Police Blotter 08-06-2015

Monday, July 27

Party on Irwin Street called to report that parkers are on the street and today is street sweeping. W93 parking enforcement notified. He reports tagging two motor vehicles in violation of street sweeping.

Report of a gray cat loose in the area of Veterans and Beach Road. He may be hungry. Information given to ACO.

Party on Somerset Avenue reports that a woman fell out of her chair and cannot get up. Caller reports the woman is not hurt, but needs an assist in getting back in the chair.

W99 off on a follow-up at Bay Cove Human Services on Winthrop Street.

Report of a 2005 Chevrolet Malibu stolen. Reporter reports that she allowed her nephew to use it while he was staying with her and the last time she saw it was June 24. She stated that she was going to allow him to buy it over time, but that did not happen.  She also received information that the car may be in Kansas.

Received a call from children and the call had static and was difficult to understand. A woman was stuck in a wheelchair on Deer Island, no one hurt. W91 responded along with fire to help locate the callers. State notified also. The party was located and assisted.

W99 requests check on party at Bell Isle Boat Yard. Check reveals two active default warrants. One under arrest.

Woman reports having trouble breathing in the parking lot on Washington Avenue. W91 responded and reports the party is under the weather and was transported.

Off. Racow installed two car seats.

Reports of a very dangerous pothole at Shirley and Mermaid Avenue. Caller reports calling DPW a week ago. She was advised a message was left for DPW and placed into the log.

Party on Sargent Street reports returning home and finding that her house had been broken into.

Two calls reporting youths on bikes riding in and out of traffic on Pleasant Street. W92 checked the entire area and it is all clear. Officer did speak with some cyclists parked by the courts who claimed they had been there all along.

W94 reports being approached by someone who reported to him that there was a white male, black shorts, heavy built walking in the area of Shirley Street carrying a machete. W94 reports that the area is clear at this time, other than some volunteer working around the church. All units apprised of the call and description.

Caller at Executive Apartments states that a group of kids just jumped the rear fence and are in the pool. W94 reports the trespassing parties have departed.

Caller reports that there is an intoxicated female continually falling on the beach wall on Shore Drive. MSP Revere notified.

Reports of a baby raccoon that has fallen into a trash barrel on Trident Avenue and now it’s mother and siblings are in the driveway protecting their turf. This is making it impossible for resident to get in and out with her children. ACO notified and will respond.

Party from Upland Road came into the station to report that a friend of her daughter is creating a disturbance and she believes 94C is involved. Units responded and queried several individuals. No warrants, no BOP. Send on their way.

Party reports a group of teens wearing Tom Brady shirts were just tossing bottles and being rowdy at Payson and Harvard Street. Officers report speaking with five individuals. No warrants. Officer requested FIS for the older male subjects.

Report of a party revving a motor vehicle engine excessively at Governors Park. Officers report approximately 8 residents left the area.


Tuesday, July 28

Party on Jefferson Street reports that someone just hit her parked motor vehicle and there is a witness to the crash. Officer reports the taxi that struck the vehicle returned and they are exchanging information. Parties came into the station and report there is approximately $4,000 in damage and they went to Viking to get the information and they refused to exchange papers with them.

Report of a bike lying in the area of Washington and Thornton Park. Officer reports locating a blue/gray vertical PK7 mountain bike. It was place din the Sally Port.

Party on Court Road is requesting EMS for his wife. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

The owner of Viking Taxi called reporting a driver that has been fired listening to his radio frequency and picking up fares at Crystal Cove Inn, as well as other locations. He was advised to tell his patrons that a marked taxi will pick them up.

Caller on Revere Street reports a disturbance going on in front of the house of a neighbor there. Officers report the resident was arguing with a passerby who was going through the recycling and trash of a neighbor.

Report of a two-car accident on Crest Avenue. Fire and EMS dispatched as well. All parties refused medical transport.

Officer conducting a follow-up investigation on Sargent Street.

EBDC called and wanted a party to vacate the area of Shirley Street due to his conditions of release. Officers found subject at the address and escorted him out of town. Officers also advised the subject to go to EBDC.

Party on Shirley Street called regarding a party that is on GPS who is on Shirley Street. The monitoring system reports him to be there and the judge told him this morning not to go there and to stay out of Winthrop. Units responded to the address and located the subject and drove him out of town. He was told to contact the court. The court was also informed.

Report of a black poodle escaping a backyard on Main Street. If anyone finds the dog to call owner.

Bank robbery from the East Boston Savings Bank in East Boston. Be on the lookout for a white male, 5’11”, freckles, wearing shorts and baseball cap. He may have red dye on him due to the dye pack exploding.

Medical aid needed on Cliff Avenue.

Party on Bowdoin Street reports that three men working on a motor vehicle out front and it is too noisy. Officer spoke with the subjects and they will cease work.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that the people across the street are arguing with her neighbor on the 1st floor. Officers spoke with all parties and peace has been restored. The subjects went inside the address.


Wednesday, July 29

Alarm company reports motion alarm in basement on Shirley Street. Officer observed a disturbance taking place and placed one party into custody for being disorderly. The basement was finally checked out and there was no sign of a break in.

A prisoner is having chest pains. WFD and EMS notified and enroute. W92 will stand by and assist as well as escort the EMS to the hospital with the prisoner.

Officer cleared three carloads of 10 individuals from in front of a store area on Revere Street.

An officer is conducting an investigation into suspicious activity on Revere Street. One in custody for operation of motor vehicle with suspended license and marked lanes violation.

Caller on Governors Drive reports that he parked his motor vehicle in the parking lot of his apartment complex at 11 p.m. last night. When he came out this morning he discovered it had been struck. 91 dispatched and viewed the damage to driver’s side of the vehicle. Owner will file an accident report. Detectives request unit to assist on warrant service to Shirley Street. W92 dispatched to respond. Units report no service at this time. They will be clearing.

Party on Governors Avenue requesting an ambulance for his aunt who is suffering form a heart condition and not feeling well. Transferred to WFD/EMS.

Caller on Tafts and Otis Street repots that a neighbor has placed cones and a traffic horse on the street blocking residential parking. W92 sent to assess the situation and reports the party from Otis Street has put them there claiming that it is a private way. It is a neighborhood dispute ongoing situation. Party advised to remove items from the street until it is resoled. The parties were also advised of bylaws.

Vehicle towed for trespassing at Belle Isle Seafood.

Party on Bowdoin Street has fallen and cannot get up.

Caller reports having a problem with a customer at Lucky Convenience. Customer is now banned from the store.


Thursday, July 30

Party on Bartlett Road called to report that her neighbor sprayed her lawn with a “weed killer”. She stated that this is not the first time he has done something to her property.

Party on Dolphin Avenue told Lt. Scarpa of a vehicle on the wrong side of the street. Officer reports that the vehicle is parked on the sidewalk as well. He hit the siren and checked a few houses, no one came out. The vehicle has been there for over 30 minutes. It was tagged and towed by G&J.

Party on Court Road called to report that a male who stated he was from the EPA wanted to go into the next-door yard. He drove a silver Honda. Officers will check the area.

Officer will be on Brookfield Road on a follow-up investigation.

Party on Main Street reports a credit card fraud.

Officer repots being off on Edgehill Road for a follow up investigation.

Caller on Edward Street reports that she put her trash out last night. This morning it was all over her lawn. She thinks it was a neighbor and would like this on record.

Party on Bowdoin Street called to report that his wife needs medical help for a fall. EMS notified.

Reports of a person burning construction material on Shirley Street. 91 Ramadini and WFD report explaining for the last time that it is illegal.

Calls of a motor vehicle crash near Belle Isle Seafood. WFD and 92 McCarthy and 91 Ramadini report a single car crash. Vehicle was towed away by G&J. The driver was taken to MGH. An immediate threat will be filed.

Party on Summit Avenue reports that her next-door neighbor is bothering her. 91 Ramadani and 92 McCarthy went by and subject was uncooperative. He was spoken to and advised to stay away and make no threats or harassment. He gave officers a hard time.

Caller on Charles Street reports a male doing in and out of yards. 92 Pena and 93 Guerra located a backpack with the name on it. They will search the area for the man and tell him to stay off property when he is not invited.

Caller on Bowdoin Street reports that his wife fell and needs assistance. Fire and ambulance notified.

Medical aid needed on Paine Street. Caller repots that her mother is falling off a bed and needs assistance. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.


Friday, July 31

Party reports a suspicious motor vehicle in the Landing. Officer had them leave the area.

Officer will be off checking on an individual on Highland Avenue who was involved in an earlier call. Party was told not to return to the address.

Caller on Wilshire Street reports a subject appears to be passed out. WFD notified.

Officer reports the hydrant at Showcase Laundromat is completely off the base. No active leak. DPW will be notified.

Officer will be off on Walden Street for a follow-up investigation. Officer was unable to locate the subject.

Officer is off to Somerset Avenue for a follow up investigation. Officer was unable to locate the individual, but left a note for the individual to contact him.

Party on Charles Street called to repot that the same male from lasrt night is back and on the front porch. Officer reports the male is the son of the homeowner. Father knows his son is there and lets him use his pickup.

Caller on Hermon Street reports a large trash bag fell off of a moving pick up truck landing in the middle of the roadway. DPW notified.

Party on Lincoln Street called to report he is having a dispute with his landlord and just now the landlord grabbed him by the arm. Officer reports he spoke to the caller and the landlord and also the landlord’s daughter. All told of their rights and all went their separate ways.

Detail Officer Sgt. Dalrymple reports a lady just fell on a defect in the sidewalk on Harvard Street. The lady went into the senior center and the officer will check if she wants medical. DPW notified of the defect. Officer and Director spoke to the lady and she wants no medical assistance.

Party on Summit Avenue called to report at the walkway next to his house, he found a crack pipe and needles. Officer reports he has the items and will bring them to the station.

Officer is off on a follow up to the Alcohol and Drug Free Lodging Home and reports he spoke to a resident who gave him the manager’s number and he will call for more information.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles faxed immediate Threat Notice to us for subject on Lewis Avenue. Officer reports serving it in hand.

DPW reports a weed wacker fell of one of their trucks. Lady called from Pleasant Street to report she found it in front of her house. Off. Carter will pick it up.

Walk-in to repot he lost his Moroccan passport about two weeks ago. He last had it in the gas station. He needs to report this to get a replacement.

Call of a large tree branch that fell in the middle of Winthrop Street. It was moved by two people onto the sidewalk. DPW notified.

Caller stated he just went past the Pleasant Park YC on his bike and co0uld smell a very strong odor of gas. Fire notified.

Walk-in from Shore Drive to r3eport that her brother is missing.

Medical Alert called to report that party on Temple Avenue set off her alert button and they can not make out what she is saying other than “I need medical help.” EMS notified.

Officer will attempt to serve summons from Middlesex County Juvenile Court to subject on Winthrop Street. The subject was served.

Officer requests a query on motor vehicle and subject at the basketball court. The motor vehicle has revoked inspection. The vehicle was towed by G&J and the plates were seized.

Officer will try and let person on Shore Drive know of their next court date for Chelsea JV court. Officer spoke to the mother and informed her of the next date.

Party on Shirley Street reports that her neighbor on the 2nd floor bangs on his ceiling shouting that they are making too much noise. Officer reports speaking with both parties involved. He advised them to cease or he would set up a hearing on the matter.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue reports a male drunk and acting up in the driveway. She did not want to give her name or information. Officer request medical. One person to Whidden.

Officers request three warrant checks on individuals at Hannaford Park. Negative warrants and they were sent out of the area.

Unknown medical condition on Shirley and Moore Street. Person spoke of being attacked 10 years ago. Transported to MGH. Spoke of possible domestic. Officers checked her apartment and it is empty.

Saturday, August 1

Caller at Governors Park reports a white truck running behind the building for over an hour. Officer requests medical aid for possible 94C complications. Fire notified.

Deliveryman called and reports that his customer on Golden Drive appears to be very confused and may need medical evaluation. WFD and EMS responded. Officer reports patient refused treatment. A family member arrived on the scene.

Party on Main Street reports that someone vandalized her motor vehicle. Officer reports obtaining the information and photos.

Complaint of people fishing off of the bridge. They were advised there is no law against it. The caller then stated the cars are parked on the bridge and he is trying to enjoy his time on is boat. He was advised we would enforce on the Winthrop side. Officer reports no violations in the area.

Caller at Pico Park states that there has been a male approximately 29-30 years of age on he bench at the park. He was sleeping and now appears like he is nodding.

Caller on Birch Road states that a limb just fell from a tree and landed in the street, creating an obstruction and a concern for public safety. W91 responded and was able to move the tree limb to the side of the roadway. DPW notified.

Off. Pena reports observing the subject of the previous call on the pathway between Pico Park and Corinha Beach. W91 responded back to the area and together they were able to speak with the subject who is leaving the area. Officers offered him the assistance of our peer coaching/substance abuse problem, which he declined at this time. He was told to come to the station to pick up his property that was secured after his “medical aid” call in which he was transported to MGH several days ago.

Caller from Century 21 Seacoast reports that he believes he witnessed some sort of transaction between a white van operated by a white male and black Mercury operated by a female that he believes might be impaired. Both vehicles left town towards Revere Beach.

Party came into the station to report that his wife’s caregiver committed larceny against her.

Gang unit reports the removal of about 15 adults from the beach wall on Shore Drive.

Caller on Bowdoin Street called to report that a man was taking pictures of his house. Unit reports he spoke with all parties involved and advised them of a civil matter. Party from Chester Avenue appeared to be intoxicated.

Party on Walden Street repot kids playing at the basketball court, causing a disturbance. W98 reports moving the group out of the area.

Caller on Elmwood Court reports that two men in her backyard and they won’t leave. Unit reports the men left prior to their arrival and they believe the male parties were from a wedding letting out at the Elks. Area is all clear.


Sunday, August 2

Caller on Ingleside Avenue reports a group of kids causing a disturbance. W91 and W100 report the area cleared upon their arrival.

E911 caller from Enfield Road requests medical attention. Transferred to WFD and EMS. W91 reports female party transported to the hospital.

Calling party stated that there had been a car show held at Ingleside Park yesterday and they had chained the tables that had been used to the gazebo so they could not be stolen. This morning when she arrived, she found them vandalized. They appeared to have been smashed in.

Party called to repot that the Farmer’s Market is going on and cars are driving through as people are walking around. Call to DPW reports a crew is scheduled to horse and cone off the area at 10 a.m. Until they shut the center down, W91 Hysa will assist and keep the area safe.

Daughter on Revere Street called to report that her father needs an ambulance. EMS notified.

Report of three swans near the Temple on Veterans Road and two are lying down. Officer reports he searched the whole area, even the Shirley Street area and found nothing.

Party called to report she couldn’t get to the boat ramp at Atlantis Marina because cars are blocking it. She was told it as private property. She then said, “You are not going to help”. She was told again, it is private property. W92 was sent to check for safety violations that are endangering the public. He reports all vehicles that are blocking other people and the ramp are on private property. Fire and ambulance can get into the garage and almost to the ramp.

Calling party on E9011 stating he needed medical help and was at the Revere Street Dunkin Donuts. Medical arrived and transported him to the Whidden/

Female came to the station to have fingerprints done for a new job. Off. Feeley will handle.

Party reports a hit and run on Pleasant Park Road. 92 Gergerian reports he will file a report of an unknown culprit.

Party at Viking Gardens called reporting that her next-door neighbor is yelling inside of her apartment and she thinks she may need medical attention. Call transferred to fire.

Caller on Hawthorn Avenue called to report a loud gathering on 2nd floor deck. W92 reports speaking to the homeowner who will keep the noise down.

Party on Charles Street called to report that some time last night she felt that someone tried to enter her home and broke the screen door lock. No entry was gained. She would like it noted and would like extra patrols in the area.

A nurse requests an ambulance at the Arbors. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.


Paul Nestor, 41, 144 Rumney Road, Revere arrested on July 27 at 1:19 pm on Willis Avenue and charged with a Lynn Police warrant for possession of heroin and a Revere Police warrant for threats.

Sawyer Aleman, 21, 251 Boylston St., Watertown arrested on July 29 at 4:51 am on Revere Street and charged with driving with a suspended license and marked lanes violations.

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