Police Blotter 08-13-2015

Monday, August 3

Swans in the area of Temple Tifereth Israel

Party on Summit Avenue is having trouble breathing, then unable to speak. Fire notified.

Party came into the station reporting that people are walking dogs on Pico Park beach and not cleaning up after them. He reports that he has asked them to clean up but they disregard him. He was given the ACO officer’s number to contact him when the violation is occurring.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a fire alarm going off there. Unsure of the apartment.

Several calls regarding two motor vehicles obstructing on Sea View Avenue. W91 responded and had one of the vehicles moved making the street passable.

W91 assisted in assisting the swans back into the lake area.

Reports of a male calling stating he was from the IRS. The caller was advised not to give out any information to these callers.

CVS reports a party passing out. Fire notified.

Woman on Lincoln Street reports a resident down in their apartment.

Request for an ambulance for a patient at Cardiology Associates of Greater Boston

Caller on Bellevue Avenue states that there is male in the area that appears incoherent, possibly due to 94C. W92 and MC1 along with WFD and Action Ambulance dispatched to the area.  The caller stated to officers that the subject went into a house and believes that he lives in the area.

Party reports that kids in the skate park tossing and breaking bottles. Officer reports no broken bottles. Plastic water bottles thrown. The youths will dispose of them properly.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports a dispute with a neighbor and that the neighbor slapped his child. Officer spoke to all parties. They will stay away from each other and are satisfied with the response. The caller may come up at a later time to fill out a victim/witness statement with the incident regarding his child.

Party reports loud music coming from Coughlin Playground area. Officer reports the area is all quiet at present time.

Caller on Wilshire Street reports that her boyfriend’s brother apparently stole her boyfriend’s motor vehicle. However, the owner is currently in the ER in Boston. She will come in with all the information on the vehicle to report it stolen/using without authority. Party never came to the station over night.

Tuesday, August 4

Party on Grovers Avenue reports there is a boat displaying a flashing red light off the area of his apartment. Officer reports it appears to be the super clear air. No vessel, just aids to navigation.

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments requesting EMS for a medical problem. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service.

Party on Overlook Drive requests assistance with a neighbor problem over an animal water dish. Officer spoke to the caller and advised her to speak with Housing over residential dispute ongoing. Officer also spoke with Housing to make sure they were aware of the ongoing matter and they are.

Chief requested that ACO come to the Meat Market to take a report on an animal.

Request to make a notification for resident on Otis Street to call the Saugus PD detective.  Resident there reports that the party being requested to contact Saugus does not live there and never actually lived there. The resident reports that the party stayed there briefly and now lives in Danvers or Peabody. Message left for Saugus.

Two calls received that someone was assaulted on Shirley Street.

Caller on Floyd Street reports that she discovered that someone might have rummaged through her vehicle. She reports a car charger is missing at this time. She is not home now and believes this happened last evening and wanted to report it.

Party on Temple Avenue called to report tat her American flag is missing from the front of her house. The caller last saw it at 8 or 9 o’clock last night. The caller said when she went out at 7 a.m. this morning; the flag was not there. Sometimes it falls off and she will check around and if found she will call back. The monetary value of the flag is $40.

Party on Hermon Street reports that there is a problem involving a tree between her house and next door. Officer advised all parties regarding the proper action.

WFD requesting unit to verify identity of lock out resident. Officer verified and fire gained access.

Party from an earlier call would like to see an officer regarding a BBQ grill that was possibly damaged. Units report speaking with the caller and advising her of her rights.

Request for an ambulance on Kennedy Road.

Caller on River Road states that there is small boat trailer parked on the street. W92 responded and reports speaking with the owner of the registered jet ski trailer who stated that he will be moving it in the morning. W92 also reports that the trailer is legally parked and NOT creating an obstruction to traffic or a public safety hazard.

Request for a medical for a patient who fell at East Boston Neighborhood Health.

Caller on Main Street states that there is an intoxicated male pushing his bike and she is concerned for his safety. W94 reports speaking to the individual who stated that he was celebrating his birthday today and is walking home. W94 will keep an eye on him so he can celebrate again next year.

Caller on Lincoln Street states that she needs an ambulance for a resident.

Party on Hutchinson Street states that there is someone in the area of the public stairs using an electric table saw to cut wood and is disturbing the neighborhood.

Party on Hermon Street reports a group of kids riding a bike in the street when they see a car coming in their direction. Officer spoke to them and sent them out of the area.

Wednesday, August 5

Party on Triton Avenue reports an alarm sounding in the rear of his address. Officer located a smoke detector in a dumpster and removed the batteries.

Caller reports kids playing basketball I he courts making noise. Officer reports clearing t hem out of the area.

Officer reports a large tree down on Woodside Avenue and in the area of Woodside Park a large limb. Officer moved the limb off the road. DPW notified and will have them removed.

Caller reports a man on the ground outside the rear of his home on River Road. W92 dispatched along with WFD/EMS. Units report male transported to the hospital.

Party on Shirley Street called regarding the call to his building. He was concerned regarding some issues with the property and he was advised as to whom to report his concerns to. He stated that he has already made reports to the fire department. The caller mentioned the presence of an infant in the apartment that the residents were involved in the altercation yesterday. W92 responded to the apartment and spoke with the mother. Everything is in order.

Officer off assisting with barbeque at Winthrop Senior Center.

Party reports she was stopped at a red light at Magee’s Corner and a male on a bicycle acted as if she hit him and flung his bike down. She was concerned that he would file a fake report. She stated she was complexly stopped and never struck him.

Male on Wave Way Avenue requesting medical assistance for his wife having trouble with her diabetes. WFD notified.

Man has fallen on Temple Avenue and needs an assist. Lock box at front door of 2nd floor.

Unit reports a motor vehicle stop at Revere and Deane Avenue. Vehicle active and officer issued a citation.

Party came by seeking information regarding her options in seeking an evaluation for a relative.

Reports of a wire down on Wave Way Avenue. W91 reports it may be phone and it is blowing towards the street. Fire notified to respond and secured that wire.

Caller reports observing an unattended motor vehicle with a 2-3 year old toddler in the backseat crying and its face was covered in vomit. Vehicle was parked outside Belle Isle Seafood. She reports as she opened the rear door to check on the child, an Asian female exited Belle Isle, got in the car, and then left the area. Vehicle comes back registered out of Melrose. Melrose PD was contacted and will check the residence for the vehicle and the child. All units notified to BOLO for vehicle.

Caller on Hutchinson Street reports that someone is working with a table saw on the sidewalk, blocking it, and making too much noise. Officer had the party stop work and clear the sidewalk.

Party on Sunnyside Avenue reports water coming up from under the sidewalk. Officer confirmed leak and DPW was notified.

Multiple calls of swans blocking Veterans Road. ACO notified and W92 responded. Officer reports that the swans are back on their side of the road.

Party reports he observed a baby stroller on Shore Dive that matches the description of a stolen listed on Facebook. Officer reports the true owners were on the beach with their baby and reclaimed it.

Caller reports a black male is hanging around at the Crystal Cove Inn looking to use the phone. He was asked to leave, but remained there. Officer located the subjected and 91 will transport him to the T Station.

Thursday, August 6

Party on Washington Avenue reports a male is outside his room shouting at someone on the cell phone. Officers report area search negative.

Several parties report the swans are on Veterans Road. ACO notified and will respond. ACO reports that with the help of golf course workers, he was able to remove the swans from the street. He will attempt to move them over the other side of Lewis Lake.

Dunkin Donuts on Main Street reports that the traffic is backed up to Main Street. He believes the traffic button is set incorrectly. W92 checked the length of Main Street and reports there is no tie up at this time and the traffic is flowing normally, a little backup noted as usual but it is in East Boston and well over the bridge.

Party walked into the station to drop off ammunition from his father’s house who recently passed away.

Female came to the station regarding picking up her belongings from her former residence. The call to the manager went to message and one was left. No callback received. The party went to the address in company of an officer. While on call, W92 requested EMS for an evaluation. Officers report party very uncooperative and report one under arrest for disorderly conducted and assault and battery on a police officer.

Party called to report that she paid the wrong party for dog walking services and reports that she sent a check to a party on Shirley Street with the same name as the service that she hired. The check was in the amount of $140. When the other party was contacted, she stated that her family did receive an envelope with a check and they had no idea what the check was about. When the party was informed that it was a mistake, the check was picked up by us to return to the original check bearer. All okay.

Call of finding a syringe on Beach Road. Officer reports area clear except for a pencil. Caller may have disposed of the item.

Lifeline called to report woman fell on Somerset Avenue. Callback given to fire with reference for any medical information.

Report of harassment on Shirley Street. Neighbor wanted this noted in the log.

Caller asked us to check on a party that she lost contact with on Overlook Drive. Officer located party and he is fine. Male party pushed the Lifeline and spoke to Lifeline again.

Medical aid for shortness of breath at Cardiology Associates of Greater Boston.

Party came into the station to report that sometime in March of this year, someone obtained an account with T-Mobile in his name with his personal information. This party received a large amount of T-Mobile equipment and incurred bill of $700.23. The billing address left with T-Mobile was somewhere in Chelsea. Reporter has never lived in Chelsea and has never had a T-Mobile account. The party has reported this fraud to the credit bureaus as well as to T-Mobile.

Caller reports Spanish male taking pictures of planes at Coughlin Playground.

Several calls of a motor vehicle accident at Beach and Locust Street. Officers respond and request EMS. Detectives and Chief respond. Detectives request State Police CPAC respond. One party transported to MGH and one under arrest for two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and operation of motor vehicle with suspended license.

Private party on Beacon Street came in to report identity theft. Verizon wanted her to report it to us. So done.

Friday, August 7

Caller states they believe there is a boat in distress at Grovers and Shore Drive. Fire and Harbormaster notified. Contact was made with the two parties on the boat and they were just fishing and both are okay.

Party on ale Avenue reports a loose dog running around the neighborhood. ACO notified.

ACO reports a dumpster on the street at Crest and Revere Street. He and officer will check for a permit. They report a safety officer is needed until the dumpster can be removed as most traffic, especially vehicles the size of a bus, have to go into the oncoming lane. Safety Officer will respond.

Party came in to report that one of his tires was damaged when he drove by the pipes being laid down on Pico Avenue. He had it fixed and has a bill from NTB.

Officer reports being off on Somerset Avenue for a follow-up investigation. He reports making contact with the individual that resides at the residence.

Caller on Golden Drive reports a 50-year-old male fell in the rear of the building. EMS notified.

Both the Police Chief and Fire Chef responded to Shirley Street. The Fire Chief ordered that the propane tanks that were on the roof be removed and all propane tanks on all porches be removed.

Party on Sewall Avenue came to the station to report that she has been receiving harassing phone calls. After speaking with Off. Gergerian, the victim just wants this on record. She will speak to her attorney and if they want police or court action, she will come back.

A man cam in to report that he bought a pack of Dutch Masters cigars at the Main Street Mobile Mart and in the middle of one cigar was a piece of plastic. Subject wanted this on record. Board of Health will be told on Monday.

Caller on River Road reports a water main broken in the basement. Winthrop Fire and DPW responded.

Caller on Shore Drive reports finding a bottle containing marijuana. Officer reports retrieving the bottle.

Report of an elderly lady falling off her bike on Shirley Street. She cut her face. EMS notified.

Caller on Shirley Street requests a party be removed from her home. Units report party gone upon arrival. The subject was located on Cross Street. Units request EMTs for intoxicated subject. Voluntary transport to Whidden.

Party on Quincy Avenue requesting medical attention for her daughter with dislocated knee.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports a dog howling on and off for the last week inside unoccupied home. ACO to respond when cleared from Revere. They found a beagle in a pen. Will follow-up on the a.m. Saturday.

Reports that the lights have gone out at the basketball court and the kids are using their car headlights to play basketball. Unit reports a group moved out of the area.

Saturday, August 8

Call from Woodside Hardware to report a shoplifter. Officers report the individual had left prior to their arrival. T he individual is known from a previous incident. The officers will identify the individual and file an FIO report as well as trespass the individual form the Ace Hard ware.

Caller on Shore Drive reports dogs in another unit within the building have been barking non-stop all morning. Caller also reports that this issue has been ongoing. Information was passé don to ACO for further investigation.

Party on Seymour Street reports water leaking from a temporary pipe from the DPW construction project. As well as a large pipe blocking the sidewalk in the same area. The DPW was notified.

Caller reports that his National Grid vehicle is running with the keys locked inside at Governors Park. Winthrop Fire notified.

Party came to the station to report that a dog jumped up on her mother and she fell. Fire and ambulance responded and she will be transported to the MGH.  ACO will be given the information on the dog.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that a man is on the beach with his buttocks exposed.  Officers are responding to the area. They have one under arrest for indecent exposure and public drinking/alcohol possession.

Party reports a motor vehicle parked on the sidewalk at St. John’s Evangelist Church and she cannot get the wheelchair on to the sidewalk.

Female on Morton Street came in to report that someone dumping mattresses and other items in the marsh area. Same information as previous call but different plate on the vehicle.  Neither plate valid. Checked several combinations and may have a possible match to party in Winthrop. Unable to locate the motor vehicle with a U-Haul attached.  Information will be forwarded to code enforcement officer.

Caller reports water entering the basement of La Siesta restaurant. DPW notified and will respond.


Sunday, August 9

Party on Revere Street repots a male subject there has been out all night and needs medical aid. Officer reports 56-year-old patient being transported to MGH via EMS.

Home Health care aide reports her client on Nahant Avenue has fallen and needs assistance. Call transferred to EMD for service.

Caller states a past breaking and entering into J.J. Kendalls. 91 and 92 respond and report some money missing and owners will attempt to provide a video for follow-up.

Female party with striped shirt and green skirt was sitting almost passed out on the corner of Walden and Lincoln Street. When a party approached her, she got up and walked away. Officer spoke to party and she is fine and heading home.

Caller on Summit Avenue states she has an unwanted guest. 91 and 92 respond and report the guest has left prior to their arrival.

Party states a male subject at Dunkin Donut son Main Street needs medical aid, possible intoxication. Units respond and report the subject going to MGH.

Caller on Summit Avenue states that the unwanted guest has returned. Units request medical for an evaluation. Female subject was voluntarily transported to MGH.

Party on Wave Way Avenue called stating he was bit by a dg. ACO notified.

Report of an injured seagull near the entrance to Deer Island. ACO contacted and will handle.

Report of swans in the intersection of Veterans and Hadassah Way. ACO contacted and will respond.

Party on Circuit Road called to report he just found an older black lab roaming in the area. ACO notified and will respond.

Harbormasters office stating that he had a couple in his office that could be possible witnesses to a drowning earlier in the day off of Spectacle Island. State Police harbor unit contacted and advised that the Boston Police marine unit is handling the investigation. When Boston PD marine unit was contacted, we were advised to pass along his number to the harbormaster and the potential witnesses.

Multiple 911 calls about a large fight involving two separate groups on Seymour Street. Units report one party left the area. Units located both involved parties. The party that fled has suspended license. Vehicle towed and subject will be summoned for violation. The party was a victim of the fight.

Caller reports someone yelling at the corner of Lincoln Street and may need help/. Units request medical for injuries. Units report a male party to MGH and female party to Whidden. Landlord/tenant civil matter.

Party on Shore Drive states that her daughter is missing and stated that she is not coming home. 92 transported the mother to station to file missing persons report. Units go and check a residence on Edwards Street where the missing subject may be. No answer at the residence.

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