. Officers report a verbal argument. One of the arguers has left and all is quiet at this time.

A little Yorkie was found on Winthrop Street. He is wearing an Everett dog tag. He was found near St. John’s Church.

Report of a fight on Wilshire Street. 91 Ramadani and K9 Brown report they located the couple and they had a verbal dispute. All advised.

Party on Grovers Avenue reports another male is causing problems. 92 Brokmeier and 93 Hysa report the male left the area and might have entered the hotel.


Ramon Perez, 50, 140 Park St., #8, Dorchester was arrested on Wednesday, Sept. 23 and charged with driving a motor vehicle with a revoked license, a Boston Police warrant for larceny and a one-way street violation.

James F. Barone, 39, 26 North Avenue, was arrested on Saturday, Sept. 26 and charged with a warrant for traffic violations and 94C (controlled substances) violation.

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